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Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

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a. 56, 2013, 4-5

Mathieu Eychenne, La production agricole de Damas et de la Ghu?a au XIVe siècle Diversité, taxation et prix des cultures maraîchères d’après al-Jazari (m. 739/1338), p. 569
Felicita Tramontana, The Poll Tax and the Decline of the Christian Presence in the Palestinian Countryside in the 17th Century, p. 631
Sule Pfeiffer-Tas, Nikolaus Schindel, The Beçin Coin Hoard and Ottoman Monetary History in the Late 16th/Early 17th Century, p. 653
João Melo, Seeking Prestige and Survival: Gift-exchange Practices between the Portuguese Estado da Índia and Asian Rulers, p. 672
Mahmoud Yazbak, The Politics of Trade and Power: Dahir al-Umar and the Making of Early Modern Palestine, p. 696

Book Reviews, p. 737

a. 56, 2013, 3

Charles L. Wilkins, Slavery and Household Formation in Ottoman Aleppo, 1640-1700, p. 345
Stephen R. Halsey, Money, Power, and the State: The Origins of the Military-Fiscal State in Modern China, p. 392
Mark T. Lycett, Kathleen D. Morrison, The “Fall” of Vzjayanagara Reconsidered: Political Destruction and Historical Construction in South Indian History, p. 433
Gregory Aldous, The Islamic City Critique: Revising the Narrative, p. 471

Review Articles, p. 494

a. 56, 2013, 2

Gareth Dale, Marketless Trading in Hammurabi’s Time’: A Re-appraisal, p. 159
Jo Van Steenbergen, The Mamluk Sultanate as a Militaty Patronage State: Household Politics and the Case of the Qal?w?nid bayt (1279-1382), p. 189
Majtk R. Cohen, A Partnership Gone Bad: Business Relationships and the Evolving Law of the Cairo Geniza Period, p. 218
Syed Ejaz Hussain, Silver Flow and Horse Supply to Sultanate Bengal with Special Reference to Trans-Himalayan Trade (13th-16th Centuries), p. 264

Book Reviews, p. 309

a. 56, 2013, 1

Note from the editor, p. V

Raz Kletter, Pyramidal Lead Objects: Scale Weights, Loom Weights, or Sinkers?, p. 1
Henry P. Colburn, Connectivity and Communication in the Achaemenid Empire, p. 29 Arezou Azad, Female Mystics in Mediaeval Islam: The Quiet Legacy, p. 53

Review articles, p. 89
Book Reviews, p. 107

a. 55, 2012, 4-5

Paolo Sartori, Ido Shahar, Legal Pluralism in Muslim-Majority Colonies: Mapping the Terrain, p. 637
Svetlana Jacquesson, The Time of Dishonour: Land and Murder under Colonial Rule in the Tian Shan, p. 664
Paolo Sartori, Authorized Lies: Colonial Agency and Legal Hybrids in Tashkent, c. 1881-1893, p. 688
Francesca Petricca, Filling the Void. Sharï?a in Mixed Courts in Egypt: Jurisprudence (‘1876-1949,), p. 718
Claudia Gazzini, When Jurisprudence Becomes Law: How Italian Colonial Judges in Libya Turned Islamic Law and Customary Practice into Binding Legal Precedent, p. 746
Franz Von Benda-Beckmann, Keebet Von Benda-Beckmann, Islamic Law in a Plural Context: The Struggle over Inheritance Law in Colonial West Sumatra, p. 771

Review Article, p. 794
Book Reviews, p. 821

a. 55, 2012, 2-3 (Special Issue)

Guest editors: Corinne Lefèvre and Ines G. ?upanov

Corinne Lefèvre, I. ?upanov, Introduction: Cultural Dialogue in South Asia and Beyond: Narratives, Images and Community (sixteenth-nineteenth centuries), p. 215

Ali Anooshahr, Dialogism and Territoriality in a Mughal History of the Islamic Millennium, p. 220
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Allison Busch, Portrait of a Raja in a Badsha’s World: Amrit Rai’s Biography of Man Singh (1585), p. 287
Cynthia Talbot, Justifying Defeat: A Rajput Perspective on the Age of Akbar, p. 329
Paul Wormser, The Religious Debates of Aceh in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: An Invisible Cultural Dialogue?, p. 369

Claudia Brossnn, Cultural Dialogue and Its Premises in Colonial Peru: The Case of Worshipping Sacred Objects, p. 383
Ines G. ?upanov, “I am a Great Sinner”: Jesuit Missionary Dialogues in Southern India (Sixteenth Century), p. 415
Joan-Pau Rubiés, Real and Imaginary Dialogues in the Jesuit Mission of Sixteenth century Japan, p. 447
Bernard Heyberger, Polemic Dialogues between Christians and Muslims in the Seventeenth Century, p. 495
Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, “Western Gods Meet in the East”Shapes and Contexts of the Muslim-Jesuit Dialogue in Early Modern China, p. 517

Erba Koch, The Symbolic Possession of the World: European Cartography in Mughal Allegory and History Painting, p. 547
Alexandra Curvelo, The Disruptive Presence of the Namban-jin in Early Modern Japan, p. 581
Filipa Lowndes Vicente, A Photograph of Four Orientalists (Bombay, 1885): Knowledge Production Religious Identities, and the Negotiation of Invisible Confiicts, p. 603

a. 55, 2012, 1

Yossi Rapoport, Ido Shahar, Irrigation in the Medieval Islamic Fayyum: Local Control in a Large-Scale Hydraulic System, p. 1
Saygin Salgirli, The Rebellion of 1416: Recontextualizing an Ottoman Social Movement, p. 32
Kayhan Orbay, Financial Development of the Waqfs in Konya ami the Agricultural Economy in the Central Anatolia (Late Sixteenth-Early Seventeenth Centuries), p. 74
James E. Baldwin, Prostitution, Islamic Law and Ottoman Societies, p. 117
Fruma Zachs, Cultural and Conceptual Contributions of Beiruti Merchants to the Nah?a, p. 153

Book Reviews, p. 183

a. 54, 2011, 5

Damien Agut-Labordère, l’oracle et l’hoplite: les élites sacerdotales et l’effort guerre sons les dynasties égyptiennes indigènes, p. 627
Phillip I. Ackerman-Lieberman, Contractual Partnerships in the Geniza and the Relationship between Islamic Law and Practice, p. 646
Taymiya R. Zaman, Instructive Memory: An Analysis of Auto/Biographical Writing in early, Mughal India, p. 677
Harriet T. Zurndorfer, Cotton Textil Manufacture and Marketing in Liste Imperial China and the ‘Great Divergence’, p. 701
Nicolas Weber, Securing and Developing the Southwestern Region: The Role of the Cham and Malay Colonies in Vietnam (18th-19th centuries), p. 739

Review Article, p. 773
Book Reviews, p. 790

a. 54, 2011, 4

Guest editor: Peter Boomgaard

Peter Boomgaard, Long-Term Changes in Land-Tenure Arrangements in Pre-Modern and Early-Modern Southeast Asia: An Introduction, p. 447
John Kleinen, The Tragedy of the Margins: Land Rights and Marginal Lands in Vietnam (c. 1800-1945), p. 455 Peter Boomgaard, Land Rights and the Environment in the Indonesian Archipelago, 800-1950, p. 478 Barend Jan Terwiel, The Burden of Owning Land: Habitat in Pre-Modern and Early-Modern Thailand, p. 497

Review Article, p. 520
Book Reviews, p. 537

a. 54, 2011, 3

Paolo Sartori, The Evolution of Third-Party Mediation in Sharï?a Courts in 19th- and early 20th-century Central Asia, p. 311
Jay Spaulding, A Tree Under Whom te Seek Shefrer: Royal Justice and the Right of Sanctuary in Sinnãr, p. 353
Mathieu Tillier, Scribes a enquêteurs Note sur le personnel judiciaire en Égypte auxq uatre premiers siècles de l’hégire, p. 370

Review Article, p. 405
Book Reviews, p. 417

a. 54, 2011, 1

Seema Alavi, Siddiq Hasan Khan (1832-90) and the Creation of a Muslim Cosmopolitanism in the 19th Century, p. 1
Marinos Sariyannis, Notes on the Ottoman Poll-tax Reforms of the late Seventeenth Century: The Case of Crete, p. 39
Avraham Faust, The Interests of the Assyrian Empire in the West Olive Od Production as a Test-Case, p. 62

Book Reviews, p. 87