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“Economic Innovations”

8 mai 2022 - 13 mai 2022

Call for papers: The 2022 Datini-Ester seminar deals with Economic Innovations; that is the effects on the productivity and efficiency of the economic system deriving from changes in the mix of the inputs. Our purpose is to clarify the role of technical and institutional changes in different economies and discuss the possibility of measuring their effects on gross product.

List of participants

  1. Diego Castañeda Garza (Uppsala), Energising Mexico: historical energy consumption, transitions and economic growth 1880-2015
  2. Esther Tello (Valencia), Institutional innovations in the Crown of Aragon in the late Middle Ages: long-term account control
  3. 3. Emrah Gülsunar (Lund), Carrying the Leviathan: turnpike roads and the precocious rise of state capacity in Britain, 1700-1832
  4. Milan Balaban (Brno), Economic innovations and transformations of the Bata Company through history
  5. Carla Salvo (Roma), The labour market causes and consequences of technical change: Evidence from the adoption of steam engines in 19th-century France
  6. Aristea Gratsea (Crete), The lettera di cambio in the trade system of Venetian Crete (15th-16th century). A case study
  7. Marco Martinez (Pisa), Innovation and infrastructure in Italian Municipalities during the Liberal Age: evidence from a new historical patent data-set, 1855-1914
  8. Víctor Pérez-Sánchez (London), Not a fiscal story: 17th-century monetary policy as a trade policy to compete in silver
  9. Kyle Richmond (Belfast), Innovation, market power, and firm size: evidence from british manufacturing in the Golden Age
  10. Vinzent Ostermeyer (Lund) Institutional change and the adoption of new technologies: the case of steam
  11. Nick Ford (Lund), Lessons from Oslo: examining social mobility after the establishment of Norway’s first university establishment of Norway’s first university
  12. Mostafa Abdelaal (Cairo), Northern Rhodesia’s industrial development amidst regional competition, 1924-1938


  • Francesco Ammannati (Bocconi University Milano)
  • Catia Antunes  (Leiden University)
  • Salvatore Ciriacono (Padova University)
  • Ben Gales (Groningen University)
  • Paolo Malanima (UMG University Catanzaro)
  • Richard Unger (University of British Columbia)
  • Jaco Zuijderduijn (Lund University)


Début :
8 mai 2022
Fin :
13 mai 2022
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