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v. 9, a. 1980, 3

F. Forte, Inflation and New Forme of Investment, p. 3
P. Garonna, Modelling the Labour Adjustment Process: an Approach to Segmentation, p. 14

E. De Marchi, Monopoly and Capitalistic Contradictions in the Marxist Theory, p. 39
E. De Antoni, The Real Rate of Interest in ari Indexed Economy: a note on the economic policy in the model of Modigliani and Padoa – Schioppa, p. 62
G. Ferrari, Habits and Stocks in Consumer Demand: Further Commente and Results, p. 75
F.C. Rosati, The Transaction Demand for Money by Firme in an Open Economy. A Generalized “Optimal Inventory” Model, p. 83
L.F. Punzo, Economic Applications of a Generalized Perron – Frobenius Problem, p. 101
R. Cama1ti, A Chari of the Italian Banking System and Its Relationship with the Economic Policy, p. 117

Reviews of Book, p. 198
Bibliographical Notes, p. 204
Statistical Section, p. 213

v. 9, a. 1980, 2

E.F. Ulveling, p. Brannen, An Evaluation of Theories of the Term Structure of Interest Rate, p. 3
S. Zecchini, The Financial Policy of the European Communities in the Seventies, p. 19
C. Cornini, E. Orlandi, The Multiplication Effect in the Eurodollar Circuit: a Flow Analysis Approach, p. 83

D. Tirelli, Observations on Some Alternative Hypotheses .of Italian Economic Policy in the quadriennium 1973-76 (Simulated with the econometric model of Bologna), p. 105
A. D’ercole, On Monetary Economy, p. 120
S. Giannini, Actual Versus Full Employment Budget: Methodological Aspects and Measurement Problems, p. 148
L. Di Comite, The Demographic Transition Process in Italy, p. 174

Reviews of Book, p. 197
Bibliographical Notes, p. 199
Statistical Section, p. 205

v. 9, a. 1980, 1

L. Boggio, Full Cost and “Sraffa Prices”: Equilibrium and Stability in a System with Fixed Capital, p. 3
O. Marbàch, Long-Term Forecasting: A General Framework, p. 34
R. Pànizza, The Structure and Control Poiicies of the International Trade System, p. 73

E. Katz, M. Syrquin, On the Impact of Uncertainty on the Behavior of the Multigoal Firm, p. 115
R.J. Cebula, B.A. Cebula, A Note on “Crowding Out” in the United States, p. 122
E. Saltari, Marginal Notes ori a Recenf Book by Morishima, p. 126
P. Potestio, More on the Marxian Theory of Value: Assessment of a Debate, p. 132
M. Tronzano, Some Comments on Keynesian Theory and Production Prices, p. 154

Reviews of Book, p. 159
Bibliographical Notes, p. 166 Statistical Section, p. 173

v. 8, a. 1979, 3

R. Ruozi, A Survey of Agricultural Credit in the E.E.C., p. 3
G. Magnifico, The International Monetary Situation, Problems and Prospects, p.
M. Eller Vainicher, Paradox and Incongruency in the Pure Theory of Consumption. Its Significance and Implications, p.

P.C. Afxentiou, Public Wanfs and Development Expenditures: A Theoretical Reconciliation, p.
R. Kumar, S.M. Renas, J. Ciao, Assignment 0f Monetary and Fiscal Policy Instruments io Inflation and Unemployment: An Econometric Inquiry, p.
J.R. Smith, Recflation: Recession and Inflation in the United State, Its Causes and Influences Proni the Foreign Sector, p.
Rj. Cebula, A Brief Note on the Phillips Curve br the United States, p.
A. Michelsons, FIAT: International Strategy and Restructuration of the Enterprise, p.

Reviews of Book, p. 112
Bibliographical Notes, p. 119
Books Received, p. 129
Statistical Section, p. 130

v. 8, a. 1979, 2

G. Magnifico, The Evolution of the Italian Economy in a European and World Context, p. 3
S. Vicarelli, On the Quantity of Labour Embodied in a Commodity, p. 28
P. C. Afxentiou, Economic Planning: Influences and Rationale, p. 50

F. Carlucci, Bayesian Inference for the Second-Order Spectral Density Matrix, p. 71
C. Bicchieri, On the Logic of Economic Model Building, p. 83
A.G. Malliaris, J. Kirxer Stepeens, A Simple Dynamic Model of Inflation and Unemployment, p. 89
O. BiriBuffer Stocks, The Cases For and Against, p. 106
J.W. Hass, W.J. Frazer, Jr., The Political Business Cycle: Adjustments through Persuasion Techniques, p. 113
H.G. Grubel, Citation Counts for Leading Economists, p. 134

Reviews of Book, p. 146
Bibliographical Notes, p. 155
Books Received, p. 159
Statistical Section, p. 160

v. 8, a. 1979, 1

F. Caffè, Notes on Some Recent Transformations at the International Monetary Fund, p. 3
P. Pettenati, Illegal and Unrecorded Employment in Italy, p. 14
F. Poma, A Simplifled Method for the Calculation of Real Product, p. 31
M. Baldassarri, Imperfectly Anticipated Inflation, Capital Gain Expectations and Government Investment Programs in a Two Sector Growth Model, p. 48
F. Spinelli, G. Zis, The Wage Inflation – Unemployment Trade-off in Italy: A Critique of Modigliani and Tarantelli, p. 67
G. Gilibert, Evaluation of Aggregates in Terms of Labaur Values: a Critical Appraisal, p. 81

B.C. Coren, G. Schachter, Implications of Electronic Funds Trausfer System for the structure of U.S. Banking, p. 94
J.J. Klein, A Model of Growth with an Endogenous Money Supply, p. 100
K.P. Gilliam, Price and Output Decisions with Economies from Combination, p. 111
N. Salvadori, The Technology Fronuier in Capital Theory (A Comment), p. 117
B. Miconi, A Note ori Joint Production and Negative Labour Values, p. 125

Reviews of Book, p. 130
Bibliographical Notes, p. 134
Books Received, p. 136
Statistical Section, p. 137

v. 7, a. 1978, 2-3

R.A. Mundell, The Santa Colomba Conclusions 1978: “The Great Adjustment Controversy”, p. 3
F. Arcucci, The Comparative Evolution of The Internal Monetary System and The International Monetary System, p. 50
R.S. Masera, Evolution and Perspectives of the international Monetary System, p. 79

A. Medio, A Mathematical Note on Equilibrium in Value and Distribution, p. 97
G. Becattini, The Development of Light Industry in Tuscany: An Interpretation, p. 107
B. Miconi, Sraffa’s Standard Commodity and Ricardo’s Invariable Measure, p. 124
B. Bises, Inflation and the Income Tax: A Note on the Devaluation of the Firm’s Net Debt, p. 130
A. Simonazzi, Domestic Demand Pressure and Export Performance: The Case of Selected Italian Industries, p. 137
G. Scanagatta, Interest Rates and Yields of “Conventional” Currencies, p. 159
A.S. Pierorossi, Some Economic Aspects of Internationalization of Production: Runaway Industries in Less Developed Countries, p. 167
L.F. Punzo, Labour Vaiues in Singie Product – and Joint Product System: an Addendum, p. 205

Reviews of Book, p. 207
Bibliographical Notes, p. 211
Books Received, p. 215
Statistical Section, p. 217

v. 7, a. 1978, 1

M. Villani, The Concept of Net Liquidity Applied to the Eurodollar Market, p. 3
P.G. Motta, N. Rossi, Forecasting the Money Multiplier. The Italian Case, p. 25
N.J. Wood, Environmental Protection in the Developing Countries, p. 46
S. Tarditi, Currency Interference in Common Agricultural Policy: Monetary Compensatory Amounts, p. 65

A. Ostrosky, A Simple Simultaneous – Equations Analysis of the Phillips Curve for the United States, p. 101
R.J. Cebula, S.M. Renas, An Empirical Note on the Inflationary Impact of Crowding Out, p. 108
L.F. Punzo, Labour Values in Single Product and Joint Product – System, p. 113
S. Gambale, The Decision – Making in the Italian Budget Process, p. 155
F. Forte, Stime Reflections on EEC, USA and the New Interdependence, p. 161
O. Magnifico, Currency Realignments and European Monetary Integration, p. 169

Reviews of Book, p. 177
Bibliographical Notes, p. 185
Books Received, p. 189
Statistical Section, p. 191

v. 6, a. 1977, 2-3

R.A. Mundell, The Santa Colomba Conclusions 1977: “The New International Economic Order”. Proceedings of the sixth Conference held at Rocca dei Salimbeni and Villa Santa Colomba, Siena, June 15-18, 1977, p. 3
J. Schroeder, The Efficiency of Monetary and Fiscal Policy under Flexible and Fixed Exchange Rates in a Two-Country Model, p. 51
F. Poma, The Rates of Exchange and Inflation in the Theory of Purchasing Power Parity, p. 65

F. Filippi, Heterogeneous Capital Goods, Propensities to Save and Income Distribution, p. 85
O. Roggero-Fossati, Flexible Exchange Rales and Capital Movements. Theoretical Issues and Particular Examination of the Italian Experience, p. 101
B. Miconi, Value and Prices in Marxian Analysis and Economic Literature, p. 119

Reviews of Book, p. 151
Bibliographical Notes, p. 159
Books Received, p. 162
Statistical Section, p. 164

v. 6, a. 1977, 1

J.H.G. Olivera, Structural Economics and Linear Systems, p. 3
A. Vercelli, The Phillips Dilemma: A New Suggested Approach, p. 14
O. Bird, International Liquidity and the Developing Countries, p. 77
E. Milne, The Fiscal Approach to the Balance of Payments, p. 89

P.Barucci, G. Gioli, The “Fortune” of Economists in the Specialized Dictionaries of Economics, p. 108
C.L. Lackman, A Note on the Application of the Derivation of Price Elasticity from total Revenue Response to Price Changes, p. 130
L. Falorni, Filippo Mazzei and American Indepen. dence: a Creai Tuscan in the Unuted States, p. 133

Reviews of Book, p. 152
Bibliographical Notes, p. 159
Books Received, p. 163
Statistical Section, p. 166

v. 5, a. 1976, 3

R.J. Cebula, Our Crisis in the United States, p. 3
F. Poma, “The Wealth of Nations” Two Hundred Years After, p. 47
M. Ricottilli, Autonomous Expenditure, Output, Growth: A Subsector Approach, p. 59

S. Gambale, The Use of Econometric Models to Determine Revenue for Medium-Term Budget Forecasts in Italy, p. 81
A. Bruttini, R. Camaiti, Monopolies and Concentration in the English Press, p. 88

Reviews of Book, p. 125
Bibliographical Notes, p. 140
Books Received, p. 145
Statistical Section, p. 147
Index, p. 161

v. 5, a. 1976, 1-2

The S. Colomba Conclusions 1976: “Exchange Rate Management and World Central Bank”, p. 3
M. Baldassarri, Government Corporation Investments, Inflation and Growth in a Fiscal – Monetary Policy Model, p. 49
G. Barbero, Agriculiural Developmenl and Regional Econornic integration, p. 94

F. Carlucci, M. Maravalle, Statistical Analysis of the Territory: the Case of Public Services in the Region of Lazio, p. 122
C. L. Lackmann, An Integrcited Theory of Oligopoly, p. 146
L. Tomasini, Economic In/orrnation. Decision and Prediction, p. 151

Reviews of Book, p. 154
Bibliographical Notes, p. 167
Books Received, p. 172
Statistical Section, p. 175

v. 4, a. 1975, 2-3

Foreword (by G. Cresti), p. 3

D.A. Walker, The 1973-1975 Recession in the United States of America, p. 5
K. Harris, The Merger Activity of Financial Intermediaries. The Banking Institutions, p. 25
H.H. Stokes, H. Neuburger, The Dynamics of Adjustment in the Foreign Exchange Market: A Disaggregated Analysis, p. 41
O. Bird, Primary Product Price Instability: A Proposal for Financing Stabilization Schemes, p. 63

D. Angerhausen, Credit Scoring at Société Générale de Banque, p. 73
C.L. Lackman, A Note on the Cournot Market Share Solution with Variable Costs, p. 80
L. Di Comite, On the Recent Evolution of the Demographic Aging in Italy, p. 83
L. Bruttini, Advertising and the Industrial Revolution, p. 90

Reviews of Book, p. 117
Bibliographical Notes, p. 129
Books Received, p. 133
Statistical Section, p. 135
Index, p. 162

v. 4, a. 1975, 1

Foreword (by G. Cresti), p. 3

G. Haberler, Depression and Inflation on Spaceship Earth, p. 7
R. Triffin, Reserve Creation, Adjustment Policies and Exchange Rates, p. 25
R. Ruozi, Inflation and the Redistribution of Income and Wealth in Italy, p. 35
M. Morishima, A Historical Resolution of the Technological Gap: Japan and the West, p. 49

S. Kim, Regional and Sectorial Investment Study in Italy, 1951-1969, p. 75
E. Zaghini, Price Systems with a Non-Uniform Profit Rate, p. 85
L.M. Tomasini, A Note on the “Publicity” of a Public Good, p. 100
S. Gronchi, A Note on the Existence of Solutions so the Walrasian Model of Exchange and Production, p. 102

Reviews of Book, p. 108
Bibliographical Notes, p. 125
Books Received, p. 129
Statistical Section, p. 131
Chronicle, p. 135

v. 3, a. 1974, 3

Foreword (by G. Cresti), p. 3

The S. Colomba Conclusions 1975: “Optimum Currency Areas and National Folicies Mix”. Proceedings of the fourth Conference held at Rocca dei Salimbeni and Villa Santa Colomba, Siena, July 3-6, 1975,(by R.A. Mundell), p. 7
F. Forte, Luigi Eunaudi, the Social Problem and Socialism, p. 55
P. Barucci, Luigi Einaudi and the History of Economic Dogma, p. 77
D.T. Geithman, R.D. Blair, Export Promotion under Imperfect Competition: Devaluation and Subsidization, p. 103
J.J. Klein, R.J. Cebula, The Comparative Statics of Monetary Policy Targets, p. 115
S. Alessandrini, Proposal for a Financial Microeconomic Model of the Firm, p. 131
G.R. Bird, The Liquidity-Aid Lunk and the Mauntenance of FuJi Employment and Baiance of Paym’ents Equilibrium in Developed Countries, p. 157

Reviews of Book, p. 165
Bibliographical Notes, p. 168
Books Received, p. 172
Statistical Section, p. 174
The Balance, p. 177
Index, p. 188

v. 3, a. 1974, 2

Foreword (by G. Cresti), p. 3

U. Sacchetti, Idexation as a tool of Economic, Monetary and Redistributive Policy. A Critical Analysis, p. 5
T. J. Courchene, Central Bankingand the Theory of Bureaus. An Analysis with Specific Reference to the Bank of Canada, p. 61
R. Blackhurst, International Trade and the Environment: a Review of the Literature and a Suggested Approach, p. 91
F. Romani, Equity and Transfrontier Pollution, p. 113

Reviews of Book, p. 125
Bibliographical Notes, p. 134
Books Received, p. 140
Statistical Section, p. 142

v. 3, a. 1974, 1

Foreword (by P. Pagliazzi), p. 3

Statement by Group of Bankers and Economists on Bank Stability, Recession and the Control of Inflation, p. 7
R.N. Cooper, Worldwide Regional Integration: Is there an Optimal Size of the Integrated Area?, p. 21
N. Krul, Some Notes on Indexation of Financial Instruments, p. 39
S. Lofthouse, I. Vint, The Just Price and the Price Commission, p. 63
R.S. Masera, A “Stylised” Model of a Highly Open Economy under a System of Fixed Exchange Rates and its Implications for the Establishment of Currency Areas, p. 77
P. Pettenati, The Rate of Interest and the Rate of Profits in a Capitalist Society: A Neo-Keynesian Model of Money Distribution and Growth, p. 97

Reviews of Book, p. 129
Bibliographical Notes, p. 131
Books Received, p. 136
Statistical Section, p. 138

v. 2, a. 1973, 3

Foreword (by P. Pagliazzi), p. 3

G. Johnson, The Problems of Central Bankers, p. 7
D.A. Walker, Some Microeconomic Aspects of Inflation, p. 21
Z.L. Melnyk, I. Mathur, Inflation and Economic Profitability of Business Firms: A Formal Statement of the Effect of Rising Prices for Capital Assets, p. 45
H.G. Grubel, Interest Payrnents and the Ejficiency of the International Monetary System, p. 63
G. Barbero, Italian Agriculture between Past and Future, p. 83
G. Tagliacarne, Strong Regions and Weak Regions of the Enlarged Community – Socio-economic Indicators for the Regional Poricy of the Community, p. 113

Reviews of Book, p. 107
Bibliographical Notes, p. 117
Books Received, p. 123
Statistical Section, p. 126

v. 2, a. 1973, 2

Foreword (by P. Pagliazzi), p. 3

R. A. Mundell, The Santa Colomba conclusions, p. 7
M. Morishima, Short lectures on Leon Wairas, p. 35
E.Zaghini, A lecture on price theory: flexible tatônnements and existence of solutions for Walras model of capital formation, p. 73
O. Zinam, Role of consumer preferences in economic system: functional-structural-operational approach, p. 86

Reviews of Book, p. 107
Bibliographical Notes, p. 117
Books Received, p. 123
Statistical Section, p. 126

v. 2, a. 1973, 1

Foreword (by P. Pagliazzi), p. 3

M. Friedman, Contemporary monetary problems, p. 5
U. Sacchetti, Financial aspects of development institutions, p. 19
R. A. Mundell, Colloquium on World Inflation, p. 53

Reviews of Book, p. 97
Bibliographical Notes, p. 105
Books Received, p. 114
Statistical Section, p. 117

v. 1, a. 1972, 2-3

Foreword (by P. Pagliazzi), p. 3

F. Machlup, The Role of Gold in International Monetary System, p. 7
R. Law, European money markets, p. 19
C.P. Kindleberoer, The international monetary politics of a near-great power: two French episodes, 1926-1936 and 1960-1970, p. 30
E.M. Claassen, Criteria for a Buropean Currency in Retrospect, p. 45
R.J. Cebula, J. Klein, More on the analysis of fiscal policy and bond financing, p. 50
F. Forte, Devaluations “de lucro captando” and “de damno vitando”; effective and ineffective devaluations: the italian case of 1972, p. 61
J. Palmer, The managerial enterprise: a critical review based on a model of expected payoffs, p. 83
G.R. Feiwel, Efficiency for what?, p. 108

Reviews of Book, p. 137
Bibliographical Notes, p. 146
Books Received, p. 149
Statistical Section, p. 152

v. 1, a. 1972, 1

Foreword (by P. Pagliazzi), p. 7

Sir Roy Harrod, Controlling inflation, p. 9
H.G. Johnson, The Monetary Approach to Balance-of-Payrnents Theory, p. 20
F. Machlup, Is Greater Fiexibility of Exchange Rates a Handicap to Foreign Trade and Investment, p. 40
R.M. Lovejoy, Industrial Labor Productivity in Post – War Italy and Future Prospects, p. 46
H.H. Stokes, The Crisis Index: An Empirical Test of the Degree of Tension in the Foreign Exchange Market, p. 72
G. Magnifico, The New Approach to Monetary Unification in Europe, p. 92
B. Cutilli, O. Gandolfo, Wider Band and “Oscillating” Exchange Rates, p. 111

Reviews of Book, p. 125
Bibliographical Notes, p. 133
Books Received, p. 136
Statistical Section, p. 137