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a. XL, 1980, 4


Peter H. Lindert, English Occupations, 1670-1811, p. 685
Donald R. Adams Jr., American Neutrality and Prosperity, 1793-1808: A Reconsideration, p. 713
Clark Nardinelli, Child Labor and the Factory Acts, p. 739
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Announcements, p. 738
Editors’ Notes, p. 846
Book Notes, p. 847
Reviews of Books, p. 849

a. XL, 1980, 3

Jeffrey O. Williamson, Earnings Inequality in Nineteenth-Century Britain, p. 457
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Harry Scheiber, The Economic Historian as Realist and as Keeper of Democratic Ideals: Paul Wallace Gates’s Studies of American Land Policy, p. 585
Donald L. Huddle, Themes of Breakdown in Modern Economic Development, p. 595

Editors’ Notes, p. 599
Announcements, p. 601
Book Notes, p. 604
Reviews of Books, p. 609

a. XL, 1980, 2

Stanley Lebergott, The Returns to U.S. Imperialism, 1890-1929, p. 229
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Haim Gerber, Nachum T. Gross, Inflation or Deflation in Nineteenth-Century Syria and Palestine, p. 351
Bernard Sarachek, Jewish American Entrepreneurs, p. 359

Donald Hodges, Ross Gandy, Varieties of Economic Determinism, p. 373

Announcements, p. 280, 330, 358
Book Notes, p. 377

a. XL, 1980, 1


Lance E. Davis, It’s a Long, Long Road to Tipperary, or Reflections on Organized Violence, Protection Rates, and Related topics: The New Political History, p. 1
John R. Hanson II, Export Instability in Historical Perspective: Further Results, p. 17
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Joel Mokyr, Malthusian Models and Irish History, p. 159
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Summaries of Doctoral Dissertations by: Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Philip Mirowski, Carl E. Pray, David J. St. Clair, and Thomas S. Ulen, p. 169
Peter H. Lindert, Discussion, p. 181
Alan L. Olmstead, Discussion, p. 183

Editors’ Notes, p. 187
Reviews of Books, p. 189

a. XXXIX, 1979, 4

Andrew B. Appleby, Grain Prices and Subsistence Crises in England and France, 1590-1740, p. 865
Pamela J. Nickless, A New Look at Productivity in the New England Cotton Textile Industry, 1830-1860, p. 889
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Gavin Wright, World Demand for Cotton during the Nineteenth Century: Reply, p. 1023

Editors’ Notes, p. 1025
Reviews of Books, p. 1027
Book Notes, p. 1092

a. XXXIX, 1979, 3

Walter I. Ofonagoro, From Traditional to British Currency in Southern Nigeria: Analysis of a Currency Revolution, 1880-1946, p. 623
Gavin Wright, Cheap Labor and Southern Textiles before 1880, p. 655
Frank D. Lewis, Explaining the Shift of Labor from Agriculture to Industry in the United States, 1869-1899, p. 681
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Editors’ Notes, p. 760
Reviews of Books, p. 763
Book Notes, p. 863

a. XXXIX, 1979, 2

Rosalind Kent Berlow, The Sailing of the “Saint Esprit”, p. 345
Mark Overton, Estimating Crop Yields from Probate Inventories: An Example from East Anglia, 1585-1735, p. 363
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Frank M. Murtaugh Jr., Penultimo Cavour, p. 477
Jon S. Cohen, Conflict on the Left: Marxist Economists and the Friendly Enemy, p. 481

Letter to the Editors, p. 487
Book Notes, p. 491
Reviews of Books, p. 495

a. XXXIX, 1979, 1


Robert W. Fogel, Notes on the Social Saving Controversy, p. 1
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Mary Yeager, Discussion, p. 339

Editors’ Notes, p. 341

a. XXXVIII, 1978, 4

Masao Kikuchi, Yujiro Hayami, Agricultural Growth against a Land Resource Constraint: A Comparative History of Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and the Philippines, p. 839
C. Knick Harley, Western Settlement and the Price of Wheat, 1872-1913, p. 865
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Letter to the Editors, p. 963
Editors’ Notes, p. 965
Reviews of Books, p. 967
Book Notes, p. 1066

a. XXXVIII, 1978, 3

Charles W. McCurdy, American Law and the Marketing Structure of the Large Corporation, 1875-1890, p. 631
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Editors’ Notes, p. 734
Reviews of Books, p. 737
Book Notes, p. 835

a. XXXVIII, 1978, 2


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Editors’ Notes, p. 507
Reviews of Books, p. 513
Book Notes, p. 619

a. XXXVIII, 1978, 1


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a. XXXVII, 1977, 4


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Editors’ Notes, p. 1035
Reviews of Books, p. 1040
Book Notes, p. 1106

a. XXXVII, 1977, 3


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Selwyn Cornish, Recent Writing in Indian Economic History, p. 762

Editors’ Notes, p. 767
Reviews of Books, p. 769
Book Notes, p. 855

a. XXXVII, 1977, Special Issue

Foreword, p. IV
By-Laws of the Economic History Association, p. V
Questionnaire, p. X
List of Abbreviations, p. XI
Specialty Code, p. XIV
Biographies, p. 1
List of Members by Fields of Specialization, p. 101
Geographical List of Members, p. 126
Institutions Granting PhD, p. 139
Supplement (Late Biographies), p. 140

a. XXXVII, 1977, 2


Gerald W. Day, Manuel and the Genoese: A Reappraisal of Byzantine Commercial Policy in the Late Twelfth Century, p. 289
Joseph D. Reid Jr., Understanding Political Events in the New Economic History, p. 302
Scott M. Eddie, The Terms and Patterns of Hungarian Foreign Trade, 1882-1913, p. 329
Ts’ui-Jung Liu, John C. H. Fei, An Analysis of the Land Tax Burden in China, 1650-1865, p. 359
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David Eltis, The Export of Slaves from Africa, 1821-1843, p. 409
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Gaston a. Rimlinger, Unity and Diversity in African Development, p. 456
Edwin M. Truman, The International Monetary System in Review, p. 461
Martin Bronfenbrenner, Four Contributions to Doctrinal History, p. 466

Editors’ Notes, p. 472
Reviews of Books, p. 477
Book Notes, p. 573

a. XXXVII, 1977, 1


John P. McKay, Paul J. Uselding, Introduction, p. 1
Robert E. Gallman, Some Notes on the New Social History, p. 3
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Claudia Goldin, Female Labor Force Participation: The Origin of Black and White Differences, 1870 and 1880, p. 87
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Kozo Yamamura, Success Illgotten? The Role of Meiji Militarism in Japan’s Technological Progress, p. 113
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Richard Roehl, Fred Bateman, Discussion, p. 272

Editors’ Notes, p. 281

a. XXXVI, 1976, 4


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Jacob Metzer, Railroad Development and Market Integration in Tsarist Russia: A Rejoinder, p. 917

Harry Scheiber, Poetry, Prosaism, and Analysis in American Agricultural History, p. 919

Editors’ Notes, p. 928
Reviews of Books, p. 931
Book Notes, p. 1011

a. XXXVI, 1976, 3


William D. Grampp, Scots, Jews, and Subversives Among the Dismal Scientists, p. 543
Heywood Fleisig, Slavery, the Supply of Agricultural Labor, and the Industrialization of the South, p. 572
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Editors’ Notes, p. 732
Reviews of Books, p. 735

a. XXXVI, 1976, 2


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Editors’ Notes, p. 439
Reviews of Books, p. 450
Book Notes, p. 530

a. XXXVI, 1976, 1


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a. XXXV, 1975, 4


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