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Lund, Lunds Universitet. Ekonomisk-Historiska Institutionen – Ekonomisk-Historiska Föreningen
dal 1981 assorbita in Scandinavian economic history review
Conservata in: Università degli Studi di Firenze, Biblioteca di Scienze Sociali
Punto di servizio: Economia – Coll: Riv. Str. 0231
Consistenza: n. 1, 1958-n. 23, 1980
Lacune: a. 1957, 3; a. 1966,2-1968, 1; 1969, 1; 1973, 2; 1973, 4; 1974, 1-2;
[ 1980-1971 ] [ 1970-1958 ]

copertina della rivista

a. XXIII, n. 2, 1980

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Book reviews, p. 152

a. XXIII, n. 1, 1980

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a. XXII, n. 2, 1979

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a. XXII, n. 1, 1979

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a. XXI, n. 2, 1978

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a. XXI, n. 1, 1978

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a. XX, n. 1, 1977

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a. XIX, n. 2, 1976

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a. XIX, n. 1, 1976

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a. XVIII, n. 2, 1975

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a. XVIII, n. 1, 1975

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a. XVII, 1974

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a. XV, 1972

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a. XIV, 1971

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Book reviews, p. 70

by Ove Gerard
Chapter I – The parliaments of 1872 and 1984, p. 5
Appendix – Agreements between Stora Kopparbergs Bergslag, Korsnäs sågverks aktiebolag and kopparbergs and hofors sågverksaktiebolag, p. 44
Chapter II – The government and acquisition by the timber industry of agricultural land, p. 49
Chapter III – The parliament of 1898, p. 73
Chapter IV – The parliaments of 1899 and 1900, p. 91
Chapter V – The parliament of 1901, p. 110
Chapter VI – The consequences of the Decree of the parliament of 1901, p. 154
Appendix I – The questionnaire of the Norrland Committee, p. 155
Appendix II – Companies owning agricultural properties in Dalarne and Norrland amounting to at least 5000 hectares in 1900, p. 160