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v. 29, a. 2000, 3

B. Eichengreen, Solving the Currency Conundrum, p. 315
A. Roma, Financial and Thermodynamic Equilibrium, p. 341
D. Asteriou, C. Siriopoulos, The Role of Political Instability in Stock Market Development and Economic Growth. The Case of Greece, p. 355

E. L. VonThadden, Liquidity Creation through Banks and Markets: A Theoretical Perspective on Securitization, p. 375
I. Cooper, Comments on the paper by E.-L. von Thadden: Liquidity Creation through Banks and Markets: A Theoretical Perspective on Securitization, p. 393
P. Canziani, Business Practice in Europe, p. 399
M. G. Mazzucchelli, Managing a Bank Credit Portfolio: A Practical Standpoint, p. 407
E. Granata, Cross Country Legai Dfferences and the Italian Way to Securitization, p. 419

F. Allen, D. Gale, Comparing Financial Systems reviewed by Fausto Panunzi, p. 433
Volume Index, p. 441

v. 29, a. 2000, 2

Annalisa Aleati, Pietro Gottardo, Maurizio Murgia, The Pricing of Italian Equity Returns, p. 153
F. C. Bagliano, Andrea Brandolini, Alberto Dalmazzo, Liquidity, Trading Size, and the Co-existence of Dealership and Auction Markets, p. 179
H. A. Benink, C. C. P. Wolff, Survey Data and the Interest Rate Sensitivity of US Bank Stock Returns, p. 201
Riccardo De Bonis, Annalisa Ferrando, The Italian Banking Structure in the 1990s: Testing the Multimarket Contact Hypothesis, p. 215
Teresa Corzo Santamaria, E. S. Schwartz, Convergence within the EU: Evidence from Interest Rates, p. 243
Georgios Karras, Private and Government Employment in the OECD: Productivities and Wages, p. 267
Daniela Di Cagno, Emanuela Sciubba, Institutional Design as a Commitment Device in Credit Markets with Asymmetric Information: Experimental Evidence, p. 281

v. 29, a. 2000, 1

Charles A. E. Goodhart, Haizhou Huang, A Simple Model of an International Lender of Last Resort, p. 1
Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Can Official Crisis Lending be Counterproductive in the Short Run?, p. 13
Ronald I. McKinnon, The East Asian Dollar Standard, Life After Death?, p. 31
Patrick Honohan, Banking System Failures in Developing and Transition Countries: Diagnosis and Prediction, p. 83
Gongpil Choi, The Macroeconomic Implications of Regulatory Capital Adequacy Requirements for Korean Banks, p. 111
Joseph E. Stiglitz, Conclusions, p. 145

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v. 28, a. 1999, 3

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Introduction, p. 249
Timothy Lane, Atish R. Ghosh, Javier Hamann, Steven Phillips, Marianne Schulze-Ghattas, Tsidi Tsikata, The East Asian Crisis and Policy Response – An Overview, p. 255
Andrew Berg, Catherine Pattillo, What Caused the Asian Crises: An Early Warning System Approach, p. 285
Giovanni Ferri, Li-Gang Liu, Joseph E. Stiglitz, The Procyclical Role of Rating Agencies: Evidencefrom the East Asian Crisis, p. 335
Timothy Lane, Predicting the Evolution of the Asian Crisis – A View from the IMF, p. 357
Uri Dadush, Mick Riordan, Bert Wolfe, Some Lessons from Forecasting Errors in the Recent Crisis, p. 365
Pete Richardson, Ignazio Visco, Claude Giorno, Predicting the Evolution and Effects of the Asia Crisis from the OECD Perspective, p. 383
Ilker Domaç, Giovanni Ferri, Did the East Asian Crisis Disproportionately Hit Small Businesses in Korea?, p. 403

Volume Index, p. 431

v. 28, a. 1999, 2

V. Ravi Anshuman, Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, Price Limits, Information Acquisition, and Bid-ask Spreads: Theory and Evidence, p. 91
Michael J. Brennan, Walter N. Torous, Individual Decision Making and Investor Welfare, p. 119
Andrea Berardi, Marcello Esposito, A Base Model for Multifactor Specifications of the Term Structure, p. 145
Klaas Knot, Theo Dijkstra, Jakob de Haan, The Term Structure of Interest Differentials in a Target Zone with Time-varying Devaluation Risk, p. 171
Giovanni Ferri, Tae Soo Kang, The Credit Channel at Work: Lessons from the Financial Crisis in Korea, p. 195
Alberto Petrucci, Anticipated Inflation, Liquidity Costs and the Tobin Effect, p. 223

Review Articles, p. 237

v. 28, a. 1999, 1

Marcello De Cecco, The Lender of Last Resort, p. 1

Guido Tabellini, Inflation Targeting and the Accountability of the European Central Bank, p. 15
A. R. Bergstrom, K. B. Nowman, Gaussian Estimation of a Two-factor Continuous Time Model of the Short-term Interest Rate, p. 25
Carlo A. Favero, Franco Spinelli, Deficits, Money Growth and Inflation in Italy: 1875-1994, p. 43
Giovanni Mazzariello, Antonio Roma, Stability of Risk Premia in the Italian Stock Market, p. 73

v. 27, a. 1998, 1

Notice to authors and readers, p. V

Michele Bagella, Leonardo Becchetti, Simona Sacchi, The Positive Link Between Geographical Agglomeration and Export Intensity: The Engine of Italian Endogenous Growth?, p. 1
Nicoletta Baldini, Umberto Cherubini, Yield Curve Movements and Market Segmentation: A LISREL Analysis of the Italian Case, p. 35
Rossella Bardazzi, Marco Barnabani, Modelling Zero Expenditures on Italian Household Consumption, p. 55
Francesco Spadafora, Trigger Points and Speculative Attacks with Optimising Policy-Maker, p. 97

Book reviews, p. 125