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Eduardo Carrero Santamaría, Visigoths, Asturians and Mossarabs. Approaching Early Medieval Iberian Architecture through Contemporary Trends of Thought
João Monteiro, The Teaching of Military History at Portuguese Universities: Pride and Prejudice
Junko Kume, Gouveia Medieval European Art History in Japan
José Antonio, On Political Communication in Medieval Studies: Summarising the Research Field and its Theoretical Background
Jara Fuente, Antonio José, On Political Communication in Medieval Studies: Summarising the Research Field and its Theoretical Background
Nuria Corral Sánchez, The Delegitimisation of Rebel Nobles around the War of the Castilian Succession: Discursive Strategies in Enríquez del Castillo’s and Pulgar’s Chronicles
Yolanda Guerrero Navarrete, The Voice of the “Common”: Spaces of Negotiation and Fiscal Dialogue in Late Medieval Castile: The Case of Burgos
José María Monsalvo Antón, The Monarchy and Rural Communities in Castile: Political Communication between Royal Powers and Non-Privileged Groups in Avila’s Council (1475-1500)
Alicia Inés Montero Málaga, Secondary Scenarios of Seigneurial Political Communication: The Lawsuit between Pancorbo and Briviesca over Capital Status in La Bureba
Víctor Muñoz Gómez, The Seigneurial Pedido: Exaction, Negotiation and Seigneurial Power in Late Medieval Castile (The Example of the Towns in the Aragonese Trastámara Estates)
Edward Loss, Studying Corruption and Anticorruption in a Late Medieval Commune: The case of Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-century Bologna
Fátima Regina Fernandes, The Royal Justice and the Common Law in the Portuguese Medieval Legislation
M. Dolors López Pérez, Coral Cuadrada, Esther Travé Allepuz, Females also Run Business. Merchants’ Wives and Female Merchants in the Crown of Aragon (Fourteenth-Fifteenth Century)
Giampaolo Mele, Goigs and Gozos (Thirteenth-Sixteenth centuries). Historical, Metrical, Musical notes, and Research Insights
Guillem Roca Cabau, Daniel Gutiérrez-Ujaque, The Historical Space as a Living Museum: A Situated and Historical View as an Axis of Teaching Innovation
Charles B. Faulhaber, Óscar Perea Rodríguez, Philobiblon as a Digital Tool for Historians of Medieval Iberia

Diego Melo Carrasco, José Marín R., Hellenism and Models of Rhetoric in the Birth of Islamic Historiography
Pau Viciano, From Historical Source to Identity Symbol. Julià Ribera and the Edition of the Llibre del Repartiment of Valencia (1929-1939)
Enric Guinot Rodríguez, ‘The Myth of the Primitive Aborigen’. History against Fiction around the Feudal Colonisation of the Kingdom of Valencia in the Thirteenth Century
Flocel Sabaté, A Military Assault on a Museum in Catalonia in the Twenty-First Century. Analysis of the Facts in their Context
Milton Pedro Dias Pacheco, The Forms of Martyrdom: Elements for the Iconographic Study of the Morocco Protomartyrs in Portugal (Thirteenth-Sixteenth Centuries)
Ionut? Epurescu-Pascovici, The Castellany Computi and the Accountability of Territorial Officers in Savoy, c. 1260-1370
Federico J. Asiss-González, Political Rituals of the Speaking: Blessing and Curse in the Historiography and Law of the Castilian Nobility of the Fourteenth Century (Part I)
Marta Serrano Coll, James II and his Artistic Patronage in Santes Creus: Purposes, Semantic Content and the Influence of Frederick II
Pablo José Alcover Cateura, An Approach to Fishing, Sale and Consumption of Dolphin in the Crown of Aragon (Fourteenth-Fifteenth Centuries)
Fulvio Delle Donne, From Kingdom to Empire. Political Legitimacy Building Strategies at the Court of Alfonso the Magnanimous
Fernando Serrano Larráyoz, Medicine and Diet in Castile in the Late Fifteenth Century: the Opúsculo de cozinas, by El Licenciado Antonio (de Tornay)
Francesc Massip, Processoning with Death Beyond the Middle Ages: Influences of the Dances of Death
Silvia María Pérez González, Juan Carlos Arboleda Goldaracena, Andalusian Confraternities at the End of the Middle Ages and the Origin of Penitential Processions
Chet Van Duzer, The King-Hamy Chart at the Huntington Library: A Historical Map Made by Battista Agnese
Alberto Venegas Ramos, Seeing and Playing the Middle Ages: Problems and Limitations in the Virtual and Video-play Reconstruction of the Medieval Past

Emilio Mitre, Religious and political identity in medieval Europe: purity of faith and heresy
Alfons Puigarnau, Ernst H. Kantorowicz’s phases of medieval rulership
Maria Barceló Crespí, Antoni Mas Forners, Fishing in the island of Majorca in the middle ages (1230-1521): state of the art and initial results of an ongoing research
Rodrigo da Costa Dominguez, Harvesting in holy waters: an overview of fishery in Portugal in the later middle ages and early modern times
Sabine Florence Fabijanec, Fishing, consumption, and processing of fish and shellfish in the eastern Adriatic through the long middle ages
Paul Freedman, Lamprey and herring
Frederic Aparisi Romero, Fishing in medieval Valencia
James A. Galloway, Fishing the Thames estuary in the later middle ages: environment, technology and the metropolitan market for fish c. 1250-1550
Guillem Roca Cabau, Provision and consumption of fish in a catalan inland city during the Fourteenth and Fifteenth centuries: the case of Lleida
Vicent Royo Pérez, Power, monarchy and nobility on the frontiers of the crown of Aragon. The dispute between James I and Blasco de Alagón for the town of Morella (1231-1239)
Rogelio Tostes, Public law and its techniques: semantic adaptations in catalan legal practice (13th-14th centuries)
Luis Rojas Donat, Papal arbitration? Alexander VI and the portuguese and spanish discoveries of he 15th century
Helena Guzik, Measuring and making the world: self-promotion, cosmology and elite appeal in Filarete’s libro architettonico
Ulrike Wuttke, Björn Gebert, How to make your medieval research more visible with open scholarship methods and tools
Juan Francisco Jiménez Alcázar, Factions and nations: identity and identification in the historical video games set in the middle ages