“Economic Exchanges”

Call for papers: The 2023 Datini-Ester seminar deals with Economic Exchanges. The aims are encourage research on the exchange of goods and services, on the role of markets, monies, trade, transaction costs and institutional contexts, which might foster market integration or, alternatively, constrain economic performance. Purpose is to clarify the role of the economic exchange and market in past economies.

List of participants

  1. Mathias Istrup KarlsmoseInternationalizing the Danish East India Company – Trade, Diplomacy and Warfare in 17th Century Asia
  2. Bram HilkensLiving and Dying with the Land: Land Inequality, Agrarian Capitalism, and Epidemic Mortality
  3. Florian ProbstWas there an Industrious Revolution in Germany? Wages and labour markets on rural estates, c. 1650-1870
  4. Boyu FangThe economic status of ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia: trade, social networks, remittances, and entrepreneurship
  5. Carlo Ludovico SevergniniFinancial Administration and Reforms in Burgundy and Savoy (1418-1480)
  6. Tomasso BrolloMoney and Credit in Early Modern Europe. The banco Capponi in Florence and at the fairs of Lyon and Besançon, 1553-1584
  7. Tessa de BoerA Truth Universally Acknowledged. Dutch ventures in the French West Indies, 1717-1792
  8. Elena ShadrinaA Sea of Parchment: Documentary Culture and Social Networks in Venice and Beyond (950- 1220)
  9. Laura Burnett“For change and charitie”: how were 17th century trade tokens used and understood by people at the time?
  10. Patrick van der GeestTrading colonialism for imperialism: How Hope & Co. shaped the advent of European imperial exploitation in Asia and the Atlantic, c.a 1720-1880
  11. Claudio FerriFrom imaginary money to metallic standards
  12. Ramona NegrónAmsterdam Merchants in the Spanish Americas, 1580-1700
  13. Sally Finn-KelcyThe Production and Export of Medieval Ireland’s Wool and Woollen Cloth
  14. Aditi DixitThe ‘Little Asian’ Divergence: A Comparative Study of the Indian and Japanese Textile Industry, ca. 1890-1940
  15. Gustav ÄngebyScandinavian merchant networks in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, c.1750-1815


  • Guido Alfani (Bocconi University Milano)
  • Francesco Ammannati (Bocconi University Milano)
  • Catia Antunes  (Leiden University)
  • William Caferro (Vanderbilt University – Nashville, USA)
  • Ben Gales (Groningen University)
  • Corinne Maitte (Université Gustave Eiffel, Champs-sur-Marne)
  • Jaco Zuijderduijn (Lund University)