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n. 86, 2023

Matthew Smith, Adam Smith on Growth and Economic Development, p. 2-15
Lisa Hill, Adam Smith?s New Science of Welfare and Happiness, p. 16-29
William Oliver Coleman, Adam Smith?s Case against the British Empire, p. 30-44

Selwyn Cornish, Alex Millmow, John Hawkins, ?Go East, Young Man?: A Conversation with Selwyn Cornish AM, p. 45-64

n. 85, 2023

William Darity Jr.M?Balou Camara, Nancy MacLean, Locking in Racial Disadvantage in Libertarian Political Economy: The Case of W. H. Hutt and South Africa, p. 7-19
Susan Howson, Australia and James Meade, p. 20-44
John Hawkins, One Hundred Years Ago. Keynes?s A Tract on Monetary Reform, p. 45-58
Roberto Serrano, The Neoclassical Economists Did Not Misinterpret Cournot on Competition: A Comment on Nomidis, p. 59-71
Alex Millmow, Pomp and Peculiarity: How Two Portraits Epitomized the Repute of Two Eminent Australian Economists, p. 72-85

n. 84, 2023

HETSA Conference 2023, p. 1

Nobuhiko Nakazawa, A Personal Tribute to John Pullen (1933–2022), p. 2-3

Dimitrios Nomidis, Revisiting Cournot and Neoclassical Economics, p. 4-20
Peter B. Dixon, H. David Evans, 1941–2022: Progenitor of Computable General Equilibrium Modelling in Australia, p. 21-30
John Creedy, J. A. C. Brown: Early Economic Modelling and Applied Econometrics in the UK, p. 31-53

Book Reviews, p. 54

n. 83, 2022

Harry Bloch, John Hawkins, Note from the Editors, p. 1

Alex Millmow, AGENDA of the 33rd Conference of the History of Thought Society of Australia, p. 2-3

Matthew Smith, Eulogy for John Pullen, p. 4-6
William Coleman, Geoffrey Brennan and the History of Economics, p. 7-10

Joost Hengstmengel, Paul Oslington, The Curious Tale of Libanius, Grotius and Jacob Viner’s Universal Economy Doctrine, p. 11
Naoki Matsuyama, The Direct Impact of Alfred Marshall’s American Trip in 1875 on his Economic Analysis of Industrial Development, p. 24
Peter E. Earl, Brendan Markey-Towler, Ken Coutts, 50 Years Ago: Duncan Ironmonger’s New Commodities and Consumer Behaviour and Its Relationship with Lancaster’s ‘New Approach’ to Consumer Behaviour, p. 40
Alex Millmow, Preparing the Way: Six Pioneering Women of Australian Economics, p. 68

n. 82, 2022

Geoffrey Fishburn, Obscured from Us by His Own Talent Elsewhere: Patrick Geddes (1854-1932) or ‘Every Man His Own Economist’, p. 1-14
Shin Kubo, Harald Hagemann, Schumpeter’s Unknown Commentary on the Great Depression: An Annotated Translation from the Japanese Text, p. 15-28
Paul Walker, The Teacher Versus the Student: Plant and Coase on the Firm, p. 29-44
John E. King, John Hawkins, A Conversation with John E. King, p. 45-54

Matthew Smith, Economics: A Fragmented and Troubled Scientific Discipline? A Review of Alessandro Roncaglia’s The Age of Fragmentation: A History of Contemporary Economic Thought (2019), p. 55-76

Alessandro Roncaglia, Is There a Way to Overcome Fragmentation? A Comment on Matthew Smith’s , p. 77-79

Book Reviews, p. 80

n. 81, 2022

Harry Bloch, John Hawkins, Note from the Editors, p. 1-2

Tim Harcourt, Geoff Harcourt: An Eminent Australian Economist with an International Reputation, p. 3-5

Don Russell, Geoff Harcourt: Tribute, p. 6-7
Selwyn Cornish, John Hawkins, Geoffrey Harcourt (1931-2021): His Life and Works, p. 8-31
G. R. Henning, The Visit of Major C. H. Douglas to Adelaide in 1934, p. 32-51
Kenneth Button, J. Brown and the US Phillips Curve: A Comment, p. 52-62
Tadashi Ohtsuki, The Economic Research of E. F. Penrose in Japan during 1925-30: The ‘Undelivered’ Message to Pre-war Japanese Society, p. 63-75

Book Reviews, p. 76

n. 80, 2021

Geoffrey Brooke, Tony Endres, Note from the Editors, p. 1
Jill Trinh, Michael McLure, Piketty’s (r-g) Law Is Pareto’s Law: ‘Bad Faith’ in the Analysis of Income Inequality?, p. 2-17
William Jefferies, Marx’s Forgotten Transformation Solution: The Transformation of Values into Prices of Production in Marx’s Grundrisse and Maksakovsky’s The Capitalist Cycle, p. 18-37
Franck Jovanovic, Ludwig Hamburger (1890-1968): From Relaxation Oscillations to Business Cycles, p. 38-49
Bruce Littleboy, An Interview with Emeritus Professor H. M. (Ted) Kolsen, p. 50-73
Nobuhiko Nakazawa, Yoshifumi Ozawa, Milton’s Paradise Lost and Malthus’s An Essay on the Principle of Population: A Neglected Intertextuality, p. 74-84

Book Reviews, p. 85

n. 79, 2021

Daniel Kuehn, Australian Federalism in James Buchanan’s Early Work on Fiscal Equity, p. 1-17
Franck Jovanovic, Philippe Le Gall, Mathematical Analogies: An Engine for Understanding the Transfers between Economics and Physics, p. 18-38
Alexander Tobon, Erik Lindahl’s Pricing Problem in a Two-Period Model, p. 39-49
Ramesh Chandra, Allyn Young and the Theory of Index Numbers, p. 50-70

Book Reviews, p. 71

n. 78, 2021

Michael McLure, Galileo Galilei Prize Award (Premio Galileo Galilei), p. 1-4
Mark Donoghue, Adam Smith’s Defence of Empire: A Note, p. 5-16
Ramesh Chandra, Adam Smith, Allyn Young, Amartya Sen and the Role of the State, p. 17-43
Selwyn Cornish, Alex Millmow, How Arthur Smithies Was Lost to Australia, p. 44-59
Judith F. Butlin, Archives – an Invaluable Resource. Writing a Biography – Alternative Sources of Information When There Are No Personal Archives, p. 60-69

Book Reviews, p. 70