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v. 88, 2023, n. 3

RESEARCH ARTICLES Emmet O?Connor, How British was Larkinism? Big Jim Larkin and the British Labour Movement, 1907–1914, p. 199–219
Sarah Hellawell, ?Sunderland Has Lost a Figure That Will Go Down in History?: Marion Phillips in the North East of England, 1923–1932, p. 221–243
Martin Wright, Of Red Flags and Red Dragons: Welsh Labour History in Retrospect and Prospect, p. 245–272

Obituary, p.273–278
Book reviews, p. 279–293
Labour History Review essay prize, p. 295–297

v. 88, 2023, n. 2

Sonny Angus, Material Cultures of Class in Scottish Radical Processions, 1832–1884, p. 95–123
Joe Davey, Bristol Sailors in the Nineteenth Century: A Breed Apart?, p. 125–158

John McIlroy, Alan Campbell, A Scholarly Life: Richard Croucher (1949–2022), p. 159–184

Book Reviews, p. 185–198

v. 88, 2023, n. 1

João Lázaro, The First International Seen from the Periphery: The Portuguese Case (1871-1876), p. 1-25
Aindrias Ó Cathasaigh, Peadar Ó Maicín, the Irish Left and the Irish Language, p. 27-41

Gregory Billam, ‘Uncomradely and Un-communist’: Breakdown in the Communist Anglosphere? The Communist Party of Great Britain and Communist Party of Australia Debate, 1947-1948, p. 43-74

Book Review, p.75-93

v. 87, 2022, n. 3

Martin Spence, Suburban Labour: The Labour Party in Penge to 1919, p. 227-253
Olivier Coquelin, ‘A Strikers’ “Soviet” in Belfast’? The Great Belfast Strike of 1919, p. 255-275

Peter Gurney, Matthew Grant, Grace Huxford, Christoph Laucht, Jennifer Luff, and Holger Nehring, Round Table: The New Cold War, p. 277-312

Keith Laybourn, John L. Halstead (1936-2021): Some Comments and Reflections, p. 313-316
Emmet O’Connor, John Halstead: An Irish Appreciation, p. 317-319
Mike Mecham, Remembering John Halstead, p. 321-322

Book Reviews, p. 323-337

v. 87, 2022, n. 2

Liam Ryan, Citizen Strike Breakers: Volunteers, Strikes, and the State in Britain, 1911-1926, p. 109-140
Kevin Morgan, Bolshevization, Stalinization, and Party Ritual: The Congresses of the Communist Party of Great Britain, 1920-1943, p. 141-182
Linda Arch, ‘The Bricks and Mortar of All Policy Areas Which Concern Government’: Statistics and the Labour Force Survey at its UK Origins, p. 183-211

Book Reviews, p. 213-225

v. 87, 2022, n. 1

John Robert Sanders, John Douthwaite and ‘John Powlett’: Trades’ Unionism and Conflict in Early 1830s Yorkshire1, p. 1-38
Luke Dineen, ‘Tools of the Employers’ Federation’: The Derry Lockout of 1924, p. 39-63
John Robert Temple, A Radical and Progressive Legacy: Labour’s Housing Record, 1945 to 1951, p. 65-89

Book Reviews, p. 91-108

v. 86, 2021, n. 3

Daniel Laqua, Charlotte Alston, Activism and Dissent under State Socialism: Coalitions and Campaigns in the 1970s and 1980s, p. 295-311

Mark Hurst, ‘Gamekeeper Turned Poacher’: Frank Chapple, Anti-Communism, and Soviet Human Rights Violations1, p. 313-337
Irina Gordeeva, Solidarity in Search of Human Agency: ‘Détente from Below’ and Independent Peace Activists in the Soviet Union, p. 339-368
Daniel Laqua, Transnational Dimensions of a ‘German Case’: The Expatriation of Wolf Biermann and the Politics of Solidarity in the 1970s, p. 369-396
Alexandra Wedl, Green Volunteers in Czechoslovakia: The Youth Magazine Mladý svet and its Environmental Campaign, 1970s-1980s, p. 397-423
Dirk Mathias Dalberg, Self-Government in Late 1980s Czechoslovakia: The Slovak Philosopher Miroslav Kusý against the Communist Party1, p. 425-452

Book Reviews, p. 453-473
Labour History Review Essay Prize, p. 475-477

v. 86, 2021, n. 2

Matthew Roberts, E.P. Thompson, Shirley, and the Antinomian Tradition in West Riding Luddism and Popular Protest, p. 187-214
Lewis Mates, Lucy Grimshaw, Using Trade Union Banners for Education: The Case of the 1938 ‘Red’ Follonsby Miners’ Banner, p. 215-248
Emmet O’Connor, Labour History in Ireland’s ‘Decade of Centenaries’, p. 249-269

Book Reviews, p. 271-292

v. 86, 2021, n. 1

Andy Clark, Workplace Occupations in British Labour History: Rise, Fall, and Historical Legacies, p. 1-6

Alan Tuckman, After UCS: Workplace Occupation in Britain in the 1970s, p. 7-35
Andy Clark, ‘There Is Nothing There for Us and Nothing for the Future’: Deindustrialization and Workplace Occupation, 1981-1982, p. 37-61
Valerie Wright, Jim Philips, Jim Tomlinson, Defending the Right to Work: The 1983 Timex Workers’ Occupation in Dundee, p. 63-90
Stephen Mustchin, Job Destruction and Closures in Deindustrializing Britain: The Uses and Decline of Workplace Occupations in the 1980s, p. 91-115
Ewan Gibbs, ‘It’s Not a Lot of Boring Old Gits Sitting about Remembering the Good Old Days’: The Heritage and Legacy of the 1987 Caterpillar Factory Occupation in Uddingston, Scotland, p. 117-143

Book Reviews, p. 145-164

Alan Tuckman, Workplace Occupation in the United Kingdom, 1971-2019: Appendix to Special Issue of Labour History Review, p. 165-185