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copertina della rivista

V. 18, N. 1, 1960

Editorial Notes, p. 3
E. H. Kossmann, Discussion of H. R. Trevor-Roper: “The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century”. I, p. 8
E. F. Hobsbawm, Discussion of H. R. Trevor-Roper: “The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century”. II, p. 12
F. H. Hexter, Discussion of H. R. Trevor-Roper: “The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century”. III, p. 14
Roland Mousnier, Discussion of H. R. Trevor-Roper: “The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century”. IV, p. 18
F. H. Elliott, Discussion of H. R. Trevor-Roper: “The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century”. V, p. 25
Lawrence Stone, Discussion of H. R. Trevor-Roper: “The General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century”. VI, p. 31
H. R. Trevor-Roper, Reply by Professor Trevor-Roper, p. 34
Romila Thapar, Aoka and Buddhism, p. 43
R. C. Cobb, Georges Lefebvre, p. 52
R. B. Rose, The Priestley Riots of 1791, p. 68
F. C. Holt, The Origins and Audience of the Ballads of Robin Hood, p. 89
Christopher Hill, The Commons, p. 111

V. 17, N. 1, 1960

M. E. Aston, Lollardy and Sedition 1381-1431, p. 1
C. B. Macpherson, Harrington’s “Opportunity State”, p. 45
P. A., The Origins of the Industrial Revolution, p. 71
John Elliott, Princes and Parliaments, p. 82
Peter Worsley, The Revolt of the Inarticulate, p. 87
May McKisack, Lollards and Protestants, p. 93

V. 16, N. 1, 1959

S. S. Frere, Town and Country in Roman Britain, p. 1
W. H. C. Frend, The Failure of the Persecutions in the Roman Empire, p. 10
H. R. Trevor-Roper, The General Crisis of the 17th Century, p. 31
Margaret Shortreed, The Antislavery Radicals: From Crusade To Revolution 1840-1868, p. 65

Jack Goody, Indo-European Society, p. 88
Lawrence Stone, The Market for Italian Art, p. 92

V. 15, N. 1, 1959

E. R. Leach, Hydraulic Society in Ceylon, p. 2
Norman Birnbaum, The Zwinglian Reformation in Zurich, p. 27
Francis Haskell, The Market for Italian Art in the 17th Century, p. 48
R. Cobb, The People in the French Revolution, p. 60
P. M. Worsley, Religion and Politics in Central Africa, p. 73
C. R. Boxer, Oost-Indie, p. 82
Philip Abrams, The Locke Myth, p. 87

The Past and Present Society, p. 91
The Constitution of the Past and Present Society, p. 94

V. 14, N. 1, 1958

E. A. Thompson, Early Germanic Warfare, p. 2
R. H. Hilton, The Origins of Robin Hood, p. 30
Lawrence Stone, The Inflation of Honours 1558-1641 (1), p. 45
Margaret Espinasse, The Decline and Fall of Restoration Science, p. 71
Claude Cohen, Sicilian Vespers, p. 90

J. M., Editorial Note, p. 93

V. 13, N. 1, 1958

A. H. M. Jones, The Roman Colonate, p. 1
Friedrich Kats, The Evolution of Aztec Society, p. 14
War in Feudal Society, p. 25
M. Malowist, Poland, Russia and Western Trade in the 15th and 16th Centuries, p. 26
Keith Thomas, Women and the Civil War Sects, p. 42
Seventeenth Century Revolutions, p. 63
K. S. Inglis, English Nonconformity and Social Reform, 1880-1900, p. 73

Gordon Leff, In Search of the Millennium, p. 89

V. 12, N. 1, 1957

V. Gordon Childe, The Bronze Age, p. 2
R. A. Crossland, Indo-European Origins: The Linguistic Evidence, p. 16
Owen Lattimore, Feudalism in History, p. 47
R. Ludloff, Industrial Development in 16th-17th Century Germany, p. 58
K. H. Connell, Peasant Marriage in Ireland After The Great Famine (1), p. 76
A. B. Hibbert, Money Prices and Civilization, p. 92

V. 11, N. 1, 1957

John Morris, Celtic Saints: a Note, p. 2
Paul Coles, The Crisis of Renaissance Society Genoa 1488-1507, p. 17
Joan Simon, The Reformation and English Education, p. 48
V. G. Kiernan, Foreign Mercenaries and Absolute Monarchy, p. 66
A. Klima, Industrial Development in Bohemia 1648-1781, p. 87
E. J. Hobsbawm, Twentieth-Century British Politics, p. 100

V. 10, N. 1, 1956

V. G. Childe, The Past, the Present, and the Future, p. 3
T. H. Aston, The English Manor, p. 6
P. Vilar, Problems of the Formation of Capitalism, p. 15
Alan Code, The Quakers and the English Revolution (1), p. 39
Pierre Goubert, The French Peasantry of the Seventeenth Century: a Regional Example, p. 55
A. Soboul, The French Rural Community in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, p. 78
John Flint, African Historians and African History, p. 96

V. 9, N. 1, 1956

A. Sharf, Heraclius and Mahomet, p. 1
R. S. Lopez, The Evolution of Land Transport in the Middle Ages, p. 17
Gordon Leff, The Fourteenth Century and the Decline of Scholasticism, p. 30
Brian Manning, The Nobles, The People, and the Constitution, p. 42
Asa Briggs, Middle-Class Consciousness in English Politics, 1780-1846, p. 65
G. A. Wells, The Critics of Buckle, p. 75