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n. 77, 2020

Articles Mark Donoghue, Adam Smith and the Honourable East India Company, p. 1
Roy H. Grieve, Drop the Dead Donkey: A Response to Steven Kates on the Subject of Mill’s Fourth Proposition on Capital, p. 20
James C. W. Ahiakpor, Disputing the Correct Interpretation of Say’s Law: A Comment on Roy Grieve’s and Steven Kates’s Arguments, p. 37
Roy H. Grieve, A Response to Professor Ahiakpor, Concerning J. S. Mill, the ‘Wages-Fund’ and the Demand for Output, p. 52

Steve Kates, A Note on My Missing Reply to Roy Grieve, p. 59

John Hawkins, One Hundred Years Ago. The Book That Inspired the Carbon Price: Pigou’s The Economics of Welfare, p. 61

Book Reviews, p. 75

n. 76, 2020

Tony Aspromourgos, Guest Editor’s Introduction, p. 1
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Richard F. Kahn: A Disciple of Keynes, p. 2
Eiko Yamamoto, Forbonnais’s and Graslin’s Attempted Explanations of ‘the Diamond-Water Paradox’ before Adam Smith, p. 58
John Pullen, Inappropriate Appropriation. Some Neo-Georgist Comments on the Eureka Stockade, p. 72

Announcement, p. 80
Correction, p. I

n. 75, 2020

Gregory C. G. Moore, Michael V. White: A Scholar’s Scholar and 2018 HETSA Fellow, p. 1
David A. Harper, ‘New Combinations’ in Schumpeter’s Economics: The Lineage of a Concept, p. 22
Carlos Bastien, Ana Bela Nunes, Explaining the Economic Crisis: Portuguese Perspectives on Marxist Theory, p. 31
Harry Bloch, Price Theory, Historically Considered: Smith, Ricardo, Marshall and Beyond, p. 50

n. 74, 2019

Fabio Petri, Capital Theory 1873-2019 and the State of Macroeconomics, p. 1
Ross Williams, The Development of Econometrics in Australia: 1930-2000, p. 25
Guido Erreygers, On the Origins of Econometrics in Australia. The Contributions of Maurice Belz and Robert W. James, p. 46
Eiko Yamamoto, Graslin’s Subjective Theory of Value as Elaborated in His Debate with a ‘Blind Enthusiast’ of Physiocracy in 1767, p. 64
Tony Aspromourgos, The Past and Future of Keynesian Economics: A Correction, p. 81

n. 73, 2019

Robert W. Dimand, One Hundred Years Ago: John Maynard Keynes’s The Economic Consequences of the Peace. edited by John Maynard Keynes, London: Macmillan, 1919; New York: Harcourt, Brace and Howe, 1920, 298 pp., p. 1
Geoffrey T. F. Brooke, Anthony M. Endres, Alan J. Rogers, The Economists and Monetary Thought in Interwar New Zealand: The Gradual Emergence of Monetary Policy Activism, p. 14
Robert A. Buckle, New Zealand’s Thirty-Year Experience with Inflation Targeting: The Origins, Evolution and Impact of a Monetary Policy Innovation, p. 47
John Hawkins, Charles Wickens: The Australian Government’s First Economist, p. 85

n. 72, 2019

Geoffrey Brooke, Bruce Littleboy, Editors’ Introduction, p. 1

John King, Michael Philip Schneider 1935-2019, p. 2

Selwyn Cornish, The Evolution of Inflation Targeting in Australia, p. 4
Lowell Jacobsen, Robinson, Andrews, and Marshall: A Case of Arguing at Cross Purposes?, p. 35
Tony Aspromourgos, The Past and Future of Keynesian Economics: A Review Essay, p. 59
Paolo Santori, Was Aquinas a ‘Universal Economist’?, p. 79

n. 71, 2018

Geoffrey Brooke, Bruce Littleboy, Editors’ Message, p. 1

G. C. Harcourt, Reflections on a Representative Selection of My Essays from the Past 60 Years, p. 2
Cecily Hunter, Edward Dyason and His Sojourn with Australian Economists, 1924-39, p. 25
Clement A. Tisdell, Serge Svizzero, The Agricultural Revolution, Childe’s Theory of Economic Development as Outlined in Man Makes Himself, and Contemporary Economic Theories, p. 55
Catia Eliana Gentilucci, Stefano Spalletti, War and Economic Development in the Studies of Friedrich List and Enrico Barone, p. 73
Rod O’Donnell, Clarifying Keynes’s Theory Of Consumption And Psychological Law, p. 94

n. 70, 2018

Geoffrey Brooke, Bruce Littleboy, Editors’ Message, p. 1

Pier Luigi Porta, The Formative Stages of Piero Sraffa’s Research Program, p. 2
Michael V. White, Not So Dull? Simon Gray and Giffen Behaviour, p. 23
Michael Schneider, Carlyle and Boulding: The Two Economists Largely Responsible for Their Discipline Becoming Known as ‘The Dismal Science’, p. 40
Satoshi Fujimura, Nassau William Senior and the Poor Laws: Why Workhouses Improved the Industriousness of the Poor, p. 49
Alex M. Thomas, A Note on the Role of Aggregate Demand in Ricardo, p. 60
Tony Aspromourgos, Mazzucato on Value and Productive Activity: A Review, p. 72

n. 69, 2018

Bruce Littleboy, Geoffrey Brooke, Editors’ Message, p. 1

Geoff Harcourt, Peter Groenewegen (13 February 1939-4 May 2018): A Tribute and a Memoir, p. 2

William Coleman, Introducing a History of Australasian Economic Thought, p. 4

Anthony M. Endres, Noise and Signal in the Latest History of Australasian Economic Thought, p. 6
Gregory C. G. Moore, The Failure of Historians to Engage with Recent Economic Thought: The Case of Millmow, p. 22
Peter Kriesler, J. W. Nevile, Keynesianism in Australia, p. 44
Paul Oslington, Comments on Alex Millmow’s History of Australasian Economics, p. 62
John Lodewijks, Millmow and Australasian Economics, p. 65
Alex Millmow, The HAET of the Matter, p. 68

n. 68, 2017

Bruce Littleboy, Geoffrey Brooke, Message from the Editors, p. 1

Chris Berg, Adam Smith and Jeremy Bentham in the Australian colonies, p. 2
Sebastian Edwards, Keynes on the Sequencing of Economic Policy: Recovery and Reform in 1933, p. 17
Toomas Truuvert, Irving Fisher’s unpublished 1890 essay ‘Mathematical contributions to Philosophy: Attacking Kant’s theory of Geom. axioms’, p. 35
Geoff Dow, Keynes, Bloomsbury and method, p. 42
J. E. King, P.W. Martin and the flaw in the price system, p. 58

n. 67, 2017

Geoffrey Brooke, Bruce Littleboy, Message from the Editors, p. 1

Selwyn Cornish, Raghbendra Jha, Trevor Swan and Indian Planning: The Lessons of 1958/59, p. 2
Paul Oslington, Anglican Social Thought and the Shaping of Political Economy in Britain: Joseph Butler, Josiah Tucker, William Paley and Edmund Burke, p. 26
Matthew Smith, Ricardo the ‘Logician’ versus tooke the ‘Empiricist’: On Their Different Substantive Contributions to Classical Economics, p. 46
Tony Aspromourgos, Why History of Economics?, p. 59

n. 66, 2017

Geoffrey Brooke, Bruce Littleboy, Editors’ Message, p. 1

Rogério Arthmar, Michael McLure, Pigou on War Finance and Welfare, p. 2
Gregory C. G. Moore, Helen Fordham, The Victorian Effort to Exclude the Amateur ‘Public Intellectual’ from Economics: The Case of Stephen Versus Ruskin, p. 19
Bo Sandelin, Pioneers’ Arguments for Formulating Economic Problems Mathematically: A (Partial) Survey, p. 44

n. 65, 2016

Geoffrey Brooke, Editors’ Introduction, p. 1

Christina Laskaridis, A Bicentenary Review of Ricardo’s Proposals for an Economical and Secure Currency, p. 2
Evelyn L. Forget, Jane Marcet as Knowledge Broker, p. 15
John Pullen, Malthus on Growth, Glut, and Redistribution, p. 27

John E. King, A Conversation with Michael Schneider, p. 49

n. 64, 2016

Geoff Brooke, Bruce Littleboy, Editors’ message, p. 1

Samuel Hollander, Thomas Robert Malthus and the Utilitarians, p. 2
Steven Kates, The Hundredth Anniversary of Clay’s Economics: The Best Introduction to Economics Ever Written, p. 27
Karen Knight, A.C. Pigou, a Loyal Marshallian?, p. 42
John E. King, Katona and Keynes, p. 64

n. 63, 2016

Geoffrey Brooke (Dr), Bruce Littleboy (Dr), Message from the Editors, p. 1

Selwyn Cornish, Alex Millmow, A.W.H. Phillips and Australia, p. 2
John Pullen, Variables and Constants in the Theology of T. R. Malthus, p. 21
David Ress, The Plum Tree and the Lean-to: A Case Study of Native Americans in 19th Century Economic Thought, p. 33

James Forder, Hall and Hart on Samuelson and Solow: Some Comments, p. 49
Thomas E. Hall, William R. Hart, Forder on Hall and Hart on the Samuelson-Solow Phillips Curve: Reply, p. 56

n. 62, 2015

Christian Gehrke, Georg von Charasoff: A Neglected Contributor to the Classical-Marxian Tradition, p. 1
Gregory C.G. Moore, Douglas Irwin on Peddling Protectionism: A Review Essay, p. 38
J.E. Isaac, J.E. King, A Conversation with Joe Isaac, p. 58

Giancarlo de Vivo, David Ricardo’s An Essay on the Effects of a Low Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock, p. 76

n. 61, 2015

Kevin D. Hoover, The Genesis of Samuelson and Solow’s Price-Inflation Phillips Curve, p. 1
Thomas E. Hall, William R. Hart, The Samuelson and Solow Phillips, Curve: Reply to Hoover, p. 17
Kevin D. Hoover, The Genesis of Samuelson and Solow’s Price-Inflation Phillips Curve: Rejoinder to Hall and Hart, p. 23
Rod O ‘Donnell, Lloyd on Rationality, Uncertainty and Risk, p. 28
Alex Millmow, Australian Economists at Cambridge during the 1930s, p. 44
Shigeki Kusunold, Hayek and Antitrust, p. 57
Martin Grancay, Nóra Grancay, Considerations on the Importation of Foreign Corn (1814) and the Principle of Comparative Advantage, p. 69
Taro Hisamatsu, A Mathematical Approach to Maithus’s Criticism of Adam Smith in 1798, p. 78

Peter Groenewegen, D.H. Robertson’s Study of lndustrial Fluctuation: a Centenary Evaluation, p. 91

Book Reviews, p. 102

n. 60, 2014, 2

Harry Bloch, Mita Bhatlacharya, Kurt Rothschild’s Heterodox Approach to Price Theory and Oligopoly, p. 1
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo , Luigi Pasinetti and the Cambridge Economists, p. 15
Sergio Cremaschi, Sarah Ricardo’s Tale of Wcalth and Virtue, p. 30

Geoffrey Brennan, HET: A Double Lament, p. 50
Comments: Paul Oslington, John Lodewijks, Tony Aspromourgos, p. 55
Response: Geoffrey Brennan, p. 61

Luigino Bruni, Pier Luigi Porta, Cesare Beccaria’s On Crimes and Punishments, p. 64

Review Essay, p. 75
Book Reviews, p. 86

n. 59, 2014, 1

Steven G. Medema, The Coase Theorem Down Under: Revisiting the Economic Record Controversy, p. 1
The Editors, ‘Freedom to Choose’: Four Papers from a Conference, p. 20
Peter Lloyd, The Path of Protection in Australia since Federation, p. 21
William Coleman, Theorising Optimal Population Between the Wars: the Contribution of Australian Economists, p. 44
Anthony M Endres, Alan J. Rogers, Trade Policy and International Finance in the Bretton Woods Era: a Doctrinal Perspective with Reference to Australia and New Zealand, p. 62
Jonathan Pincus, Public Choice Theory had Negligible Effect on Australian Microeconomic Policy, 1970s to 2000s, p. 82

Cosimo Perrotta, Thomas Mun’s England’s Treasure by Forraign Trade: the 17th Century Manifesto for Economie Development, p. 94

Book Reviews, p. 107

n. 58, 2013, 2

Ariel Dvoskin, Andrés Lazzarini, On Oskar Lange’s Theoretical Positions on Equilibrium and Capital in some 1930s and 1940s Writings, p. 1
Matthew McCaffrey, Conflicting Views of the Entrepreneur in Turn-of-the-Century Vienna, p. 27
Ross Williams, Queen’s College and Australian Econoniics: 1900-1955, p. 44
Alex Millmow, How Richard Downing Obtained the Ritchie Chair, p. 57

Peter Groenewegen, Rosa Luxemburg’s The Accumulation of capital, p. 71
Rebeca Gomez Betancourt, John Maynard Keynes’s Indian Currency and Finance, p. 83

Michael Schneider, Retirement of John King, Prolific and Incisive Historian of Economic Thought, p. 96

Book Reviews, p. 100

n. 57, 2013, 1

Susan Howson, The Uses of Biography and the History of Economics, p. 1
John Pullen, Further Details of the Life and Financial Affairs of T.R. Malthus, p. 16
Yukihiro Ikeda, Friedrich Hayek on Social Justice: Taking Hayek Seriously, p. 32
Gianfranco Tusset, How Heterogeneity Shapes Vilfredo Pareto’s Social Equilibrium, p. 47
Toshiaki Hirai, International Design and the British Empire: Keynes on the Relief Problem, p. 63
G.C. Harcourt, Peter Kenyon 1952-20 12 a Memoir and a Tribute, p. 84
Peter Kenyon, Price Control, Investment and Resource Allocation, p. 88

Review Essay, p. 96
Book Reviews, p. 110

n. 56, 2012, 2

Richard J. Kent, Keynes’s Investment Activities while in the Treasury during World War I, p. 1
Nobuhiko Nakazawa, Malthus’s Political Views in 1798: a ‘Foxite’ Whig?, p. 14
Alain Clément, Riccardo Soliani, The Work of Nicolas Baudeau: Original and Unrecognised Thought, p. 29
Alex Millmow, Colin Clark and Australia, p. 56
Bruce Littleboy, The Ideas of George Shackle and Henry Boettinger, p. 71
Tomas Sjöström, Maurice Allais: Dynamic Equilibrium Theory Ahead of its Time, p. 85
Michael McLure, One Hundred Years from today A.C. Pigou’s Wealth and Welfare, p. 101

Review Essay, p. 117
Book Reviews, p. 123
The HETSA 2012 Conference Program, p. 132
The HETSA 2013 Conference Announcement, p. 133
Editors’ Corner, p. 134
Notes for Contributors 135

n. 55, 2012, 1

Craig Freedman, Insider’s Story: Notes on the Claire Friedland and George Stigler Partnership, p. 1
Gilles Jacoud, Why Does Jean-Baptiste Say Think Economies is Worth Studying?, p. 29
Alex Millmow, John Pullen, The Forgotten Man: J.M. ‘Pete’ Garland, p. 47
Thomas E. Hall, William R. Hart, The Samuelson-Solow Phillips Curve and the Great Inflation, p. 62
Paul Oslington, Jacob Viner, the Cost of Protection, and Customs Unions: New Light from a Manitoba Consulting Assignment, p. 73

Book Reviews, p. 90

n. 54, 2011, 2

Rod O’Donnell, Keynes and The General Theory after 75 Years, p. 1

Gregory C.G. Moore, The Campaign to Arrest Ed Shann’s Influence in Western Australia, p. 14
Ray Petridis, Depression, War and Recovery: Western Australian Economics 1935 to 1963, p. 45
Michael McLure, Thirty Years of Economics: UWA and the WA Branch of the Economic Society from 1963 to 1992, p. 70
D.J. Gilchrist, Charles Harper through a Galbraithian Lens: Agricultural Cooperation and Countervailing Power in Colonial Western Australia, p. 92
Ernst Juerg Weber, Wilfred E.G. Salter: The Merits of a Classical Economic Education, p. 111

Robert Dimand, Irving Fisher’s The Purchasing Power of Money, p. 131

Geoffrey Fishburn, Marx, Marshall, and ‘the good water-nymphs’, p. 144
James Forder, One More Word on J.K. Gifford, p. 151

Book Reviews, p. 155

n. 53, 2011, 1

Andrew Farrant, Edward McPhail, Hayek, Keynesian Economics and Plaining Against Competition: A Caveat?, p. 1
M. B. Harvey-Phillips, On Adam Smith’s Digression Appended to his Chapter on Bounties in The Wealth ot Nation: A Window on to his Approach to Political Economy, p. 10
Alex Millmow, Douglas Copland and the After shocks of the Premiers’ Plan, 1931-1938, p. 25
John Pullen, A Note on Henry George’s Concept of Value from Obligation, p. 44
Aida Ramos, Luxury, Crisis and Consumption: Sir James Steuart and the Eighteenth-Century luxury Debate, p. 55
Michael V. White, Dear Prudence: W. F. Lloyd on Population Growth and the Natural Wage, p. 73

Book Reviews, p. 91