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Vol. 35, 2010, 4

Anne Eriksen, A Case of Exemplarity: C. F. Rottböll’s history of smallpox inoculation in Denmark-Norway, 1766, p. 351
Ingi Sigur?sson, The Icelandic Enlightenment as an Extended Phenomenon, p. 371
Per Gunnar Edebaik, Mats Olsson, Poor Relief, Taxes and the First Universal Pension Reform: the origin of the Swedish welfare state reconsidered, p. 391
Rodney Edvinsson, Major Recessions in Sweden i 850-2000: from pre-capitalist to modem types of crises, p. 403
Therese Nordlund Edvinsson, Johan Söderberg, Servants and Bourgeois Life in Urban Sweden in the Early 20th Century, p. 427
Kristian Ravn Paaskesen, A Bleak Chapter in Nordic Development Aid History?: the Nordic Co-operative Assistance Project in Tanzania, p. 451
Terrence Bush, Biodiversity and Sectoral Responsibility in the Development of Swedish Forestry Policy, 1988-1993, p. 471

Book Reviews, p. 499

Vol. 35, 2010, 3

Ildar H. Garipzanov, The Cult of St Nicholas in the Early Christian North (c. 1000-1150), p. 229
Lomarsh Roopnarine, Re-Indenture, Repatriation and Remittances of Ex-Indentured Indians from Danish St Croix to British India 1863-1873, p. 247
Kim B. Ostman, Mormons, Civil Authorities and Lutheran Clergy in Finland, 1875-1889, p. 268
Mikael Nilsson, Aligning the Non-Aligned: a re-interpretation of why and how Sweden was granted access to US military materiel in the early Cold War, 1948-1952, p. 290
Aryo Makko, Multilateralism and the Shaping of an ‘Active Foreign Policy’: Sweden during the preparatory phase of the CSCE, p. 310

Review Article, p. 330
Book Reviews, p. 345

Vol. 35, 2010, 2

Tapio Salminen, Common Road, Common Duty – Public Road, Private Space?: King Magnus Eriksson’s law and the understanding of road as a space in late medieval Finland and the Swedish realm, p. 115
Kati Parppei, Pagans of Darkness, Cruel Lutherans: images of religious ‘others’ in the historical accounts concerning the Russian Orthodox Valaam monastery, p. 135
Hans Bonde, Sport and Politics – Danish-German Sport Collaboration during World War II, p. 156
Klas Ronnback, An Early Modern Consumer Revolution in the Baltici, p. 177
Katarina Piuva, The Meaning of Normality: the controversy about the menta1 health campaign in Sweden 1969, p. 198

Review Article, p. 217
Book Reviews, p. 223

Vol. 35, 2010, 1

Gu?mundur Hálfdanarson, Editorial, p. 1
Hans Jacob Orning, The Magical Reality of the Late Middle Ages : exploring the world of the fornaldarsügur, p. 3
Pieter Dhondt, The Echo of the Quatercentenary of Uppsala University in 1877: Nordic universities as examples in Europe?, p. 21
Michael C. Coleman, ‘You Might Ali Be Speaking Swedish Today’: language change in 19th-century Finland and Ireland, p. 44
Yvorine Maria Werner, Catholic Mission and Conversion in Scandinavia: some reflections on religion, modernisation, and identity construction, p. 65
Vesa-Pekka Herva, Timo Ylimaunu, What’s on the Map?: re-assessing the first urban map of Tornea and early map-making in Sweden, p. 86

Book Reviews, p. 108

Vol. 34, 2009, 4

Jari Ojala, Changing the Guards: an Editorial, p. 353
Roddy Nilsson, Creating the Swedish Juvenile Delinquenti criminal policy, science and institutionalization e. 1930-1970, p. 354
Pål Thonstad Sandvik, Facing Oligopoly and Protectionism: the fate of small producers in the inter-war nickel industry, p. 376
Elin Malmer, Erik Sidenvall, Christian Manliness for Women?: contradictions of Christian youth organization in early 20th-century Sweden, p. 394
Anssi Halmesvirta, A Foreign Benefactor and a Domestic Liberator: the cults of Lenin and Mannerheim in Finland, p. 414

Book Reviews, p. 433
Books Received, p. 462
Volume Index: Volume 34, 2009, p. 465

Vol. 34, 2009, 3

Jenny Andersson, Mary Hilson, Introduction, p. 219
Jenny Andersson, Nordic Nostalgia and Nordic Light: the Swedish model as Utopia 1930-2007, p. 229
Nikolas Glover, Imaging Community: Sweden in”cultural propaganda”then and now, p. 246
Carl Marklund, The Social Laboratory, the Middle Way and the Swedish Model: three frames for the image of Sweden, p. 264
Kazimierz Musial, Reconstructing Nordic Significance in Europe on the Threshold of the 21st Century, p. 286
Andrew G. Newby, “In Building a Nation Few Better Examples can be Found”: Norden and the Scottish Parliament, p. 307
Andrew Scott, Looking to Sweden in order to Reconstruct Australia, p. 330

Vol. 34, 2009, 2

May-Brith Ohman Nielsen, Editorial, p. 119
Edward Burton, Racism on the Palace Steps?, p. 121
Simo Muir, Anti-Semitism in the Finnish Academe: rejection of Israel-Jakob Schur’s PhD dissertation at the University of Helsinki (1937) and Åbo Akademi University (1938), p. 135
Mortevi Karnoe Søndergaard, Vera Schwach, The Nordic Shrimp Industry: state entrepreneurship, intellectual and industrial structures, e. 1895-1950, p. 162
Jussi Jalonen, Three Scandinavian Counterfactual Scenarios from the Napoleonic Wars, p. 182

Debate, p. 205
Book Reviews, p. 208
Biannual Artide Competition, p. 217

Vol. 34, 2009, 1

Jari Ojala, Seeking for a Nordic Model, p. 1
Henning Bro, Housing: From Nighet Watchmann State to Welfare State: Danish housing policy, 1914 – 1930, p. 2
Tapio Bergholm, The Making of the Finnish Model: the qualitative change in Finnish corporatism in the early 1960s, p. 29
Per Gunnar Edebalk, Employers and Sickness Insurance: a contribution to the development of social policy in Sweden 1955 – 2005, p. 49
Elina Sopo, Some Early Finnish Art Collectors in the Light of New Sources: Imperial Honorary Surgeon Alexander von Collan (1819-1910) and Master of Laws Alexander von Collan (1858-1939) as collectors from the”third estate”, p. 69

Books Reviews, p. 93

Vol. 33, 2008, 4

Tor Egil Førland, Guest Editor, Introduction to the Special Issue on 1968, p. 317
Thomas Ekman Jørgensen, The Scandinavian 1968 in a European Perspective, p. 326
Kjell Östberg, Sweden and the Long ‘1968’: break or continuity?, p. 339
Anette Warring, Around 1968 – Danish Historiography, p. 353
Laura Kolbe, From Memory to History: year 1968 in Finland, p. 366
Tor Egil Førland, ‘1968’ in Norway: piecemeal, peaceful and postmodern, p. 382
James Godbolt, Chris Holmsted Larsen, Søren Hein Rasmussen, The Vietnam War: the Danish and Norwegian experience 1964-1975, p. 395
Rolf Werenskjold, The Dailies in Revolts: the global 1968 revolts in major Norwegian newspapers, p. 417
Laura P. Skardhamar, ‘Real Revolution’ in Kana Commune, p. 441
Jukka Relander, From Flowers to Steel: development of the Leninist Mind in Finland 1968-1972, p. 464
Hans Petter Sjøli, Maoism in Norway: and how the AKP(m-l) made Norway more Norwegian, p. 478
Terry H. Anderson, 1968: the American and Scandinavian experiences, p. 491

Books Received, p. 500
Volume Index: Volume 33, 2008, p. 503

Vol. 33, 2008, 3

Petri Karonen, Coping with Peace After a Debacle: the crisis of the trasition to peace in Sweden after the Great Northern War (1700-1721), p. 203
Andis Cinis, Marija Drèmaité, Mart Kalm, Perfect Representations of Soviet Planned Space: mono-industrial towns in the Soviet Baltic republics in the 195s-1980s, p. 226
Mats Hallenberg, Johan Holm, Dan Johansson, Organization, Legitimation, Participation: state formation as a dynamic process – the Swedish example, c. 1523-1680, p. 247
Astri Andresen, A Farewell to”Rural Bliss”: shifting problematizations of school children’s health in Norway 1900-1940, p. 269

Debate, p. 289
Book Reviews, p. 300

Vol. 33, 2008, 2

Þorsteinn Helgason, The Pen and the Borrowed Sword: 500 years of Icelandic defense policy, p. 105
Chiharu Inaba, Japanese Intelligence Operations in Scandinavia During World War II: cryptographic cooperation with the Finns and Onodera’s activities in Sweden, p. 122
Matti Hannikainen, Unemployment and Labour Market Flexibility in the Great Depression: the case of construction workers in Helsinki, p. 139
Erik Opsahl, Conflict and Alliance: the question of a national kingdom – political attitudes of Norwegian gentry and farmers in the Late Middle Ages, p. 161

Review Essay, p. 183
Book Reviews, p. 191

Vol. 33, 2008, 1

Glen O’Hara, ‘Applied Socialism of a Fairly Moderate Kind’: Scandinavia, British policymakers and the post-war housing market, p. 1
Patrik Lantto, Ulf Mórkenstam, Sami Rights and Sami Challenges: the modernization process and the Swedish Sami movement, 1886-2006, p. 26
Ida Blom, From Coercive Policies to Voluntary Initiatives: legislating to prevent venereal diseases in Denmark during the 20th century, p. 52
Nikolaj Petersen, The Iceman that Never Carne: ‘Project Iceworm’, the search for a NATO deterrent, and Denmark, 1960-1962, p. 75

Book Reviews, p. 99

Vol. 32, 2007, 4

Jori Ojala, Editorial, p. 321
]arì Eloranta and Ilkka Nummela, Finnish Nickel as a Strategie Metal, 1920-1944, p. 322

Special Issue: Enlightened Loyalties: new constructions of loyalty and identity in late 18th-century Scandinavia
Guest Editor: Pasi Ihalainen

Pasi Ihalainen, The Enlightenment and the Redefinition of Politicai Loyalties: a review of the state of research in Scandinavia, p. 346
Charlotta Wolff, Aristocratic Republicanism and the Hate of Sovereignty in 18th-century Sweden, p. 358
Steinar Supphellen, ‘Rational Norwegian Patriotism’ in the 1780s: a Norwegian civil servant’s endeavour to define his identity and his loyalties, p. 376
Jouko Nurmiainen, Particular Interests and the Common Good in Swedish mid-18th-century Diet Politics: the ‘Finnish’ perspective, p. 388

Book Reviews, p. 405
Books Received, p. 419
Volume Index: Volume 32, 2007, p. 422

Vol. 32, 2007, 3

Pauli Heikkilä, Northern Replies to the Briand Memorandum in 1930. The european Federal Union in Estonia, Finland and Sweden, p. 215
Gunnar Thorvaldsen, An International Perspective on Scandinavia’s Historical Censues, p. 237
Pernilla Jonsson, Silke Neunsinger, Comparison and Transfer – A Fruitful Approach to National History?, p. 258
Jan Kunnas, Potash, Saltpeter and Tar: Production, exports and use of wood in Finland in the 19th century, p. 281

Book Reviews, p. 312

Vol. 32, 2007, 2

Cristina Folke Ax, Incorporating New Ideas in a Local Community, p. 119
Peter Thaler, A Tale of Three Communities, p. 141
Jarle Simensen, Writing the History of Development Aid, p. 167
Juhana Aunesluoma, Magnus Petersson and Charles Silva, Deterrence or Reassurance?, p. 183

Book Reviews, p. 209

Vol. 32, 2007, 1

]ari Ojala, Editorial: Nordic Historical Research for a Wider Audience, p. 1
Sverre Bagge, Aims and Means in the Inter-Nordic Conflicts 1302-1319, p. 5
Thomas Munck, Keeping the Peace, p. 38
Reine Rydén, Smallholders, Organic Farmers, and Agricultural Policy, p. 63
Claus Bryld, ‘The Pive Accursed Years’, p. 86

Book Review, p. 116

Vol. 31, 2006, 3

Special issue: Break-up of Political Unions – from the Kalmar Union to Five Nordic Nation-States (editor: Gu?mundur Hálfdanarson)

Gu?mundur Hálfdanarson, From One, to Two, to Five, p. 201
Harald Gustafsson, A State That Failed?, p. 205
H. Arnold Barton, Finland and Norway, 1808-1917, p. 221
Gu?mundur Hálfdanarson, Severing the Ties – Iceland’s Journey from a Union with Denmark to a Nation-State, p. 237
Kristin Asdal, Making Space with Medicine, p. 255
Roald Berg, Eva Jakobsson, Nature and Diplomacy: the Struggle Over the Scandinavian Border Rivers in 1905, p. 270
JuhaSiltala, National Rebirth out of Young Blood, p. 290
Kari Alenius, Unification with Sweden, Autonomy, Federal Self-Government?, p. 308

Book Reviews, p. 328
Books Received, p. 360
2006 Index, p. 363

Vol. 31, 2006, 2

Gu?mundur ].Gu?mundsson, The Cod and the Cold War, p. 97
Jan Froestad, Bodil Kavneberg, Education Policy, the Norwegian Unitary School and the Social Construction of Disability, p. 119
Heiko Droste, Diplomacy as a Means of Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Times, p. 144
Erik Thomson, For a Comparative History of Early Modern Diplomacy, p. 151
Badeloch Noldus, An”Unvergleichbarer Liebhaber”, p. 173
Leos Müller, The Swedish Consular Service in Southern Europe, 1720-1815, p. 186

Book Reviews, p. 196

Vol. 31, 2006, 1

Special issue on Elite Networks

Eldrid Mageli, Norwegian-Japanese Whaling Relations in the Early 20th Century, p. 1
Mary Elizabeth Ailes, Wars, Widows, and State Formation in 17th-Century Sweden, p. 17
Mika Kallioinen, Plagues and Governments, p. 35
Liliane Irlenbusch-Reynard, Snorri Go?i and William Marshal, p. 52

Book Reviews, p. 70