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III ser., 20, 1999, 2

Leigh Edmonds, Australia, Britain and the Empire Air Mail scheme, 1934-38, p. 91
Richard H. Turner, Tramways for rural France : the rise and fall of the tramways of Loir-et-Cher, 1880-1934, p. 107
John M. Barney, Shipping in the port of King’s Lynn, 1702-1800, p. 126
Gerald Crompton, “Good Business for the nation”: the railway nationalisation issue, 1921-47, p. 141
Michael Freeman, The railway as cultural metaphor : “What kind of railway history? “revisited, p. 160
Notes and news, p. 167

Book reviews, p. 168

III ser., 20, 1999, 1

Geoffrey Channon, The recruitment of directors to the board of the Great Western railway, II, p. 1
Jim Tomlinson, The government and the car industry, 1945-70, p. 17
Ayodeji Olukoju, “Helping our own shipping”: official passages to Nigeria, 1914-45, p. 30

Dipendra Sinha, The regulation and deregulation of US airlines, p. 46

Transport records deposited in 1997, p. 65
Notes and news, p. 69

Book reviews, 71

III ser., 19, 1998, 2

Martin Daunton, Theo Barker : an appreciation, p. 93
Theo Barker : a bibliography of his publications on transport history, p. 101
John Armstrong, Transport history, 1945-95 : the rise of a topic to maturity, p. 103
Corinne Mulley, The nationalisation of the bus industry : the Transport Act, 1947, its underlying philosophy and initial progress, p. 122
Peter Scott, The growth of road haulage, 1921-58 : an estimate, p. 138
Notes and news, p. 156

Book reviews, p. 157
Short reviews, p. 181

III ser., 19, 1998, 1

A. Gómez Mendoza, Along broad lines : the economic history of Spanish railways, 1973-96, p. 1
Adrian Jarvis, James Cropper, Liverpool docks and the Liverpool & Manchester Railway, p. 18
Ioanna Pepelasis Minoglou, Phantom rails and roads : land transport public works in Greece during the 1920s, p. 33
Stuart Thompstone, Tsarist Russia’s investment in transport, p. 50
Transport records deposited in 1996, p. 68
Notes and news, p. 72

Book reviews, p. 80

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III ser., 18, 1997, 2

Michèle Merger, The navigable waterways of France under Second Empire, 1851-70, p. 93
Philip Harrison, Mark Brayshay, Post-horse routes, royal progresses and government communications in the reign of James I, p. 116
Gordon Boyce, Union Steam Ship Company of New Zeland and the adoption of oil propulsion : learning-by-using effects, p. 134
Richard Sykes, Alastair Austinm Mark Fullerm Taki Kinoshita and Andrew Shrimpton, Steam attraction : railways in Britain’s national heritage, p. 156

Book reviews, p. 176

III ser., 18, 1997, 1

Brian J. Turton, The Road Motor Services of Rhodesia, 1927-38, p. 1
A. J. Arnold, The Great War, government policy and financial returns in ghe liner trade, p. 16
G. H. Pirie, British bombelas : trains for migrant gold miners in South Africa, c. 1900-25, p. 31
Michael Robbins, London Undergroun and Moscow Metro, p. 45
Stefano Maggi, The railways of Italian Africa : economic, social and strategic features, p. 54
Transport records deposited in 1995, p. 72
Notes and news, p. 78

Book reviews, p. 79

III ser., 17, 1996, 2

Jesus M. Valdaliso, The diffusion of technological change in the Spanish merchant fleet during the twentieth century : avaiable alternatives and conditioning factors, p 95
Ivan Jakubec, The transport problems of a new State : Czechoslovak railways and rivers, 1918-38, p. 116
David Brooke, The equity suit of McIntosh the Great Western Railway : the “Jarndyce “of railway litigation, p. 133
Ralph Turvey, Road and bridge tolls in nineteenth-century London, p. 150
Notes and news, p. 165

Book reviews, p. 166

III ser., 17, 1996, 1

Geoffrey Channon, The recruitment of directors to the board of the Great Western Railway, I, p. 1
C. S. Hallasm, On the hoof : road transport in the Yorkshire dales, 1750-1900, p. 20
Margaret Walsh, Not Rosie the riveter : women’s diverse roles in the making of the American long-distance bus industry, p. 43
Douglas A. Reid, The “iron roads “and “the happiness of the working classes”: the early development and social significance of the railway excursion, p. 57
Transport records deposited in 1994, p. 74

Book reviews, p. 79

III ser., 16, 1995, 2

Editorial, p. III
Notes and news, p. IV
John Singleton, Ribble Motor Services and co-operation in the inter-war bus industry, p. 117
Gregory L. Thompson, How cost ignorance derailed the Pennsylvania Railroad’s efforts to save its passenger service, 1929-61, p. 134
Marie Panopoulou, Shipping and shipbuilding in Greece, 1850-1914, p. 159
Peter Butterfield, Branch lines, wayside stations and road competition, p. 179

Book reviews, p. 196

III ser., 16, 1995, 1

Editorial, p. II
Obituary : T. S. Willan, p. III
Henry Roseveare, “Wiggins “Key revisited : trade and shipping in the later seventeenth-century Port of London, p. 1
Laurent Tissot, How did the British conquer Switzerland? Guidebooks, railways, travel agencies, 1850-1914, p. 21
Steve Koerner, The British motor-cycle industry during the 1930s, p. 55
Indrajit Ray, Shipbuilding in Bengal under colonial rule : a case of “de-industrialisation”, p. 77
Transport records deposited in 1993, p. 98
Notes and News, p. 102

Book reviews, p. 103

III ser., 15, 1994, 2

Editorial, p. III
Peter J. Lyth, Marc L, J, Dierikx, p. 97
Colin Simmons, Viv Caruana, Neighbourhood issues in the development of Manchester Airport, 1934-82, p. 117
Alan P. Dobson, Regulation or competition? Negotiating the Anglo-American Air Service Agreement of 1977, p. 144
Leigh Edmonds, Capital – the cause of Australia’s first airline accident, p. 179
Notes and News, p. 197

Book reviews, p. 201

III ser., 15, 1994, 1

Editorial, p. III
Timothy R, Whisler, The outstanding potential market : the British motor industry and Europe, 1945-75, p. 1
J. Van Fenstermaker, R. Phil Malone, Stanley R. Stansell, An examination of railroad common stock returns, 1835-97, p. 20
Margaret M, Gerrish, The dock builders : dock navvies at Grimsby in 1851, p. 45
Michael French, Manufacturing and models in the commercial vehicle industry : the Albion Motor Company, 1920-56, p. 59
Transport records deposited in 1992, p. 78

Book reviews, p. 81

III ser., 14, 1993, 2

Forty years on : a message from the founding editors, p. V
Editorial, p. VIII
G. W. Crompton, Canals and the industrial revolution, p. 93
Terry Gourvish, What kind of railway history did we get? Forty years of research, p. 111
David M. Williams, The progress of maritime history, 1953-93, p. 126
T. C. Barker, Slow progress : forty years of motoring research, p. 142
Peter J. Lyth, The history of commercial air transport : a progress report, 1953-93, p. 166
Julie Stevenson, The Journal of transport history, 1953-92 : a cumulative, classified index, p. 181
Book reviews, p. 204

III ser., 14, 1993, 1

Editorial, p. III
Contributors to this issue, p. IV
Dorian Gerhold, Packhorses and wheeled vehicles in England, 1550-1800, p. 1
R. J. Irving, The branch line problem in British railway history : the financial evidence from north-east England, p. 27
Philip Drummond-Thompson, The rise of entrepreneurs in Nigerian motor transport : a study in indigenous entreprise, p. 46
G. H. Pirie, Railway ganging in southern Africa, c. 1900-37, p. 64
Transport records deposited in 1991, p. 77
Book reviews, p. 81

III ser., 13, 1992, 2

Michael Reilly, Promoting the subway : New York’s experience in an international context, 1890-1914, p. 95
Rod Bantjes, Improved earth : travel on the Canadian prairies, 1920-50, p. 115
Freda Harcourt, Charles Wye Williams and Irish steam shipping, 1820-50, p. 141
Geoffrey Hughes, The Board of Directors of the London & North Eastern Railway, p. 163
Simon Ville, Transport and the industrial revolution, p. 180
Book reviews, p. 186

III ser., 13, 1992, 1

Herman J. de Jong, Dutch inland transport in the nineteenth century – A bibliographical review, p. 1
Keith Grieves, Sir Eric Geddes, Lloyd George and the transport problem, 1918-21, p. 23
Wendy Freer, Standards of living among canal boat people, 1840-1939, p. 43
Ayodeji Olukoju, The development of the port of Lagos, c. 1892-1946, p. 59
Book reviews, p. 79

III ser., 12, 1991, 2

Michael Barke, The middle-class journey to work in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1850-1913, p. 107
John Sheail, Road surfacing and the threat to inland fisheries, p. 135
Carl M. Becker, Leland R. Johnson, History at the bar : navigability of the Great Miami River, p. 148
Alpo Juntunen, The influence of railway construction in Mongolia : the shift from Chinese to Russian/Soviet protection, p. 169
Book reviews, p. 187

III ser., 12, 1991, 1

Gregory L. Thompson, Myth and rationality in management decision-making : the evolution of American railroad product costing, 1870-1970, p. 1
Olasiji Oshin, Road transport and the declining fortunes of the Nigerian Railway 1901-1950, p. 11
David Turnock, Forest exploitation and its impact on transport and settlement in the Romanian Carpathians, p. 37
David Mackenzie, The Bermuda Conference and Anglo-American aviation relations at the end of the Second World War, p. 61
Michael Robbins, The progress of transport history, p. 74
Book reviews, p. 88