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a. 85, 1980, 5

Carville Earle, Ronald Hoffman, The Foundation of the Modern Economy: Agriculture and the Costs of Labor in the United States and England, 1800-1860, p. 1055
Forrest McDonald, Grady McWhiney, The South from Self-Sufficiency to Peonage: An Interpretation, p. 1095
Edward Pessen, How Different From Each Other were the Antebellum North and South?, p. 1119

AHR Forum
Antebellum North and South in Comparative Perspective
Thomas B. Alexander, p. 1150
Comment:Stanley L. Engerman, p. 1154
Reply: Forrest McDonald, Grady McWhiney, p. 1160
Reply:Edward Pessen, p. 1163

Reviews of Books, p. 1167
Collected Essays, p. 1283
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1287
Other Book Received, p. 1289
Communications, p. 1295
Recent Death, p. 1298

a. 85, 1980, 4

Raymond Grew, The Case for Comparing Histories, p. 763
Shearer Davis Bowman, Antebellum Planters and Vonnärz Junkers in Comparative Perspective, p. 779
Peter Kolchin, In Defense of Servitude: American Proslavery and Russian Proserfdom Arguments, 1760-1860, p. 809

AHR Forum
Aletfe Olin Hill, Boyd H. Hill, Jr., Marc Bloch and Comparative History, p. 828
Comments: William H. Sewell, Jr., Sylvia L. Thrupp, p. 847
Reply: Aleyfe Olin Hill And Boyd H. Hill, Jr., p. 854

Reviews of Books, p. 858
Collected Essays, p. 1027
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1031
Other Book Received, p. 1035
Communications, p. 1042
Recent Death, p. 1050

a. 85, 1980, 3

Donald Roden, Baseball and the Quest for National Dignity in Meiji Japan, p. 511
Earl H. Kinmonth, Nakamura Keiu and Samuel Smiles: A Victorian Confucian and a Confucian Victorian, p. 535
George Macklin Wilson, Time and History in Japan, p. 557
Robert A. Rosenstone, Learning from Those “Imitative” Japanese: Another Side of the American Experience in the Mikado’s Empire, p. 572

Reviews of Books, p. 596
Collected Essays, p. 745
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 749
Other Book Received, p. 752
Communications, p. 757
Recent Death, p. 761

a. 85, 1980, 2

Peter H. Argersinger, “A Place on the Ballot”: Fusion Politics and Antifusion Laws, p. 287
J.M.H. Salmon, Cicero and Tacitus in Sixteenth-Century France, p. 307
L.P. Curtis, Jr., Incumbered Wealth: Landed Indebtedness in Post-Famine Ireland, p. 332

Reviews of Books, p. 368
Collected Essays, p. 490
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 496
Other Book Received, p. 498
Communications, p. 503
Recent Death, p. 506

a. 85, 1980, 1

Presidential Address
John Hope Franklin, Mirror for Americans: A Century of Reconstruction History, p. 1

William McKee Evans, From the Land of Canaan to the Land of Guinea: The Strange Odyssey of the Sons of Ham, p. 15
Ira Berlin, Time, Space, and the Evolution of Afro-American Society in British Mainland North America, p. 44

Reviews of Books, p. 79
Collected Essays, p. 250
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 257
Other Book Received, p. 259
Communications, p. 264
Recent Death, p. 278

a. 84, 1979, 5

Warren T. Treadgold, The Revival of Byzantine Learning and the Revival of the Byzantine State, p. 1245
Paul O. Lovejoy, The Characteristics of Plantations in the Nineteenth-Century Sokoto Caliphate (Islamic West Africa), p. 1267

AHR Forum
James A. Henretta, Social History as Lived and Written, p. 1293
Comments: Robert F. Berkhofer, Jr., Darretf B. Rutman, p. 1323
Reply: James A. Henretta, p. 1331

Reviews of Books, p. 1334
Collected Essays, p. 1516
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1520
Other Book Received, p. 1523

a. 84, 1979, 4

Harro Hopfl, Martyn P. Thompson, The History of Contract as a Motif in Political Thought, p. 919
Charles M. Radding, Superstition to Science: Nature, Fortune, and the Passing of the Medieval Ordeal, p. 945

AHR Forum
Jonathan M. Wiener, Class Structure and Economic Development in the American South, 1865-1955, p. 970
Comments: Robert Higgs, Harold D. Woodman, p. 993
Reply: Jonathan M. Wiener, p. 1002

Leonard Krieger, German History-in the Grand Manner, p. 1007

Reviews of Books, p. 1018
Collected Essays, p. 1213
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1220
Other Book Received, p. 1223
Communications, p. 1229
Recent Death, p. 1241

a. 84, 1979, 3

Donald R. Kelley, Gaius Noster: Substructures of Western Social Thought, p. 619
James F. Powers, Frontier Municipal Baths and Social Interaction in Thirteenth-Century Spain, p. 649
Melissa Meriam Bullard, Marriage Politics and the Family in Florence: The Strozzi-Medici Alliance of 1508, p. 668

Howard Spodek, Pluralist Politics in British India: The Cambridge Cluster of Historians of Modern India, p. 688

Reviews of Books, p. 708
Collected Essays, p. 892
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 897
Other Book Received, p. 899
Communications, p. 904
Recent Death, p. 913

a. 84, 1979, 2

Jon Butler, Magic, Astrology, and the Early American Religious Heritage, p. 317
Robert C. Tucker, The Rise of Stalin’s Personality Cult, p. 347

AHR Forum
Gilbert Allardyce, What Fascism is Not: Thoughts on the Deflation of a Concept, p. 367
Comments: Stanley G. Payne, Ernst NoltE
Reply: Gilbert Allardyce

Marc Raeff, The Bureaucratic Phenomena of Imperial Russia, 1700- 1905, p. 399

Reviews of Books, p. 412
Collected Essays, p. 601
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 605
Other Book Received, p. 607
Communications, p. 612
Recent Death, p. 617

a. 84, 1979, 1

Presidential Address
William J. Bouwsma, The Renaissance and the Drama of Western History, p. 1

Edward Muir, Images of Power: Art and Pageantry in Renaissance Venice, p. 16
John M. Najemy, Guild Republicanism in Trecento Florence: The Successes and Ultimate Failure of Corporate Politics, p. 53
Charles G. Nauert, Jr., Humanists, Scientists, and Pliny: Changing Approaches to a Classical Author, p. 72
Mark Phillips, Machiavelli, Guicciardini, and the Tradition of Vernacular Historiography in Florence, p. 86

Reviews of Books, p. 106
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 295
Other Book Received, p. 297
Communications, p. 304

a. 83, 1978, 5

Timothy L. Smith, Religion and Ethnicity in America, p. 1155

AHR Forum
D. W. Meinig, The Continuous Shaping of America: A Prospectus for Geographers and Historians, p. 1186
Comments: Carville V. Earle, Edward M. Cook, Jr., p. 1206
Reply: D. W. Meinig, p. 1214

Reviews of Books, p. 1218
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 1383
Other Book Received, p. 1396
Recent Deaths, p. 1396

a. 83, 1978, 4

C. Warren Hollister, John W. Baldwin, The Rise of Adrninistrative Kingship: Henry I and Philip Augustus, p. 867
Andrew W. Lewis, Anticipatory Association of the Heir in Early Capetian France, p. 906
Ralph V. Turner, The Miles Literatus in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century England: How Rare a Phenomenon?, p. 928
John Bell Henneman, The Military Class and the French Monarchy in the Late Middle Ages, p. 946

Reviews of Books, p. 966
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 1138
Other Book Received, p. 1143
Recent Deaths, p. 1150

a. 83, 1978, 3

Charles M. Radding, The Evolution of Medieval Mentalities: A Cognitive-Structural Approach, p. 577
Nelson H. Minnich, W.W. Meissner, The Character of Erasmus, p. 598
Seymour Byman, Ritualistic Acts and Compulsive Behavior: The Pattern of Tudor Martyrdom, p. 625

AHR Forum
James A. Field, Jr., American Imperialism: The “Worst Chapter” in Almost Any Book, p. 644
Comments: Walter Lafeber, Robert L. Beisner, p. 669
Reply: James A. Field, Jr., p. 679

Reviews of Books, p. 684
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 852
Other Book Received, p. 855
Recent Deaths, p. 860

a. 83, 1978, 2

David Hammack, Problems of Power in the Historical Study of Cities, 1800-1960, p. 323
Donald R. Kelley, The Metaphysics of Law: An Essay on the Very Young Marx, p. 350
Albert Resis, The Churchill-Stalin Secret “Percentages” Agreement on the Balkans, Moscow, October 1944, p. 368

AHR Forum
Roger M. Anders, The Rosenberg Case Revisited: The Greenglass Testimony and the Protection of Atomic Secrets, p. 388

Reviews of Books, p. 401
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 568
Other Book Received, p. 571

a. 83, 1978, 1

Presidential Address
Charles Gibson, Conquest, Capitulation, and Indian Treaties, p. 1

A.J.R. Russell-Wood, Iberian Expansion and the Issue of Black Slavery: Changing Portuguese Attitudes, 1440-1770, p. 6
Stuart B. Schwartz, Indian Labor and New World Plantations: European Demands and Indian Responses in Northeastern Brazil, p. 43
John H. Coatsworth, Obstacles to Economic Growth in Nineteenth-Century Mexico, p. 80
Friedrich Katz, Pancho Villa and the Attack on Columbus, New Mexico, p. 101

Reviews of Books, p. 131
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 312
Other Book Received, p. 315

a. 82, 1977, 5

Loren R. Graham, Science and Values: The Eugenics Movement in Germany and Russia in the 1920s, p. 1133
Nicholas V. Riasanovsky, On Lammenais, Chaadaev, and the Romantic Revolt in France and Russia, p. 1165
Russell Zguta, Witchcraft Trials in Seventeenth-Century Russia, p. 1187

Reviews of Books, p. 1208
Communications, p. 1378
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 1380
Other Book Received, p. 1387

a. 82, 1977, 4

Michael E. Parrish, Cold War Justice: The Supreme Court and the Rosenbergs, p. 805
Lois G. Schwoerer, Propaganda in the Revolution of 1688-89, p. 843
Erich J.C. Hahn, The Junior Faculty in “Revolt”: Reform Plans for Berlin University in 1848, p. 875
Doris S. Goldstein, J.B. Bury’s Philosophy of History: A Reappraisal, p. 896

Reviews of Books, p. 920
Recent Deaths, p. 1113
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 1116
Other Book Received, p. 1124

a. 82, 1977, 3

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., America: Experiment or Destiny?, p. 505
Comments: James A. Field, Jr., George E. Mowry, p. 523
Robert Kelley, Ideology and Political Culture from Jefferson to Nixon, p. 531
Comments: Geoffrey Blodgett, Ronald P. Formisano, Willie Lee Rose, p. 563
C. Vann Woodward, The Aging of America, p. 583
Comments: Leo Marx, Ernest R. May, p. 595

Reviews of Books, p. 604
Communications, p. 786
Recent Deaths, p. 788
Other Book Received, p. 796

a. 82, 1977, 2

Leonard Krieger, The Idea of Authority in the West, p. 249
Ralph E. Giesey, Rules of Inheritance and Strategies of Mobility in Prerevolutionary France, p. 271
Thomas N. Bisson, The Organized Peace in Southern France and Catalonia, ca. 1140-ca. 1233, p. 290
William D. Phillips, Jr., Carla Rahn Phillips, Spanish Wool and Dutch Rebels: The Middelburg Incident of 1574, p. 312

Reviews of Books, p. 331
Communications, p. 487
Recent Deaths, p. 489
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 492
Other Book Received, p. 498

a. 82, 1977, 1

Presidential Address
Richard B. Morris, “We the People of the United States”: The Bicentennial of a People’s Revolution, p. 1

Joseph I. Shulim, Robespierre and the French Revolution, p. 20

Reviews of Books, p. 60
Communications, p. 233
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 239
Other Book Received, p. 242

a. 81, 1976, 5

Eric Cochrane, Science and Humanism in the Italian Renaissance, p. 1039
Bentley Brinkerhoff Gilbert, David Lloyd George: Land, the Budget, and Social Reform, p. 1058

Reviews of Books, p. 1067
Communications, p. 1288
Recent Deaths, p. 1291
Other Book Received, p. 1292

a. 81, 1976, 4

Donald E. Queller, Gerald W. Day, Some Arguments in Defense of the Venetians on the Fourth Crusade, p. 717
William Huse Dunham, Jr., Charles T. Wood, The Right to Rule in England: Depositions and the Kingdom’s Authority, 1327-1485, p. 738
Jane De Hart Mathews, Art and Politics in Cold War America, p. 762

Andrew C. Hess, Consensus or Conflict: The Dilemma of Islamic Historians, p. 788
Robert H. Zieger, Herbert Hoover: A reinterpretation, p. 800

a. 81, 1976, 3

Joyce Appleby, Ideology and Theory: The Tension between Political and Economic Liberalism in Seventeenth-Century England, p. 499
J.G.A. Pocock, The Classical Theory of Deference, p. 516
David Spring, Walter Bagehot and Deference, p. 524
Richard W. Davis, Deference and Aristocracy in the Time of the Great Reform Act, p. 532
Robin W. Winks, On Decolonization and Informal Empire, p. 540

Reviews of Books, p. 557
Communications, p. 703
Recent Deaths, p. 706
Other Book Received, p. 710

a. 81, 1976, 2

Paula Sutter Fichtner, Dynastic Marriage in Sixteenth-Century Habsburg Diplornacy and Statecraft: An Interdisciplinary Approach, p. 243
Victor G. Wexler, “Made for Man’s Delight”: Rousseau as Antifeminist, p. 266
Beatrice Brodsky Farnsworth, Bolshevism, the Woman Question, and Aleksandra Kollontai, p. 292
Allan J. Lichtman, Critical Election Theory and the Reality of American Presidential Politics, 1916-40, p. 317

Reviews of Books, p. 352
Communications, p. 475
Recent Deaths, p. 478
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 486
Other Book Received, p. 489

a. 81, 1976, 1

Presidential Address
Gordon Wright, History as a Moral Science, p. 1

Pauline Maier, Coming to Terms with Samuel Adams, p. 12
Timothy E. Anna, The Last Viceroys of New Spain and Peru: An Appraisal, p. 38
Joseph M. Hernon, Jr., The Last Whig Historian and Consensus History: George Macaulay Trevelyan, 1876-1962, p. 66

Reviews of Books, p. 98
Communications, p. 227
Recent Deaths, p. 230
Other Book Received, p. 233

a. 80, 1975, 5

Marc Raeff, The Well-Ordered Police State and the Development of Modernity in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Europe: An Attempt at a Comparative Approach, p. 1221
Emmet Larkin, Church, State, and Nation in Modern Ireland, p. 1244
Walter La Feber, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Indochina: 1942-45, p. 1277

Reviews of Books, p. 1296
Communications, p. 1423
Recent Deaths, p. 1427
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 1429
Other Book Received, p. 1432

a. 80, 1975, 4

Samuel F. Scott, Problems of Law and Order during 1790, the “Peaceful” Year of the French Revolution, p. 859
Gilbert Osofsky, Abolitionists, Irish Immigrants, and the Dilemmas of Romantic Nationalism, p. 889
Thomas R.H. Havens, Women and War in Japan, 1937-45, p. 913

Reviews of Books, p. 935
Communications, p. 1075
Recent Deaths, p. 1086
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 1091
Other Book Received, p. 1093
Recently Published Articles, p. 1099

a. 80, 1975, 3

Roland N. Stromberg, Some Models Used by Intellectual Historians, p. 563
Andrew B. Appleby, Agrarian Capitalism or Seigneurial Reaction? The Northwest of England, 1500-1700, p. 574

Wilbur R. Jacobs, Native American History: How It Illuminates Our Past, p. 595

Reviews of Books, p. 610
Communications, p. 744
Recent Deaths, p. 746
Other Book Received, p. 749
Recently Published Articles, p. 755

a. 80, 1975, 2

Robert William Fogel, The Limits of Quantitative Methods in History, p. 329

Charlotte Erickson, Quantitative History, p. 351

Reviews of Books, p. 366
Communications, p. 549
Recent Deaths, p. 551
Festschriften and Miscellanies, p. 554
Other Book Received, p. 556

a. 80, 1975, 1

Presidential Address
Lewis Hanke, American Historians and the World today: Responsibilities and Opportunities, p. 1

Robert I. Burns, S.J., Immigrants from Islam: The Crusaders’ Use of Muslims As Settlers in Thirteenth-Century Spain, p. 21
Jane Abray, Feminism in the French Revolution, p. 43

Reviews of Books, p. 63
Communications, p. 203
Recent Deaths, p. 208
Festchriften and Miscellanies, p. 210
Other Book Received, p. 215
Recently Published Articles, p. 269