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a. 95, 1990, 5

Carl Abbott, Dimensions of Regional Change in Washington, D.C., p. 1367
Ronald Tobey, Charles Wetherell, Jay Brigham, Moving Out and Settling In: Residential Mobility, Home Owning, and the Public Enframing of Citizenship, 1921-1950, p. 1395
Peter Sahlins, Natural Frontiers Revisited: France’s Boundaries since the Seventeenth Century, p. 1423

Isser Woloch, On the Latent Illiberalism of the French Revolution, p. 1452
Judith Walzer Leavitt, Medicine in Context: A Review Essay of the History of Medicine, p. 1471

Reviews of books, p. 1485
Collected essays, p. 1666
Documents and bibliographies, p. 1678
Other book received, p. 1682
Communications, p. 1690

a. 95, 1990, 4

Susan Pedersen, Gender, Welfare, and Citizenship in Britain during the Great War, p. 983
Rachel G. Fuchs, Leslie Page Moch, Pregnant, Single, and Far from Home: Migrant Women in Nineteenth-Century Paris, p. 1007
Maureen A. Flanagan, Gender and Urban Political Reform: The City Club and the Woman’s City Club of Chicago in the Progressive Era, p. 1032
Daniel J. Walkowitz, The Making of a Feminine Professional Identity: Social Workers in the 1920s, p. 1051
Sonya Michel, Seth Koven, Womanly Duties: Maternalist Politics and the Origins of Welfare States in France, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States, 1880-1920, p. 1076
Kathryn Kish Sklar, Comment: A Call for Comparisons, p. 1109

Film reviews, p. 1115
Reviews of books, p. 1151
Collected essays, p. 1335
Documents and bibliographies, p. 1347
Other book received, p. 1351
Communications, p. 1360

a. 95, 1990, 3

Cecil O. Smith, Jr., The Longest Run: Public Engineers and Planning in France, p. 657
Dolores Greenberg, Energy, Power, and Perceptions of Social Change in the Early Nineteenth Century, p. 693
John M. Staudenmaier, Comment:Recent Trends in the History of Technology, p. 715
A. Mark Smith, Knowing Things Inside Out: The Scientific Revolution from a Medieval Perspective, p. 726
Richard Wortman, Rule by Sentiment: Alexander II’s Journeys through the Russian Empire, p. 745

Reviews of books, p. 772
Collected essays, p. 956
Documents and bibliographies, p. 968
Other book received, p. 971
Communications, p. 977

a. 95, 1990, 2

Thomas Childers, The Social Language of Politics in Germany: The Sociology of Political Discourse in the Weimar Republic, p. 331
Walter L. Adamson, Modernism and Fascism: The Politics of Culture in Italy, 1903-1922, p. 359
Borden W. Painter, Jr., Renzo De Felice and the Historiography of Italian Fascism, p. 391
Patricia Ebrey, Cremation in Sung China, p. 406

Fred Matthews, The Attack on “Historicism”: Allan Bloom’s Indictment of Contemporary American Historical Scholarship, p. 429

Reviews of books, p. 448
Collected essays, p. 636
Documents and bibliographies, p. 646
Other book received, p. 648
Communications, p. 655

a. 95, 1990, 1

Presidential Address
Louis R. Harlan, The Future of the American Historical Association, p. 1

Jane Landers, Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose: A Free Black town in Spanish Colonial Florida, p. 9
Loren Schweninger, Prosperous Blacks in the South, 1790-1880, p. 31
Kenneth S. Greenberg, The Nose, the Lie, and the Duel in the Antebellum South, p. 57
Steven Hahn, Class and State in Postemancipation Societies: Souther’n Planters in Comparative Perspective, p. 75
Charles Van Onselen, Race and Class in the South African Countryside: Cultural Osmosis and Social Relations in the Sharecropping Economy of the South-Western Transvaal, 1900-1950, p. 99

Reviews of books, p. 124
Collected essays, p. 309
Documents and bibliographies, p. 319
Other book received, p. 322
Communications, p. 328

a. 94, 1989, 5

Sarah Maza, Domestic Melodrama as Political Ideology: The Case of the Comte de Sanois, p. 1249
Peter McPhee, The French Revolution, Peasants, and Capitalism, p. 1265
Jean-Pierre Hirsch, Revolutionary France, Cradle of Free Enterprise, p. 1281
David Geggus, Racial Equality, Slavery, and Coloníal Secession during the Constituent Assembly, p. 1290
Jack R. Censer, Commencing the Third Century of Debate, p. 1309

Joyce Appleby, One Good Turn Deserves Another: Moving beyond the Linguistic; A Response to David Harlan, p. 1326

Reviews of books, p. 1333
Collected essays, p. 1520
Documents and bibliographies, p. 1531
Other book received, p. 1534
Communications, p. 1542

a. 94, 1989, 4

Eduard Mark, October or Thermidor? Interpretations of Stalinism and the Perception of Soviet Foreign Policy in the United States, 1927-1947, p. 937
H.W. Brands, The Age of Vulnerability: Eisenhower and the National Insecurity State, p. 963

Maurice Isserman, The Not-So-Dark and Bloody Ground: New Works on the 1960s, p. 990
James T. Kloppenberg, Objectivity and Historicism: A Century of American Historical Writing, p. 1011

Film Reviews, p. 1031
Reviews of Books, p. 1053
Collected Essays, p. 1214
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1224
Other Book Received, p. 1227
Communications, p. 1237

a. 94, 1989, 3

AHR Forum
David Harlan, Intellectual History and the Return of Literature, p. 581
David A. Hollinger, The Return of the Prodigal: The Persistence of Historical Knowing, p. 610
David Harlan, Reply to David Hollinger, p. 622

Allan Megill, Recounting the Past: “Descriptio”, Explanation, and Narrative in Historiography, p. 627

Theodore S. Hamerow, The Bureaucratization of History, p. 654
Gertrude Himmelfarb, Some Reflections on the New History, p. 661
Lawrence W. Levine, The Unpredictable Past: Reflections on Recent American Historiography, p. 671
Joan Wallach Scott, History in Crisis? The Others’ Side of the Story, p. 680
John E. Toews, Perspectives on “The Old History and the New”: A Comment, p. 693

Reviews of Books, p. 699
Collected Essays, p. 913
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 921
Other Book Received, p. 924
Communications, p. 942

a. 94, 1989, 2

Thimothy Tackett, Nobles and Third Estate in the Revolutionary Dynamic of the National Assembly, 1789-1790, p. 271
William W. Hagen, Seventeenth-Century Crisis in Brandenburg: The Thirty Years’ War, The Destabilization of Serfdom, and the Rise of Absolutism, p. 302
James Given, The Inquisitors of Languedoc and the Medieval Technology of Power, p. 336
David B. Miller, Monumental Building as an Indicator of Economic Trends in Northern Rus’ in the Late Kievan and Mongol Periods, 1138-1462, p. 360

Charles T. Wood, The Return of Medieval Politics, p. 391

Reviews of Books, p. 405
Collected Essays, p. 564
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 573
Other Book Received, p. 574
Communications, p. 577

a. 94, 1989, 1

Presidential Address
Akira Iriye, The Internationalization of History, p. 1

Michael H. Kater, Forbidden Fruit? Jazz in the Third Reich, p. 11
Daniel Scott Smith, “All in Some Degree Related to Each Other”: A Demographic and Comparative Resolution of the Anomaly of New England Kinship, p. 44

Philip West, Interpreting the Korean War, p. 80

Reviews of Books, p. 97
Collected Essays, p. 251
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 261
Other Book Received, p. 264
Communications, p. 269

a. 93, 1988, 5

Robert A. Rosenstone, History in Images/History in Words: Reflections on the Possibility of Really Putting History onto Film, p. 1173
David Herlihy, Am I a Camera? Other Reflections on Films and History, p. 1186
Hayden White, Historiography and Historiophoty, p. 1193
John E. O’Connor, History in Images/Images in History: Reflections on the Importance of Film and Television Study for an Undrstanding of the Past, p. 1200
Robert Brent Toplin, The Filmmaker as Historian, p. 1210

Bertram Wyatt-Brown, The Mask of Obedience: Male Slave Psychology in the Old South, p. 1228
James A. Sandos, Junípero Serra’s Canonization and the Historical Record, p. 1253
Alan E. Samuel, Philip and Alexander as kings: Macedonian Monarchy and Merovingian Parallels, p. 1270

Reviews of books, p. 1287
Collected essays, p. 1431
Documents and bibliographies, p. 1440
Other book received, p. 1443
Communications, p. 1449

a. 93, 1988, 4

AHR Forum
Steve J. Stern, Feudalism, Capitalism, and the World-System in the Perspective of Latin America and the Caribbean, p. 829
Immanuel Wallerstein, Comments on Stern’s Critical Tests, p. 873
Steve J. Stern, Reply: “Ever More Solitary”, p. 886

Richard L. Garner, Long-Term Silver Mining Trends in Spanish America: A Comparative Analysis of Peru and Mexico, p. 898
David Eltis, Lawrence C. Jennings, Trade between Western Africa and the Atlantic World in the Pre-Colonial Era, p. 936
Sabine MacCormack, Pachacuti: Miracles, Punishments, and Last Judgment: Visionary Past and Prophetic Future in Early Colonial Peru, p. 960

Reviews of books, p. 1007
Collected essays, p. 1155
Documents and bibliographies, p. 1161
Other book received, p. 1164
Communications, p. 1171

a. 93, 1988, 3

Robert Finlay, The Refashioning of Martin Guerre, p. 553
Natalie Zemon Davis, “On the Lame”, p. 572

William H. Sewell, Jr., Uneven Development, the Autonomy of Politics, and the Dockworkers of Nineteenth-Century Marseille, p. 604
Mark Traugott, The Crowd in the French Revolution of February, 1848, p. 638

Marjorie Murphy, What Women Have Wrought, p. 653

Reviews of books, p. 664
Collected essays, p. 812
Documents and bibliographies, p. 820
Other book received, p. 821
Communications, p. 825

a. 93, 1988, 2

James A. Schmiechen, The Victorians, the Historians, and the Idea of Modernism, p. 287
John Howe, The Nobility’s Reform of the Medieval Church, p. 317
Stephanie L. Mooers, A Reevaluation of Royal Justice under Henry I of England, p. 340
Andrejs Plakans, Charles Wetherell, The Kinship Domain in an East European Peasant Community: Pinkenhof, 1833-1850, p. 359

Reviews of books, p. 387
Collected essays, p. 537
Documents and bibliographies, p. 545
Other book received, p. 547
Communications, p. 551

a. 93, 1988, 1

Presidential Address
Natalie Zemon Davis, History’s Two Bodies, p. 1

Edward Berenson, The Politics of Divorce in France of the Belle Epoque: The Case of Joseph and Henriette Caillaux, p. 31
Joshua A. Fogel, The Debates over the Asiatic Mode of Production in Soviet Russia, China, and Japan, p. 56
Robert I. Burns, S.J., The Crusade against Al-Azraq: A Thirteenth-Century Mudejar Revolt in International Perspective, p. 80

Randolph B. Campbell, Slave Hiring in Texas, p. 107

Reviews of books, p. 113
Collected essays, p. 266
Documents and bibliographies, p. 273
Other book received, p. 276
Communications, p. 283

a. 92, 1987, 5

Kenneth R. Stow, The Jewish Family in the Rhineland in the High Middle Ages: Form and Function, p. 1085
William H. McNeill, The Eccentricity of Wheels, or Eurasian Transportation in Historical Perspective, p. 1111
Vincent Ilardi, Crosses and Carets: Renaissance Patronage and Coded Letters of Recommendation, p. 1127

Robert L. Harris, Jr., The Flowering of Afro-American History, p. 1150
W. Andrew Achenbaum, Public History’s Past, Present, and Prospects, p. 1162

Reviews of books, p. 1173
Collected essays, p. 1314
Documents and bibliographies, p. 1323
Other book received, p. 1326
Communications, p. 1331

a. 92, 1987, 4

AHR Forum
David Brion Davis, Reflections on Abolitionism and Ideological Hegemony, p. 797
John Ashworth, The Relationship between Capitalism and Humanitarianism, p. 813
Thomas L. Haskell, Convention and Hegemonic Interest in the Debate over Antislavery: A Reply to Davis and Ashworth, p. 829

John E. Toews, Intellectual History after the Linguistic Turn: The Autonomy of Meaning and the Irreducibility of Experience, p. 879
Richard Harvey Brown, Positivism, Relativism, and Narrative in the Logic of the Historical Sciences, p. 908

Reviews of books, p. 921
Collected essays, p. 1066
Documents and bibliographies, p. 1074
Other book received, p. 1076
Communications, p. 1081

a. 92, 1987, 3

Carla Rahn Phillips, Time and Duration: A Model for the Economy of Early Modern Spain, p. 531
Cheryll Ann Cody, There Was No “Absalom” on the Ball Plantations: Slave-Naming Practices in the South Carolina Low Country, 1720-1865, p. 563
Mary Kupiec Cayton, The Making of an American Prophet: Emerson, His Audiences, and the Rise of the Culture Industry in Nineteenth-Century America, p. 597

James Axtell, Europeans, Indians, and the Age of Discovery in American History Textbooks, p. 621

Reviews of books, p. 633
Collected essays, p. 782
Documents and bibliographies, p. 790
Other book received, p. 792
Communications, p. 796

a. 92, 1987, 2

Michael P. Fitzsimmons, Privilege and the Polity in France, 1786-1791, p. 269
William G. Rosenberg, Diane P. Koenker, The Limits of Formal Protest: Worker Activism and Social Polarization in Petrograd and Moscow, March to October, 1917, p. 296
Jenny M. Jochens, The Politics of Reproduction: Medieval Norwegian Kingship, p. 327

George C. Herring, America and Vietnam: The Debate Continues, p. 350

Dale Reed, Michael Jakobson, Trotsky Papers at the Hoover Institution: One Chapter of an Archival Mystery Story, p. 363

Reviews of books, p. 376
Collected essays, p. 518
Documents and bibliographies, p. 525
Other book received, p. 627
Communications, p. 530

a. 92, 1987, 1

Presidential Address
Carl N. Degler, In Pursuit of an American History, p. 1

Charles Dellheim, The Creation of a Company Culture: Cadbwys, 1861-1931, p. 13
Robert J. Kaczorowski, To Begin the Nation Anew: Congress, Citizenship, and Civil Rights after the Civil War, p. 45
James Livingston, The Social Analysis of Economic History and Theory: Conjectures on Late Nineteenth-Century American Development, p. 69

Reviews of books, p. 96
Collected essays, p. 250
Documents and bibliographies, p. 258
Other book received, p. 260
Communications, p. 266

a. 91, 1986, 2

Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, Robert Korstad, James Leloudis, Cotton Mill People: Work, Community, and Protest in the Textile South, 1880-1940, p. 245
Wayne K. Durrill, Atrocious Misery: The African Origins of Famine in Northern Somalia, 1839-1884, p. 287
John W. Cell, Anglo-Indian Medical Theory and the Origins of Segregation in West Africa, p. 307

Thomas A. Kohut, Psychohistory as History, p. 336

Reviews of books, p. 355
Collected essays, p. 502
Documents and bibliographies, p. 510
Other book received, p. 512
Communications, p. 515

a. 91, 1986, 1

Presidential Address
William H. McNeill, Mythistory, or Truth, Myth, History, and Historians, p. 1

Gregory L. Freeze, The Soslovie (Estate) Paradigm and Russian Social History, p. 11
Robert Eric Frykenberg, Modern Education in South India, 1784-1854: Its Roots and Its Role as a Vehicle of Integration under Company Raj, p. 37
David J. Weber, Turner, the Boltonians, and the Borderlands, p. 66

Reviews of books, p. 82
Collected essays, p. 229
Documents and bibliographies, p. 235
Other book received, p. 237
Communications, p. 241