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a. 105, 2000, 5

In This Issue, p. XIII

Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak, Medieval Identity: A Sign and a Concept, p. 1489
Michael Tadman, The Demographic Cost of Sugar: Debates on Slave Societies and Natural Increase in the Americas, p. 1534
Christopher R. Boyer, The Threads of Class at La Virgen: Misrepresentation and Identity at a Mexican Textile Mill, 1918-1935, p. 1576

Introduction, p. 1599
Susan Mann, The Male Bond in Chinese History and Culture, p. 1600
Norman Kutcher, The Fifth Relationship: Dangerous Friendships in the Confucian Context, p. 1615
Adrian Davis, Fraternity and Fratricide in Late Imperial China, p. 1630
Lee McIsaac, “Righteous Fraternities” and Honorable Men: Sworn Brotherhoods in Wartime Chongqing, p. 1641
Robert A. Nye, Kinship, Male Bonds, and Masculinity in Comparative Perspective, p. 1656

Introduction, p. 1667
Robert A. Schneider, The Postmodern City from an Early Modern Perspective, p. 1668
Michael E. Engh, S. J., At Home in the Heteropolis: Understanding Postmodern L. A., p. 1676
Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch, Is L. A. a Model or a Mess?, p. 1683

Reviews of Books, p. 1692
Film Reviews, p. 1849
Collected Essays, p. 1851
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1858
Other Books Received, p. 1860
Communications, p. 1868

a. 105, 2000, 4

In This Issue, p. XIV

Maureen C. Miller, Religion Makes a Difference: Clerical and Lay Cultures in the Courts of Northern Italy, 1000-1300, p. 1095
Mary P. Ryan, “A Laudable Pride in the Whole of Us”: City Halls and Civic Materialism, p. 1131
Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet, Hallmarks of Humanism: Hygiene and Love of Homeland in Qajar Iran, p. 1171

Introduction, p. 1204
Andrew J. Rotter, Saidism without Said: Orientalism and U.S. Diplomatic History, p. 1205
K.E. Fleming, Orientalism, the Balkans, and Balkan Historiography, p. 1218
Kathleen Biddick, Coming Out of Exile: Dante on the Orient(alism) Express, p. 1234

Ruth Mazo Karras, Active/Passive, Acts/Passions: Greek and Roman Sexualities, p. 250

Reviews of Books, p. 1226
Film Reviews, p. 1437
Collected Essays, p. 1442
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1453
Other Books received, p. 1457
Communications, p. 1469

a. 105, 2000, 3

In This Issue, p. XIV

Timothy Tackeit, Conspiracy Obsession in a Time of Revolution: French Elites and the Origins of the Terror, 1789-1792, p. 691
Steven C. Topik, When Mexico Had the Blues: A Transatlantic Tale of Bonds, Bankers, and Nationalists, 1862-1910, p. 714
Matthew Connelly, Taking Off the Cold War Lens: Visions of North-South Conflict during the Algerian War for Independence, p. 739
Daniel A. Segal, “Western Civ” and the Staging of History in American Higher Education, p. 770

Introduction, p. 806
Charles S. Maier, Consigning the Twentieth Century to History: Alternative Narratives for the Modern Era, p. 807

David Newbury, Catharine Newbury, Bringing the Peasants Back In: Agrarian Themes in the Construction and Corrosion of Statist Historiography in Rwanda, p. 832

Reviews of Books, p. 878
Film Reviews, p. 1060
Collected Essays, p. 1066
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1071
Other Books received, p. 1074
Communications, p. 1063

a. 105, 2000, 2

In This Issue, p. XIII

Thomas W. Gallant, Honor, Masculinity, and Ritual Knife Fighting in Nineteenth-Century Greece, p. 359
David C. Engerman, Modernization from the Other Shore: American Observers and the Costs of, Soviet Economic Development, p. 383
Thomas Benjamin, A Time of Reconquest: History, the Maya Revival, and the Zapatista Rebellion in Chiapas, p. 417

Introduction, p. 451
David Brion Davis, Looking at Slavery from Broader Perspectives, p. 452
Peter Kolchin, The Big Picture: A Comment on David Brion Davis’s “Looking at Slavery from Broader Perspectives”, p. 467
Rebecca J. Scott, Small-Scale Dynamics of Large-Scale Processes, p. 472
Stanley L. Engerman, Slavery at Different Times and Places, p. 480

Introduction, p. 485
Roger Hart, The Great Explanandum, p. 486
Margaret C. Jacob, Thinking Unfashionable Thoughts, Asking Unfashionable Questions, p. 494
Jack A. Goldstone, Whose Measure of Reality?, p. 501

Reviews of Books, p. 509
Collected Essays, p. 660
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 665
Other Books received, p. 668
Communications, p. 676

a. 105, 2000, 1

In This Issue, p. XIV

Robert Darnton, Presidential Address: An Early Information Society: News and the Media in Eighteenth-Century Paris, p. 1

Esther Cohen, The Animated Pain of the Body, p. 36
Janet J. Ewald, Crossers of the Sea: Slaves, Freedman, and Other Migrants in the Northwestern Indian Ocean, c. 1750-1914, p. 69

Introduction, p. 92
Jack P. Greene, The American Revolution, p. 93
Franklin W. Knight, The Haitian Revolution, p. 103
Virginia Guedea, The Process of Mexican Independence, p. 116
Jaime E. Rodríguez O., The Emancipation of America, p. 131

Merle Goldman, Restarting Chinese History, p. 153

Reviews of Books, p. 165
Film Reviews, p. 324
Collected Essays, p. 329
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 337
Other Books received, p. 339
Communications, p. 346

a. 104, 1999, 5

In This Issue, p. XIV

Jo Burr Margadant, Gender, Vice, and the Political Imaginary in Nineteenth-Century France: Reinterpreting the Failure of the July Monarchy, 1830-1848, p. 1461

Craig Clunas, Modernity Global and Local: Consumption and the Rise of the West, p. 1497

Introduction, p. 1512
David Ownby, Chinese Millenarian Traditions: The Formative Age, p. 1513
Alida C. Metcalf, Millenarian Slaves? The Santidade de Jaguaripe and Slave Resistance in the Americas, p. 1531
Susan Juster, Demagogues or Mystagogues? Gender and the Language of Prophecy in the Age of Democratic Revolutions, p. 1560
David G. Rowley, “Redeemer Empire”: Russian Millenarianism, p. 1582
Richard K. Emmerson, The Secret, p. 1603

Paul A. Cohen, Time, Culture, and Christian Eschatology: The Year 2000 in the West and the World, p. 1615

Reviews of Books, p. 1629
Film Reviews, p. 1807
Collected Essays, p. 1813
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1820
Other Books received, p. 1823
Communications, p. 1830

a. 104, 1999, 4

In This Issue, p. XIV

Ann Taylor Allen, Feminism, Social Science, and the Meanings of Modernity: The Debate on the Origin of the Family in Europe and the United States, 1860-1914, p. 1085
Amir Weiner, Nature, Nurture, and Memory in a Socialist Utopia: Delineating the Soviet Socio-Ethnic Body in the Age of Socialism, p. 1114

Introduction, p. 1156
Celia Applegate, A Europe of Regions: Reflections on the Historiography of Sub-National Places in Modern Times, p. 1157
Karen Wigen, Culture, Power, and Place: The New Landscapes of East Asian Regionalism, p. 1183
Michael O’Brien, On Observing the Quicksand, p. 1202
Vicente L. Rafael, Regionalism, Area Studies, and the Accidents of Agency, p. 1208

Introduction, p. 1221
Evan Haefeli, A Note on the Use of North American Borderlands, p. 1222
Christopher Ebert Schmidt-Nowara, Borders and Borderlands of Interpretation, p. 1226
Pekka Hämäläinen, Of Lethal Places and Lethal Essays, John R. Wunder, p. 1229
Jeremy Adelman, Stephen Aron, Of Lively Exchanges and Larger Perspectives, p. 1235

Introduction, p. 1240
Joel Mokyr, Eurocentricity Triumphant, p. 1241
Donna J. Guy, The Morality of Economic History and the Immorality of Imperialism, p. 1247
Charles Tilly, A Grand tour of Exotic Landes, p. 1253

Reviews of Books, p. 1258
Film Reviews, p. 1426
Collected Essays, p. 1431
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1437
Other Books received, p. 1441
Communications, p. 1448

a. 104, 1999, 3

In This Issue, p. XIV

Jeremy D. Popkin, Historians on the Autobiographical Frontier, p. 725
John E. Crowley, The Sensibility of Comfort, p. 749
Lisa A. Lindsay, Domesticity and Difference: Male Breadwinners, Working Women, and Colonial Citizenship in the 1945 Nigerian General Strike, p. 783

Introduction, p. 813
Jeremy Adelman, Stephen Aron, From Borderlands to Borders: Empires, Nation-States, and the Peoples in Between in North American History, p. 814

Daqing Yang, Convergence or Divergence? Recent Historical Writings on the Rape of Nanjing, p. 842

Reviews of Books, p. 868
Film Reviews, p. 1047
Collected Essays, p. 1051
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1060
Other Books received, p. 1063
Communications, p. 1071

a. 104, 1999, 2

In This Issue, p. XIII

Paul E. Lovejoy, David Richardson, Trust, Pawnship, and Atlantic History: The Institutional Foundations of the Old Calabar Slave Trade, p. 333
Louis A. Pérez, Jr., Incurring a Debt of Gratitude: 1898 and the Moral Sources of United States Hegemony in Cuba, p. 356
Padraic Kenney, The Gender of Resistance in Communist Poland, p. 399

Introduction, p. 426
David Armitage, Greater Britain: A Useful Category of Historical Analysis?, p. 427
Jane Ohlmeyer, Seventeenth-Century Ireland and the New British and Atlantic Histories, p. 446
Ned C. Landsman, Nation, Migration, and the Province in the First British Empire: Scotland and the Americas, 1600-1800, p. 463
Eliga H. Gould, A Virtual Nation: Greater Britain and the Imperial Legacy of the American Revolution, p. 476
J.G A. Pocock, The New British History in Atlantic Perspective: An Antipodean Commentary, p. 490

Melvyn P. Leffler, The Cold War: What Do “We Now Know”?, p. 501

Reviews of Books, p. 525
Film Reviews, p. 692
Collected Essays, p. 696
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 702
Other Books received, p. 704
Communications, p. 709

a. 104, 1999, 1

In This Issue, p. XIII

Joseph C. Miller, History and Africa/Africa and History, p. 1

Jorge Cañizares Esguerra, New World, New Stars: Patriotic Astrology and the Invention of Indian and Creole Bodies in Colonial Spanish America, 1600-1650, p. 33
Philip T. Hoffman, Gilles Postel-Vinay, Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, Information and Economic History: How the Credit Market in Old Regime Paris Forces Us to Rethink the Transition to Capitalism, p. 69
Sanjay Seth, Rewriting Histories of Nationalism: The Politics of “Moderate Nationalism” in India, 1870-1905, p. 95

Timothy J. Gilfoyle, Prostitutes in History: From Parables of Pornography to Metaphors of Modernity, p. 117

Reviews of Books, p. 142
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 308
Other Books Received, p. 311
Communications, p. 321

a. 103, 1998, 5

In This Issue, p. XIV

T. H. Breen, Timothy Hall, Structuring Provincial Imagination: The Rhetoric and Experience of Social Change in Eighteenth-Century New England, p. 1411
Nancy F. Cott, Marriage and Women’s Citizenship in the United States, 1830-1934, p. 1440
Julia A. Thomas, Photography, National Identity, and the “Caract of Times”: Wartime Images and the Case of Japan, p. 1475

Introduction, p. 1502
Margaret Atwood, In Search of Alias Grace: On Writing Canadian Historical Fiction, p. 1503
Lynn Hunt, “No Longer an Evenly Flowing River”: Time, History, and the Novel, p. 1517
Jonathan D. Spence, Margaret Atwood and the Edges of History, p. 1522
John Demos, In Search of Reasons for Historians to Read Novels…, p. 1526

Roy Rosenzweig, Wizards, Bureaucrats, Warriors, and Hackers: Writing the History of the Internet, p. 1530

Reviews of Books, p. 1553
Film Reviews, p. 1738
Collected Essays, p. 1741
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1748
Other Books received, p. 1750
Communications, p. 1758

a. 103, 1998, 4

In This Issue, p. XIII

David Yosifon, Peter N. Stearns, The Rise and Fall of American Posture, p. 1057
Rebecca E. Karl, Creating Asia: China in the World at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century, p. 1096
Antoinette Burton, From Child Bride to “Hindoo Lady”: Rukhmabai and the Debate on Sexual. Responsibility in Imperial Britain, p. 1119
Sonya O. Rose, Sex, Citizenship, and the Nation in World War II Britain, p. 1147

Introduction, p. 1177
Paul B. Miller, Imagined Enemies, Real Victims: Bartov’s Transcendent Holocaust, p. 1178
Samuel Moyn, Two Regimes of Memory, p. 1182
Vinay Lal, Genocide, Barbaric Others, and the Víolence of Categories: A Response to Omer Bartov, p. 1187
Omer Bartov, Reply, p. 1191

Reviews of Books, p. 1209
Film Reviews, p. 1377
Collected Essays, p. 1381
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1387
Other Books received, p. 1389
Communications, p. 1397

a. 103, 1998, 3

In This Issue, p. XIV

Paul Freedman, Gabrielle M. Spiegel, Medievalisms Old and New: The Rediscovery of Alterity in North American. Medieval Studies, p. 677
Steve Pincus, Neither Machiavellian Moment nor Possessive Individualism: Commercial Society and the Defenders of the English Commonwealth, p. 705
Tyler Stovall, The Color Line behind the Lines: Racial Violence in France during the Great War, p. 737

Introduction, p. 770
Omer Bartov, Defining Enemies, Making Victims: Germans, Jews, and the Holocaust, p. 771

Mary Louise Roberts, Gender, Consumption, and Commodity Culture, p. 817

Reviews of Books, p. 845
Film Reviews, p. 1014
Collected Essays, p. 1018
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1029
Other Books received, p. 1031
Communications, p. 1040

a. 103, 1998, 2

In This Issue, p. XIII

Sharon Farmer, Down and Out and Female in Thirteenth-Century Paris, p. 345
Bert Hansen, America’s First Medical Breakthrough: How Popular Excitement about a French Rabies Cure in 1885 Raised New Expectations for Medical Progress, p. 373
Alice L. Conklin, Colonialism and Human Rights, A Contradiction in Terms? The Case of France and West Africa, 1895-1914, p. 419
Daniel J. Sherman, Bodies and Names: The Emergence of Commemoration in Interwar France, p. 443

Frank Dikötter, Race Culture: Recent Perspectives on the History of Eugenics, p. 467

Reviews of Books, p. 479
Film Reviews, p. 632
Collected Essays, p. 638
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 647
Other Books received, p. 650
Communications, p. 662

a. 103, 1998, 1

In This Issue, p. XIV

Joyce Appleby, Presidential Address: The Power of History, p. 1

Carter Vaughn Findley, An Ottoman Occidentalist in Europe: Ahmed Midhat Meets Madame Gülnar, p. 15

AHR Forum
Paula Findlen, Kenneth Gouwens, Introduction: The Persistence of the Renaissance, p. 51
Kenneth Gouwens, Perceiving the Past: Renaissance Humanism after the “Cognitive Turn”, p. 55
Paula Findlen, Possessing the Past: The Material World of the Italian Renaissance, p. 83

William J. Bouwsma, Eclipse of the Renaissance, p. 115
Anthony Grafton, The Revival of Antiquity: A Fan’s Notes on Recent Work, p. 118
Randolph Starn, Renaissance Redux, p. 122

Jan Lewis, Peter S. Onuf, American Synecdoche: Thomas Jefferson as Image, Icon, Character, and Self, 125

Reviews of Books, p. 137
Film Reviews, p. 310
Collected Essays, p. 313
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 323
Other Books received, p. 324
Communications, p. 332

a. 102, 1997, 5

In This Issue, p. XIII

John Martin, Inventing Sincerity, Refashioning Prudence: The Discovery of the Individual in Renaissance Europe, p. 1309
Warwick Anderson, The Trespass Speaks: White Masculinity and Colonial Breakdown, p. 1343

AHR Forum
Introduction, p. 1371
Susan A. Crane, Writing the Individual Back into Collective Memory, p. 1372
Alon Confino, Collective Memory and Cultural History: Problems of Method, p. 1386
Daniel James, Meatpackers, Peronists, and Collective Memory: A View from the South, p. 1404

Jay M. Smith, No More Language Games: Words, Beliefs, and the Political Culture of Early Modern France, p. 1413

Reviews of Books, p. 1441
Film Reviews, p. 1598
Collected Essays, p. 1601
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1612
Other Books received, p. 1615
Communications, p. 1627

a. 102, 1997, 4

In This Issue, p. XV

Pier M. Larson, “Capacities and Modes of Thinking”: Intellectual Engagements and Subaltern Hegemony in the Early History of Malagasy Christianity, p. 969
Angela Woollacott, “All This Is the Empire, I told Myself”: Australian Women’s Voyages “Home” and the Articulation of Colonial Whiteness, p. 1003
Prasenjit Duara, Transnationalism and the Predicament of Sovereignty: China, 1900-1945, p. 1030
W.M. Roger Louis, Hong Kong: The Critical Phase, 1945-1949, p. 1052

Sarah A. Kent, Writing the Yugoslav Wars: English-Language Books on Bosnia (1992-1996) and the Challenges of Analyzing Contemporary History, p. 1085

Reviews of Books, p. 1115
Film Reviews, p. 1273
Collected Essays, p. 1277
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1288
Other Books received, p. 1290
Communications, p. 1300

a. 102, 1997, 3

In This Issue, p. XV

Nancy Shoemaker, How Indians Got to Be Red, p. 625
D.R. Woolf, A Feminine Past? Gender, Genre, and Historical Knowledge in England, 1500-1800, p. 645
Ussama Makdisi, Reclaiming the Land of the Bible: Missionaries, Secularism, and Evangelical Modernity, p. 680
Nicoletta F. Gullace, Sexual Violence and Family Honor: British Propaganda and International Law during the First World War, p. 714

Introduction, p. 748
H.V. Nelles, American Exceptionalism: A Double-Edged Sword, p. 749
J. Victor Koschmann, The Nationalism of Cultural Uniqueness, p. 758
Mary Nolan, Against Exceptionalisms, p. 769

Reviews of Books, p. 775
Film Reviews, p. 936
Collected Essays, p. 941
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 953
Other Books received, p. 956
Communications, p. 964

a. 102, 1997, 2

In This Issue, p. XV

Kevin M. Doak, What Is a Nation and Who Belongs? National Narratives and the Ethnic Imagination in Twentieth-Century Japan, p. 283

AHR Forum
Introduction, p. 310
Elizabeth Dale, “Social Equality Does Not Exist among Themselves, nor among Us”: Baylies vs. Curry and Civil Rights in Chicago, 1888, p. 311
Beth Tompkins Bates, A New Crowd Challenges the Agenda of the Old Guard in the NAACP, 1933-1941, p. 340
Kevin Gaines, Rethinking Race and Class in African-American Struggles for Equality, 1885-1941, p. 378

Patrick Wolfe, Imperialism and History: A Century of Theory, from Marx to Postcolonialism, p. 388

Reviews of Books, p. 421
Film Reviews, p. 594
Collected Essays, p. 597
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 612
Other Books received, p. 614
Communications, p. 623

a. 102, 1997, 1

In This Issue, p. XV
Film Reviewing in the AHR, p. XVIII

Caroline Walker Bynum, Presidential Address, Wonder, p. 1

Sarah Hanley, Social Sites of Political Practice in France: Lawsuits, Civil Rights, and the Separation of Powers in Domestic and State Government, 1500-1800, p. 27
Donna Harsch, Society, the State, and Abortion in East Germany, 1950-1972, p. 53

Reviews of Books, p. 85
Film Reviews, p. 248
Collected Essays, p. 254
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 269
Other Books received, p. 271
Communications, p. 280

a. 101, 1996, 5

In This Issue, p. XIV

Liana Vardi, Imagining the Harvest in Early Modern Europe, p. 1356
Francisco A. Scarano, The Jíbaro Masquerade and the Subaltern Politics of Creole Identity Formation in Puerto Rico, 1745-1823, p. 1398
Mark M. Smith, Old South Time in Comparative Perspective, p. 1432
Brian A. Porter, The Social Nation and Its Futures: English Liberalism and Polish Nationalism in Late Nineteenth-Century Warsaw, p. 1470

Sarah Maza, Stories in History: Cultural Narratives in Recent WOrks in European History, p. 1493

Reviews of Books, p. 1516
Collected Essays, p. 1662
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1677
Other Books received, p. 1680
Communications, p. 1688

a. 101, 1996, 4

In This Issue, p. XIV

John C. Weaver, Beyond the Fatal Shore: Pastoral Squatting and the Occupation of Australia, 1826 to 1852, p. 980
Robert G. Moeller, War Stories: The Search for a Usable Past in the Federal Republic of Germany, p. 1008

Introduction, p. 1049
Lizabeth Cohen, From town Center to Shopping Center: The Reconfiguration of Community Marketplaces in Postwar America, p. 1050
Thomas W. Hanchett, U.S. Tax Policy and the Shopping-Center Boom of the 1950s and 1960s, p. 1082
Kenneth T. Jackson, All the World’s a Mall: Reflections on the Social and Economic Consequences of the American Shopping Center, p. 1111

Frederick Cooper, Race, Ideology, and the Perils of Comparative History, p. 1122

Film Reviews, p. 1139
Reviews of Books, p. 1175
Collected Essays, p. 1323
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 1336
Other Books received, p. 1339
Communications, p. 1350

a. 101, 1996, 3

In This Issue, p. XIII

Richard C. Hoffmann, Economic Development and Aquatic Ecosystems in Medieval Europe, p. 631
David Prochaska, History as Literature, Literature as History: Cagayous of Algiers, p. 670
Peter H. Hansen, The Dancing Lamas of Everest: Cinema, Orientalism, and Anglo-Tibetan Relations in the 1920s, p. 712

AHR Forum
Michael Grossberg, Introduction, p. 748
Jerry Bentley, Cross-Cultural Interaction and Periodization in World History, p. 749
Patrick Manning, The Problem of Interactions in World History, p. 771

William V. Hudon, Religion and Society in Early Modern Italy-Old Questions, New Insights, p. 783

Reviews of Books, p. 805
Collected Essays, p. 953
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 963
Other Books received, p. 966
Communications, p. 975

a. 101, 1996, 2

In This Issue, p. XIII

David Harley, Explaining Salem: Calvinist Psychology and the Diagnosis of Possession, p. 307
Samuel Brunk, “The Sad Situation of Civilians and Soldiers”: The Banditry of Zapatismo in the Mexican Revolution, p. 331
Elizabeth Heineman, The Hour of the Woman: Memories of Germany’s “Crisis Years” and West German National Identity, p. 354
Robert M. Collins, The Economic Crisis of 1968 and the Waning of the “American Century”, p. 396

Richard L. Kagan, Prescott’s Paradigm: American Historical Scholarship and the Decline of Spain, p. 423

Reviews of Books, p. 447
Collected Essays, p. 603
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 613
Other Books received, p. 616
Communications, p. 625

a. 101, 1996, 1

In This Issue, p. XII
John H.Coatsworth, Presidential Address: Welfare, p. 1

Colin Jones, The Great Chain of Buying: Medical Advertisement, the Bourgeois Public Sphere, and the Origins of the French Revolution, p. 13
Steven M. Stowe, Seeing Themselves at Work: Physicians and the Case Narrative in the Mid-Nineteenth-Century American South, p. 41
Margaret H. Darrow, French Volunteer Nursing and the Myth of War Experience in World War I, p. 80

AHR Forum
Ronald Witt, Introduction: Hans Baron’s Renaissance Humanism, p. 107
Ronald Witt, The Crisis after Forty Years, p. 110
John M. Najemy, Baron’s Machiavelli and Renaissance Republicanism, p. 119
Craig Kallendorf, The Historical Petrarch, p. 130
Werner Gundersheimer, Hans Baron’s Renaissance Humanism: A Comment, p. 142

Featured Review, p. 145
Reviews of Books, p. 148
Collected Essays, p. 278
Documents and Bibliographies, p. 292
Other Books received, p. 294
Communications, p. 300