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a. 64, 1990, 4

Mira Wilkins, Japanese Multinationals in the United States: Continuity and Change, 1879 – 1990, p. 585
Brian Gratton, “A Triumph in Modern Philanthropy”: Age Criteria in Labor Management at the Pennsylvania Railroad, 1875 – 1930, p. 630
John Williams, Colin Hasfam, Karel Williams, Bad Work Practices and Good Management Practices: The Consequences of the Extension of Managerial Control. in British and Japanese Manufacturing since 1950, p. 657

Ray Church, Albert Fishlow, Neil Fligstein, Thomas Hughes, Jiürgen Kocka, Hidemasa Morikawa, Frederic M. Scherer, Scale and Scope: The Dynamics of Industrial Capitalism, p. 690
Alfred D. Chandler Jr., Response to the Contributors, p. 736

Editor’s Corner, p. 759
Book reviews, p. 763

a. 64, 1990, 3


Introduction, p. IX

Catherine E. Kerr, Incorporating the Star: The Intersection of Business and Aesthetic Strategies in Early American Film, p. 383
Donald J. Mabry, The Rise and Fall of Ace Records: A Case Study in the Independent Record Business, p. 411
Richard B. Kielhowicz, Postal Subsidies for the Press and the Business of Mass Culture. 1880 – 1920, p. 451
Kenneth Lipartito, What Have Lawyers Done for American Business? The Case of Baker & Botts of Houston, p. 489

Editor’s Corner, p. 527
Book reviews, p. 530

a. 64, 1990, 2

American Business Abroad, p. VII

William Schell Jr., American Investment in Tropical Mexico: Rubber Plantations, Fraud, and Dollar Diplomacy, 1897 – 1913, p. 217
Douglas Little, Pipeline Politics: America, TAPLINE, and the Arabs, p. 255
Thomas W Zeiler, Kennedy, Oil Imports, and the Fair Trade Doctrine, p. 286

Maury Klein, Competition and Regulation: The Railroad Model, p. 311

Editor’s Corner, p. 326
Book reviews, p. 329

a. 64, 1990, 1


Introduction, p. VII

Leonard DeGraaf, Corporate Liberalism and Electric Power System Planning in the 1920s, p. 1
Gregory B. Field, “Electricity for All”: The Electric Home and Farm Authority and the Politics of Mass Consumption, 1932 – 1935, p. 32
Richard H. K. Vietor, Contrived Competition: Airline Regulation and Deregulation, 1925 – 1988, p. 61
Terence R. Gourvish, British Rail’s “Business-Led” Organization, 1977 – 1990: Government-Industry Relations in Britain’s Public Sector, p. 109

Editor’s Corner, p. 150
Book reviews, p. 153

a. 63, 1989, 4

Mary Ellen Waller-Zuckerman, “Old Homes in a City of Perpetual Change”: Women’s Magazines, 1890 – 1916, p. 715
Eugene W. Ridings, Business Associationalism, the Legitimation of Enterprise, and the Emergence of a Business Elite in Nineteenth Century Brazil, p. 757
Neil C. Quigley, The Bank of Nova Scotia in the Caribbean, 1889 – 1940, p. 797
Gordon Boyce, The Development of the Cargo Fleet Iron Company, 1900-1914: Entrepreneurship, Costs, and Structural Rigidity in the Northeast Coast Steel Industry, p. 839
William Mass, Mechanical and Organizational Innovation: The Drapers and the Automatic Loom, p. 876

Maurice W. Kirby, Institutional Rigidities and Britain’s Industrial Decline, p. 930

Editor’s Corner, p. 938
Book reviews, p. 942
Other books received, p. 999

a. 63, 1989, 3

Paul J. Miranti Jr., The Mind’s Eye of Reform: The ICC’s Bureau of Statistics and Accounts and a Vision of Regulation, 1887 – 1940, p. 469
Gregory L. Thompson, Misused Product Costing in the American Railroad Industry Southern Pacific Passenger Service between the Wars, p. 510
Scott P Dulman, The Development of Discounted Cash Flow Techniques in U.S. Industry, p. 555
Robert D. Cuff, Creating Control Systems: Edwin F. Gay and the Central Bureau of Planning and Statistics, 1917 – 1919, p. 588
Richard P Adelstein, “Islands of Conscious Power”: Louis D. Brandeis and the Modern Corporation, p. 614

Editor’s Corner, p. 657
Book reviews, p. 662
Other books received, p. 713

a. 63, 1989, 2


Marc A. Weiss, Real Estate History: An Overview and Research Agenda, p. 241

Christine Meisner Rosen, Business, Democracy, and Progressive Reform in the Redevelopment of Baltimore after the Great Fire of 1904, p. 283
William B. Friedricks, A Metropolitan Entrepreneur Par Excellence: Henry E. Huntington and the Growth of Southern California, 1898 – 1927, p. 329
Patricia Burgess Stach, Real Estate Development and Urban Form: Roadblocks in the Path to Residential Exclusivity, p. 356
Donald G. Paterson, Ronald A. Shearer, Terminating Building Societies in Quebec City, 1850 – 1864, p. 384

Editor’s Corner, p. 416
Book reviews, p. 418
Other books received, p. 467

a. 63, 1989, 1


Harold C. Livesay, Entrepreneurial Dominance in Businesses Large and Small, Past and Present, p. 1

Loren Schweninger, Black-Owned Businesses in the South, 1790 – 1880, p. 22
Robert C. Kenzer, The Black Businessman in the Postwar South: North Carolina, 1865 – 1880, p. 61
Elizabeth A. Cobbs, Entrepreneurship as Diplomacy: Nelson Rockefeller and the Development of the Brazilian Capital Market, p. 88
Thomas F. O’Brien, “Rich beyond the Dreams of Avarice”: The Guggenheims in Chile, p. 122

Edwin J. Perkins, The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Colonial America: The Foundations of Modern Business History, p. 160

Editor’s Corner, p. 187
Book reviews, p. 189
Other books received, p. 239

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a. 62, 1988, 4

Lance E. Davis, Robert E. Gallman, Teresa D. Hutchins, The Decline of U.S. Whaling: Was the Stock of Whales Running Out?, p. 569
Richard W. Judd, Saving the Fishermen as Well as the Fish: Conservation and Commercial Rivalry in Maine’s Lobster Industry, 1872 – 1933, p. 596
Dianne Newell, The Rationality of Mechanization in the Pacific Salmon-Canning Industry before the Second World War, p. 626
Alan Derickson, “On the Dump Heap”: Employee Medical Screening in the Tri-State Zinc-Lead Industry, 1924 – 1932, p. 656

Henry A. Gemery, James T. Lemon, John J. McCusker, E. A. Wrigley, Voyagers to the West: A Review Colloquium, p. 678

Editor’s Corner, p. 697
Book reviews, p. 703
Other books received, p. 748

a. 62, 1988, 3

Constance Jones Mathers, Family Partnerships and International Trade in Early Modern Europe: Merchants from Burgos in England and France, 1470 – 1570, p. 367
Ann M. Carlos, Stephen Nicholas, “Giants of an Earlier Capitalism”: The Chartered Trading Companies as Modern Multinationals, p. 398
Harm Schröter, Risk and Control in Multinational Enterprise: German Businesses in Scandinavia, 1918 – 1939, p. 420
Charles Cheape, Not Politicians but Sound Businessmen: Norton Company and the Third Reich, p. 444
Douglas West, Multinational Competition in the British Advertising Agency Business, 1936 – 1987, p. 467

Raymond E. Dumett, Sources for Mining Company History in Africa: The History and Records of the Ashanti Gold fields Corporation (Ghana), Ltd., p. 502

Maurice Lévy-Leboyer, The Quintessential Alfred Chandler, p. 516

Editor’s Corner, p. 522
Book reviews, p. 525
Other books received, p. 568

a. 62, 1988, 2

Jonathan Barron Baskin, The Development of Corporate Financial Markets in Britain and the United States, 1600 – 1914: Overcoming Asymmetric Information, p. 199
Steven A. Epstein, Business Cycles and the Sense of Time in Medieval Genoa, p. 238
Margaret B. W. Graham, R&D and Competition in England and the United States: The Case of the Aluminum Dirigible, p. 261
Jack High, Clayton A. Coppin, Wiley and the Whiskey Industry: Strategic Behavior in the Passage of the Pure Food Act, p. 286

H. V. Nelles, Commerce in a Cold Climate: Bliss on Canadian Business History, p. 310

Editor’s Corner, p. 317
Book reviews, p. 320
Other books received, p. 365

a. 62, 1988, 1

Michael Dintenfass, Entrepreneurial Failure Reconsidered: The Case of the Interwar British Coal Industry, p. 1
Ranald C. Michie, The Canadian Securities Market, 1850 – 1914, p. 35
Geoffrey Channon, Railway Pooling in Britain before 1900: The Anglo-Scottish Traffic, p. 74
Larry G. Gerber, Corporatism in Comparative Perspective: The Impact of the First World War on American and British Labor Relations, p. 93

Thomas Childers, Big Business, Weimar Democracy, and Nazism: Turner’s German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler, p. 128

Florence Bartoshesky Lathrop, Toward a National Collecting Policy for Business History: The View from Baker Library, p. 134

Editor’s Corner, p. 144
Book reviews, p. 147
Other books received, p. 197

a. 61, 1987, 4

Edwin J. Perkins, Lost Opportunities for Compromise in the Bank War: A Reassessment of Jackson’s Veto Message, p. 531
Shin’ichi Yonekawa, Flotation Booms in the Cotton Spinning Industry, 1870 – 1890: A Comparative Study, p. 551
William J. Breen, Administrative Politics and Labor Policy in the First World War: The U. S. Employment Service and the Seattle Labor Market Experiment, p. 582

Michael R. Godley, The China Business, p. 606
Peter A. Coclanis, The Lightning-Rod Man: Franklin of Philadelphia, p. 615

Editor’s Corner, p. 621
Book reviews, p. 623
Other books received, p. 674

a. 61, 1987, 3

Ronald R. Stabile, The Du Pont Experiments in Scientific Management: Efficiency and Safety, 1911 – 1919, p. 365
Jonathan C. Brown, Domestic Politics and Foreign Investment: British Development of Mexican Petroleum, 1889 – 1911, p. 387
Wilfried Feldenkirchen, Big Business in Interwar Germany: Organizational Innovation at Vereinigte Stahlwerke, IG Farben, and Siemens, p. 417

Peter Hayes, History in an off Key: David Abraham’s Second Collapse, p. 452

Editor’s Corner, p. 473
Book reviews, p. 478
Other books received, p. 529

a. 61, 1987, 2

Jan Cohn, The Business Ethic for Boys: The Saturday Evening Post and the Post Boys, p. 185
Alexa Benson Henderson, Heman E. Perry and Black Enterprise in Atlanta, 1908 – 1925, p. 216
Craig Miner, The New Wave, the Old Guard, and the Bank Committee William J. Grede at J. I. Case Company, 1953 – 1961, p. 243
Augustus J. Veenendaal Jr., The Kansas City Southern Railway and the Dutch Connection, p. 291

Editor’s Corner, p. 317

“Engines of Change”: An Exhibition on the American Industrial Evolution at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. Reviewed by Glenn Porter, p. 320

Book reviews, p. 323
Other books received, p. 363

a. 61, 1987, 1

Colin Newbury, Technology, Capital, and Consolidation: The Performance of De Beers Mining Company Limited, 1880 – 1899, p. 1
Margaret A. Blanchard, The Associated Press Antitrust Suit: A Philosophical Clash over Ownership of First Amendment Rights, p. 43
William D. Grampp, How Britain Turned to Free Trade, p. 86
Michael W. Santos, Laboring on the Periphery: Managers and Workers at the A. M. Byers Company, 1900 – 1956, p. 113

Editor’s Corner, p. 134
Book reviews, p. 136
Other books received, p. 184

a. 60, 1986, 4

Whitney Walton, “To Triumph before Feminine Taste”: Bourgeois Women’s Consumption and Hand Methods of Production in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Paris, p. 541
Martin Brown, Peter Philips, The Decline of the Piece-Rate System in California Canning: Technological Innovation, Labor Management, and Union Pressure, 1890 – 1947, p. 564
Sanford M. Jacoby, Employee Attitude Testing at Sears, Roebuck and Company, 1938 – 1960, p. 602

Richard H. K. Vietor, Perspectives on the Bell System: Strategy, Structure, Technology, and Unionism, p. 633

Dorothy Truman, The Museum of American Textile History: Archival Sources for Business History, p. 641

Editor’s Corner, p. 651
Book reviews, p. 653
Other books received, p. 704

a. 60, 1986, 3

Juliet E. K. Walker, Racism, Slavery, and Free Enterprise: Black Entrepreneurship in the United States before the Civil War, p. 343
Michael R. Godley, Bacchus in the East: The Chinese Grape Wine Industry, 1892 – 1938, p. 383
Paula Petrik, The House That Parcheesi Built: Selchow & Righter Company, p. 410
Paul J. Miranti Jr., Associationalism, Statism, and Professional Regulation: Public Accountants and the Reform of the Financial Markets, 1896 – 1940, p. 438

Albro Martin, The Good That Men Do: A Review Essay, p. 469

Spencer R. Crew, John A. Fleckner, Archival Sources for Business History at the National Museum of American History, p. 474

Editor’s Corner, p. 487
Book reviews, p. 492
Other books received, p. 538

a. 60, 1986, 2

William F. Trimble, The Naval Aircraft Factory, the American Aviation Industry, and Government Competition, 1919 – 1928, p. 175
Mira Wilkins, Japanese Multinational Enterprise before 1914, p. 199
Elizabeth Fones-Wolf, Industrial Recreation, the Second World War, and the Revival of Welfare Capitalism, 1934 – 1960, p. 232
Peter George, Philip Sworden, The Courts and the Development of Trade in Upper Canada, 1830-1860, p. 258

Ruth R. Rogers, The Kress Library of Business and Economics, p. 281

Editor’s Corner, p. 289
Book reviews, p. 293
Other books received, p. 341

a. 60, 1986, 1

Charles K. Hyde, Undercover and Underground: Labor Spies and Mine Management in the Early Twentieth Century, p. 1
Michael French, Structural Change and Competition in the United States Tire Industry, 1920 – 1937, p. 28
Stephen Shmanske, News as a Public Good: Cooperative Ownership, Price Commitments, and the Success of the Associated Press, p. 55
Thomas F. Huertas, Joan L. Silverman, Charles E. Mitchell: Scapegoat of the Crash?, p. 81

Michael Nash, Business History at the Hagley Museum and Library, p. 104

Editor’s Corner, p. 121
Book reviews, p. 125
Other books received, p. 172

a. 59, 1985, 4


H. V. Nelles, Latin American Business History since 1965: A View from North of the Border, p. 543

Thomas L. Whigham, Agriculture and the Upper Plata: The Tobacco Trade, 1780 – 1865, p. 563
C. Alexander G. De Secada, Arms, Guano, and Shipping: The W. R. Grace Interests in Peru, 1865 – 1885, p. 597
Robert W. Randall, British Company and Mexican Community: The English at Real del Monte, 1824 – 1849, p. 622
Mark Wasserman, Enrique C. Creel: Business and Politics in Mexico, 1880-1930, p. 645

Thomas F. O’Brien, Dependency Revisited: A Review Essay, p. 663

Vera Blinn Reber, Archival Sources for Latin American Business History, p. 670

Editor’s Corner, p. 680
Book Reviews, p. 682
Other books received, p. 714

a. 59, 1985, 3

Gary J. Kornblith, The Craftsman as Industrialist: Jonas Chickering and the Transformation of American Piano Making, p. 349
Howard Seftel, Government Regulation and the Rise of the California Fruit Industry: The Entrepreneurial Attack on Fruit Pests, 1880 – 1920, p. 369
Donna J. Wood, The Strategic Use of Public Policy: Business Support for the 1906 Food and Drug Act, p. 403

Israel Rubin, Thomas Alva Edison’s “Treatise on National Economic Policy and Business”, p. 433

Thomas G. Marx, The Development of the Franchise Distribution System in the U. S. Automobile Industry, p. 465

Florence Bartoshesky, Business Records at the Harvard Business School, p. 475

Editor’s Corner, p. 484
Book Reviews, p. 486
Other books received, p. 539

a. 59, 1985, 2

Emily S. Rosenberg, Foundations of United States International Financial Power: Gold Standard Diplomacy, 1900 – 1905, p. 169
J. A. McKenna, Richard G. Rodger, Control by Coercion: Employers’ Associations and the Establishment of Industrial Order in the Building Industry of England and Wales, 1860 – 1914, p. 203
Robert R. Locke, Business Education in Germany: Past Systems and Current Practice, p. 232
Raymond G. Stokes, The Oil Industry in Nazi Germany, 1936 – 1945, p. 254

David J. Jeremy, A Gallery of Distinguished Individuals: The Biographical Dictionary of American Business Leaders, p. 278
Christopher S. Allen, Big Business and the State in Germany, p. 284

Editor’s Corner, p. 289
Book Reviews, p. 291
Other books received, p. 346

a. 59, 1985, 1

Mark S. Foster, Giant of the West: Henry J. Kaiser and Regional Industrialization, 1930 – 1950, p. 1
Hans-Peter Baum, Annuities in Late Medieval Hanse towns, p. 24
Alun C. Davies, Rural Clockmaking in Eighteenth-Century Wales: Samuel Roberts of Llanfair, Caereinion, 1755 – 1774, p. 49
Geoffrey Jones, The Gramophone Company: An Anglo – American Multinational, 1898 – 1931, p. 76

Ralph A. Austen, African Economies in Historical Perspective, p. 101

Editor’s Corner, p. 114
Book Reviews, p. 116
Other books received, p. 166

a. 58, 1984, 4

Alfred D. Chandler Jr., The Emergence of Managerial Capitalism, p. 473
David C. Mowery, Firm Structure, Government Policy, and the Organization of Industrial Research: Great Britain and the United States, 1900 – 1950, p. 504
Donna J. Guy, Dependency, the Credit Market, and Argentine Industrialization, 1860 – 1940, p. 532
Douglas R. Littlefield, The Potomac Company: A Misadventure in Financing an Early American Internal Improvement Project, p. 562

Editor’s Corner, p. 586
Book Reviews, p. 592
Book note, p. 658

a. 58, 1984, 3

Daryl M. Hafter, The Business of Invention in the Paris industrial Exposition of 1806, p. 317
Philip L. Merkel, The Origins of an Expanded Federal Court Jurisdiction: Railroad Development and the Ascendancy of the Federal Judiciary, p. 336
David S. Painter, Oil and the Marshall Plan, p. 359
Toni Pierenkemper, Pre- 1900 Industrial White Collar Employees at the Krupp Steel Casting Works: A New Occupational Category in Germany, p. 384
Cavin Wright, Rethinking the Postbellum Southern Political Economy: A Review Essay, p. 409
Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, The Challenge of New Work Technologies: A Review Essay, p. 417

Editor’s Corner, p. 420
Book Reviews, p. 426
Book note, p. 470

a. 58, 1984, 2

H. M. Gitelman, Management’s Crisis of Confidence and the Origin of the National Industrial Conference Board, 1914 – 1916, p. 153
Christopher Armstrong, H. V. Nelles, A Curious Capital Flow: Canadian Investment in Mexico, 1902 – 1910, p. 178
John M. Duiton, Annie Thomas, John E. Butler, The History of Progress Functions as a Managerial Technology, p. 204
Michael Doucet, John Weaver, The North American Shelter Business, 1860 – 1920: A Study of a Canadian Real Estate and Property Management Agency, p. 234
Gunther Barth, Urbanization in the American West – A Review Article, p. 263

Editor’s Corner, p. 268
Book Reviews, p. 271

a. 58, 1984, 1

Albro Martin, Introductory Essay: Transportation and the Evolution of the American Economic Republic, p. 1
Geoffrey Gilbert, Maritime Enterprise in the New Republic: Investment in Baltimore Shipping, 1789 – 1793, p. 14
Steven W. Usselman, Air Brakes for Freight Trains: Technological Innovation in the American Railroad Industry, 1869 – 1900, p. 30
Bruce E. Seely, Engineers and Government-Business Cooperation: Highway Standards and the Bureau of Public Roads, 1900 – 1940, p. 51
David D. Lee, Herbert Hoover and the Development of Commercial Aviation, 1921 – 1926, p. 78
Simon Ville, Note: Size and Profitability of English Colliers in the Eighteenth Century – A Reappraisal, p. 103
William J. Hausman, Profitability of English Colliers in the Eighteenth Century: Reply to a Reappraisal, p. 121

Editor’s Corner, p. 126
Book Reviews, p. 128

a. 57, 1983, 4

Louis Galambos, Technology, Political Economy, Professionalization Central Themes of the Organizational Synthesis, p. 471
Arthur F. McEvoy, Law, Public Policy, and Industrialization in the California Fisherjes, 1900 – 1925, p. 494
Steven Fraser, Combined and Uneven Development in the Men’s Clothing Industry, p. 522
Lee Shai Weissbach, Entrepreneurial Traditionalism in Nineteenth – Century France: A Study of the Patronage industriel des enfants de l’ébénisterie, p. 548

The Editor’s Corner, p. 566
Book Reviews, p. 570

a. 57, 1983, 3

Daniel A. Wren, American Business Philanthropy and Higher Education in the Nineteenth Century, p. 321
Fred V. Carstensen, Richard Hume Werking, International Harvester in Russia: the Washington – St. Petersburg Connection?, p. 347
Stephen J. Bandall, Harold Ickes and United States Foreign Petroleum Policy Planning, 1939 – 1945, p. 367
Robert Griffith, The Selling of America: the Advertising Council and American Politics, 1942 – 1960, p. 388

The Editor’s Corner, p. 413
Book Reviews, p. 417

a. 57, 1983, 2

Leslie Hannah, New Issues in British Business History, p. 165
H. I. Dutton, S. R. H. Jones, Invention and Innovation in the British Pin Industry, 1790 – 1850, p. 175
William Lazonick, Industrial Organization and Technological Change: the Decline of the British Cotton Industry, p. 195
Jonathan Boswell, The Informal Social Control of Business in Britain: 1880 – 1939, p. 237
Larry A. McFarlane, British Investment and the Land: Nebraska, 1877 – 1946, p. 258

The Editor’s Corner, p. 273
Book Reviews, p. 276

a. 57, 1983, 1

Donald Reid, The Origins of Industrial Labor Management in France: the Case of the Decazeville Ironworks during the July Monarchy, p. 1
Thomas M. Doerflinger, Commercial Specialization in Philadelphia’s Merchant Community, 1750 – 1791, p. 20
Kenneth J. Lipartito, The New York Cotton Exchange and the Development of the Cotton Futures Market, p. 50
John Braeman, The New Left and American Foreign Policy during the Age of Normalcy: a Re-Examination, p. 73

The Editor’s Corner, p. 105
Book Reviews, p. 108

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a. 56, 1982, 4

Mira Wilkins, American-Japanese Direct Foreign Investment Relationships, 1930 – 1952, p. 497
Julienne M. Laureyssens, Growth of the Multidivisional Corporation: the Genstar Case, p. 519
Richard L. Lael, Linda Killen, The Pressure of Shortage: Platinum Policy and the Wilson Administration during World War I, p. 545
Ernest B. Fricke, The New Deal and the Modernization of Small Business: The McCreary Tire & Rubber Company, 1930 – 1940, p. 559
Wayne Morgan, American Socialism – A Review Article, p. 577

The Editor’s Corner, p. 585
Book Reviews, p. 588

a. 56, 1982, 3

Daniel Nelson, The Company Union Movement, 1900 – 1937: A Reexamination, p. 335
William G. Robbins, Voluntary Cooperation Vs. Regulatory Paternalism: The Lumber Trade in the 1920s, p. 358
Carl E. Solberg, Entrepreneurship in Public Enterprise: General Enrique Mosconi and the Argentine Petroleum Industry, p. 380
Rory Miller, Small Business in the Peruvian Oil Industry Lobitos Oilfields Limited before 1934, p. 400

The Editor’s Corner, p. 424
Book Reviews, p. 428

a. 56, 1982, 2

Yen-P’Ing Hao, Entrepreneurship and the West in East Asian Economic and Business History, p. 149
Shin’Ichi Yonekawa, The Development of Chinese and Japanese Business in an International Perspective – A Bibliographical Introduction, p. 155
W. Mark Fruin, From Philanthropy to Paternalism in the Noda Soy Sauce Industry: Pre-Corporate and Corporate Charity in Japan, p. 168
Lillian M. Li, Silks by Sea: Trade, Technology, and Enterprise in China and Japan, p. 192
Wellington K. K. Chan, The Organizational Structure of the Traditional Chinese Firm and Its Modern Reform, p. 192
Clarence B. Davis, Financing Imperialism: British and American Bankers as Vectors of Imperial Expansion in China, 1908 – 1920, p. 236
Noel H. Pugach, Keeping an Idea Alive: The Establishment of a Sino – American Bank, 1910-1920, p. 265

The Editor’s Corner, p. 294
Book Reviews, p. 299

a. 56, 1982, 1

Wilson D. Miscamble, Thurman Arnold Goes to Washington: a Look at Anti Trust Policy in the Later New Deal, p. 1
Quentin J. Schultze, “An Honorable Place”: The Quest for Professional Advertising Education, 1900 – 1917, p. 16
Malcolm R. Burns, Outside Intervention in Monopolistic Price War Fare: The Case of the “Plug War” and the Union Tobacco Company, p. 33
Robert Oppenheimer, National Capital and National Development: Financing Chile’s Central Valley Railroads, p. 54
Edward P. Duggan, Business and the City: A Review Article, p. 76

The Editor’s Corner, p. 84
Book Reviews, p. 89

a. 55, 1981, 4

Randall M. Miller, The Fabric of Control. Slavery in Antebellum Southern Textile Mills, p. 471
James A. Ward, Image and Reality: The Railway Corporate-State Metaphor, p. 491
William Stivers, International Politics and Iraqi Oil, 1918-1928: A Study in Anglo-American Diplomacy, p. 317
Thomas M. Adams, From Old Regime to New: Business, Bureaucracy and Social Change in Eighteenth-Century France – A Review Article, p. 541

The Editor’s Corner, p. 562
Book Reviews, p. 570

a. 55, 1981, 3

Barbara M. Tucker, The Merchant, the Manufacturer, and the Factory Manager: The Case of Samuel Slater, p. 294
Peter Baskerville, Americans in Britain’s Backyard: The Railway Era in Upper Canada, 1850 – 1880, p. 314
Graham D. Taylor, Management Relations in a Multinational Enterprise: The Case of Canadian Industries Limited, 1928 – 1948, p. 337
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Margaret Walsh, Another New Look? The Encyclopedia of American Economic History – A Review Article, p. 403

The Editor’s Corner, p. 419
Book Reviews, p. 423

a. 55, 1981, 2

J. R. Killick, The Transformation of Cotton Marketing in the late Nineteenth Century: Alexander Sprunt and Son of Wilmington, N. C., 1866 – 1956, p. 143
James L. Guth, Herbert Hoover, the U.S. Food Administration, and the Dairy Industry, 1917 – 1918, p. 170
Geoffrey Channon, The Great Western Railway Under the British Railways Act of 1921, p. 188
Robert M. Aduddell, Louis P. Cain, Public Policy toward “The Greatest Trust in the World”, p. 217

The Editor’s Corner, p. 243
Book Reviews, p. 249

a. 55, 1981, 1

Susan Porter Benson, The Cinderella of Occupations: Managing the Work of Department Store Saleswomen, 1900-1940, p. 1
Peter Samson, The Department Store, its Past and its Future: A Review Article, p. 26
Richard S. Tedlow, From Competitor to Consumer: The Changing Focus of Federal Regulation of Advertising, 1914-1938, p. 35
Michael B. Stoff, The Anglo – American Oil Agreement and the War Time Search for Foreign Policy, p. 59
Gene Smiley, The Expansion of the New York Securities Market at the Turn of the Century, p. 75

The Editor’s Corner, p. 86
Book Reviews, p. 92