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a. 22, 1980, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 485

Charles Issawi, Europe, the Middle East and the Shift in Power: Reflections on a Theme by Marshall Hodgson, p. 487
Amal Rassam, Comments on Orientalism A Review, p. 505
L. Ross Chambers, Comments on Orientalism. A Review, p. 509
Charles D. Smith, The Intellectual and Modernization Definitions and Reconsiderations: The Egyptian Experience, p. 513
Michel Vovelle, A Century and One-Half of American Epitaphs (1660-1813): toward the Study of Collective Attitudes about Death, p. 534
Stephen Wilson, Cults of Saints in the Churches of Central Paris, p. 548
Anand A. Yang, Sacred Symbol and Sacred Space in Rural India: Community Mobilization in the “Anti-Cow Killing” Riot of 1893, p. 576
Sandria B. Freitag, Sacred Symbol as Mobilizing Ideology: The North Indian Search for a “Hindu” Community, p. 597
Joan Thirsk, Policies for Retrenchment in Seventeenth Century Europe. A Review Article, p. 626
Jan De Vries, Comment on Joan Thirsk’s Review Article, p. 633
Joan Thirsk, Reply to Jan de Vries, p. 637
Harriet Friedmann, Economic Analysis of the Post-bellum South: Regional Economies and World Markets. A Review Article, p. 639
Norman Mutton, Lewis W. Jones, Development as History: A Note of Folke Dovring’s Review Article, p. 653
Folke Dovring, A Reply to Norman Mutton and Lewis W. Jones, p. 654

a. 22, 1980, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 301

Keith Hopkins, Brother-Sister Marriage in Roman Egypt, p. 303
Jane I. Guyer, Food, Cocoa and the Division of Labor by Sex in Two West African Societies, p. 355
Inga Clendinnen, Landscape and World View: The Survival of Yucatec Maya Culture under Spanish Conquest, p. 374
Stephen Sharot, Jewish Milienarianism: A Comparison of Medieval Communities, p. 394
Robert L. Tignor, The Economic Activities of Foreigners in Egypt 1920-1950: From Millet to Haute Bourgeoisie, p. 416
Patrick J. Blessing, Ethnicity: Perspectives in History and Sociology. A Review Article, p. 450
Morton Keller, Anglo-American Politics. 1900-1930, in Anglo-American Perspective: A Case Study in Comparative History, p. 458
Allen Johnson, Essays and Polemics: Latin American Society from Diverse Perspectives. A Review Article, p. 478

a. 22, 1980, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 143

E. A. Hammel, The Comparative Method in Anthropological Perspective, p. 145
Victoria E. Bon Nell, The Uses of Theory. Concepts, and Comparison in Historical Sociology, p. 156
Theda Skocpol, Niargaret Somers, The Uses of Comparative History in Macrosocial Inquiry, p. 174
Bernard S. Cohn, History and Anthropology: The State of Play, p. 198
Henry I. Wright, Past Mastery. A Review Article, p. 222
James Lang, In Search of the State. A Review Article, p. 227
David Arnold, Industrial Violence in India, p. 234
Sammy Smooha, Control of Minorities in Israel and Northern Ireland, p. 256
Aaron S. Klieman, The Resolution of Conflicts through Territorial Partition: The Palestine Experience, p. 281

a. 22, 1980, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Ivan Strenski, Levi-Strauss and the Buddhists, p. 3
Dan V. Segre, Colonization and Decolonization: The Case of Zionist and African Elites, p. 23
S. N. Eisenstadt, Louis Roniger, Patron-Client Relations as a Model of Structuring Social Exchange, p. 42
Elizabeth A. Kuznesof, An Analysis of Household Composition and Headship as Related to Changes in Mode of Production: Sao Paulo, 1765 to 1836, p. 78
Michel Verdon, Shaking off the Domestic Yoke, or the Sociological Significance of Residence, p. 109

CSSH notes, p. 133

a. 21, 1979, 4

Editorial review of volume 21, p. 481

Alan R. Richards, The Political Economy of Commercial Estate Labor Systems: A Comparative Analysis of Prussia, Egypt, and Chile, p. 483
Ronald J. Herring, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the ‘Eradication of Feudalism’ in Pakistan, p. 519
Folke Dovring, Development as History. A Review Article, 557
Sidney W. Mintz, The Dignity of Honest toil. A Review Article, p. 558
Stephen I. Thompson, Assimilation and Non-Assimilation of Asian-Americans and Asian Peruvians, p. 572
Takashi Maeyama, Ethnicity, Secret Societies, and Associations: The Japanese in Brazil, p. 589
Mary Jo Maynes, The Virtues of Archaism: The Political Economy of Schooling in Europe, 1750-1850, p. 611
Gananath Obeyesekere, Religion and Polity In Theravada Buddhism: Continuity and Change in a Great Tradition. A Review Article, p. 626

a. 21, 1979, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 301

Peter Alexis Gourevitch, Political Leadership, Economic Growth and the Reemergence of ‘Peripheral’ Nationalisms: Some Comparative Speculations, p. 303
Carl Pletsch, The Socialist Nation of the German Democratic Republic and the Asymmetry in Nation and Ideology between the two Germanies, p. 323
Gary G. Hamilton, Regional Associations and the Chinese City: A Comparative Perspective, p. 346
W. G. L. De Haas, Technology as a Subject of Comparative Studies: The Case of Photography, p. 362
Roger Lane, Comparing Urban Crime. A Review Article, p. 372
Peter N. Stearns, The Middle Class: toward a Precise Definition, p. 377
Lenore O’Boyle, The Classless Society: Comment on Stearns, p. 397
Peter N. Stearns, Reply, p. 414
Richard H. Tilly, Angestellte and White Collar Workers. A Review Article, p. 416
Robert McCaa, Stuart B. Schwartz, Arturo Grubessich, Race and Class in Colonial Latin America: A Critique, p. 421
John K. Chance, William B. Taylor, Estate and Class: Reply to McCaa, Schwartz and Grubessich, p. 435
Margaret R. Somers, Walter L. Goldfrank, The Limits of Agronomic Determinism: A Critique of Paige’s Agrarian Revolution, p. 443
Mark Traugott, The Economic Origins of the Kwilu Rebellion, p. 459

CSSH notes, p. 480

a. 21, 1979, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 149

Karen Leonard, The ‘Great Firm’ Theory of the Decline of the Mughal Empire, p. 151
Dorothy J. Solinger, State versus Merchant: Commerce in the Countryside in the Early People’s Republic of China, p. 168
William H. Sewell, Jr., Corporations Republicaines:The Revolutionary Idiom of Parisian Workers in 1848, p. 195
William M. Reddy, Skeins, Scales, Discounts, Steam, and Other Objects of Crowd Justice in Early French Textile Mills, p. 204
Cynthia M. Truant, Solidarity and Symbolism among Journeymen Artisans: The Case of Compagnonnage, p. 214
Michael Hanagan, The Politics of Proletarianization. A Review Article, p. 227
Diana Balmori, Robert Oppenheimer, Family Clusters: Generational Nucleation in Nineteenth-Century Argentina and Chile, p. 231
Linda Lewin, Some Historical Implications of Kinship Structure for Family-Based Politics in the Brazilian North-east, p. 262

CSSH notes, p. 293

a. 21, 1979, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Elias H. Tuma, Agrarian Reform in Historical Perspective Revisited, p. 3
Joel Samoff, The Bureaucracy and the Bourgeoisie: Decentralization and Class Structure in Tanzania, p. 30
D. Maier, Nineteenth Century Asante Medical Practices, p. 63
Harvey Mitchell, Rationality and Control in French Eighteenth-Century Medical Views of the Peasantry, p. 82
William N. Sloan, Ethnicity or Imperialism? A Review Article, p. 113
Michael Hechter, On Separatism and Ethnicity: A Response to Sloan’s “Ethnicity or Imperialism?”, p. 126
Stephen Tonsor, Feudalism, Revolution and Neo-Feudalism. A Review Article, p. 131
Jan De Vries, Spotlighton Capitalism. A Review Article, p. 139

a. 20, 1978, 4

Editorial review of volume 20, p. 483

Dale F. Eickelman, The Art of Memory: Islamic Education and its Social Reproduction, p. 485
Daniel H. Levine, Authority in Church and Society: Latin American Models, p. 517
Harriet Friedmann, World market, State, and Family Farm: Social Bases of Household Production in the Era of Wage Labor, p. 545
Silvio R. Duncan Baretta, John Markoff, Civilization and Barbarism: Cattle Frontiers in Latin America, p. 587
Andrew Turton, The Peasantry of Thailand: Scientific and Social Revolution. A Review Article, p. 621
Hilton Root, The Debate on the Origins of the ‘Modern World-System:’ The Ottoman Example. A Review Article, p. 626

a. 20, 1978, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 333

Bernard Wong, A Comparative Study of the Assimilation of the Chinese in New York City and Lima, Peru, p. 335
Mark A. Tessler, The Identity of Religious Minorities in Non-secular States: Jews in Tunisia and Morocco and Arabs in Israel, p. 359
Henry Rosenfeld, The Class Situation of the Arab National Minority in Israel, p. 374
R. P. Neuman, Working Class Birth Control in Wilhelmine Germany, p. 408
P.Gibbon, C. Curtin, The Stem Family in Ireland, p. 429
Wanda Minge-Kalman, The Industrial Revolution and the European Family: The Institutionalization of ‘Childhood’ as a Market for Family Labor, p. 456
Alan Howard, An Arsenal of Words: Social Science and its Victims. A Review Article, p. 469

a. 20, 1978, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 175

Dennis Smith, Domination and Containment: An Approach to Modernization, p. 177
George Modelski, The Long Cycle of Global Politics and the Nation-State, p. 214
Anonymous, The Two Systems in Action, p. 236
Joyce Appleby, Modernization Theory and the Modernization of England and America, p. 259
Kjell A. Eliassen, Mogens N. Pedersen, Professionalization of Legislatures: Long Term Change in Political Recruitment in Denmark and Norway, p. 286
Brian L. Foster, Development,Modernization and Comparative Parochialism. A Review Article, p. 319

a. 20, 1978, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Lawrence Rosen, Law and Social Change in the New Nation, p. 3
James A. Dunn, Jr., The Importance of Being Earmarked: Transport Policy and Highway Finance in Great Britain and the United States, p. 29
Daniel Levine, Conservatism and Tradition in Danish Social Welfare Legislation, 1890-1933: A Comparative View, p. 54
Tony Smith, A Comparative Study of French and British Decolonization, p. 70
Joel S. Kahn, Ideology and Social Structure in Indonesia, p. 103
Susan Carol Rogers, Woman’s Place: A Critical Review of Anthropological Theory, p. 123
Louise A. Tilly, The Social Sciences and the Study of Women. A Review Article, p. 163

a. 19, 1977, 4

Editorial review of volume 19, p. 397

Ronald Rogowski, The Gauleiter and the Social Origins of Fascism, p. 399
David E. Sumler, Subcultural Persistence and Political Cleavage in the Third French Republic, p. 431

John K. Chance, William B. Taylor, Estate and Class in a Colonial City: Oaxaca in 1792, p. 454
Patrick J. Carroll, Mandinga: The Evolution of a Mexican Runaway Slave Community: 1735-1827, p. 488

Ronald Skeldon, Regional Associations: A Note on Opposed Interpretations, p. 506
Thomas N. Tentler, Death and Dying in Many Disciplines: (Review Article), p. 511

a. 19, 1977, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 261

Karl Figlio, The Historiography of Scientific Medicine: An Invitation to the Human Sciences, p. 262
George Sussman, The Glut of Doctors in Mid-Nineteenth Century France, p. 287

M. I. Finley, The Ancient City: From Fustel de Coulanges to Max Weber and Beyond, p. 305
Joel S. Migdal, Urbanization and Political Change: The Impact of Foreign Rule, p. 328

Philip A. Kuhn, Origins of the Taiping Vision: Cross-Cultural Dimensions of a Chinese Rebellion, p. 350
Henry J. Tobias, Charles E. Wood-House, Political Reaction and Revolutionary Careers: The Jewish Bundists in Defeat, 1907-10, p. 367

a. 19, 1977, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 129

Michael Taussig, The Genesis of Capitalism amongst a South American Peasantry: Devil’s Labor and the Baptism of Money, p. 130
B. Marie Perinbam, Homo Africanus: Antiquus or Oeconomicus? Some Interpretations of African Economic History, p. 156
A. Terry Rambo, Closed Corporate and Open Peasant Communities: Reopening a Hastily Shut Case, p. 179

Ali A. Mazrui, Boxer Muhammad Ali and Soldier Idi Amin as International Political Symbols: The Bio-economics of Sport and War, p. 189
Charles Press, The Georgian Political Print and Democratic Institutions, p. 216

Fritz K. Ringer, Problems in the History of Higher Education: (Review Article), p. 239
Lawrence Stone, Comment (on Fritz K. Ringer, “Problems in the History of Higher Education”), p. 256
Fritz K. Ringer, Counter-comment (to Lawrence Stone), p. 258

CSSH notes, p. 259

a. 19, 1977, 1

Gayl D. Ness, William Stahl, Western Imperialist Armies in Asia, p. 2
Don R. Bowen, Guerrilla War in Western Missouri: 1862-1865: Historical Extensions of the Relative Deprivation Hypothesis, p. 30
H. Edward Price Jr., The Strategy and Tactics of Revolutionary Terrorism, p. 52
Mary K. Wilkie, Colonials, Marginals and Immigrants: Contributions to a Theory of Ethnic Stratification, p. 67
Brian L. Moore, The Retention of Caste Notions Among the Indian Immigrants in British Guiana During the Nineteenth Century, p. 96

Alexander Gerschenkron, Europecentrism and Other Horrors, p. 108

a. 18, 1976, 4

Editorial review of volume 18, p. 427

Michael Goodich, A Profile of Thirteenth-Century Saint-hood, p. 429
Sheldon Shapiro, Morality in Religious Reformations, p. 438
Willy De Craemer, Jan Vansina, Renée C. Fox, Religious Movements in Central Africa: A Theoretical Study, p. 458
David Henige, “Day was of sudden turned into night”:On the Uses of Eclipses for Dating Oral History, p. 476
John T. Flint, Conceptual Translations in Comparative Study (Review Article), p. 502
Frederic C. Lane, Economic Growth in Wallerstein’s Social Systems (Review Article), p. 517

a. 18, 1976, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 279

Marvin B. Becker, Changing Patterns of Violence and Justice in Fourteenth- and Fifteenth-Century Florence, p. 281
Barbara A. Hanawalt, Violent Death in Fourteenth- and Early Fifteenth-Century England, p. 297
Lynn Hunt, Committees and Communes: Local Politics and National Revolution in 1789, p. 321
Dean E. McHenry, Jr., The Ujamaa Village in Tanzania: A Comparison with Chinese, Soviet and Mexican Experiences in Collectivization, p. 347
D. A. Strickland, Kingship and Slavery in African Thought: A Conceptual Analysis, p. 371
Polly Hill, From Slavery to Freedom: The Case of Farm-Slavery in Nigerian Hausaland, p. 395

a. 18, 1976, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 149

Perez Zagorin, Prolegomena to the Comparative History of Revolution in Early Modern Europe, p. 151
Theda Skocpol, France, Russia, China: A Structural Analysis of Social Revolutions, p. 175
Elbaki Hermassi, Toward a Comparative Study of Revolutions, p. 211
Angus McLaren, Contraception and the Working Classes: The Social Ideology of the English Birth Control Movement in its Early Years, p. 236
Richard F. Tomasson, Premarital Sexual Permissiveness and Illegitimacy in the Nordic Countries, p. 252
Elliott P. Skinner, Corporation, Customs, and Social Change (Review Article), p. 271

a. 18, 1976, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Reinhard J. Skinner, Technological Determinism: A Critique of Convergence Theory, p. 2
Ramesh Mishra, Convergence Theory and Social Change: The Development of Welfare in Britain and the Soviet Union, p. 25
Bette S. Denich, Sources of Leadership in the Yugoslav Revolution: A Local-level Study, p. 64
Nicos Mouzelis, Greek and Bulgarian Peasants: Aspects of their Sociopolitical Situation during the Interwar Period, p. 85
D. R. Frances Ferguson, Rural/Urban Relations and Peasant Radicalism: A Preliminary Statement, p. 106
Solomon B. Levine, Analyses of Social Structure in Japan (Review Article), p. 119
Marvin B. Becker, Communes of Medieval Italy (Review Article), p. 126
Adrian Kuzminski, A New Science? (Review Article), p. 129

a. 17, 1975, 4

Eric R. Wolf, Peasants and Political Mobilization: Introduction, p. 385
Peter Singelmann, The Closing Triangle: Critical Notes on a Model for Peasant Mobilization in Latin America, p. 389
Ronald Waterbury, Non-Revolutionary Peasants: Oaxaca compared to Morelos in the Mexican Revolution, p. 410
Robert Wasserstrom, Revolution in Guatemala: Peasants and Politics Under the Arbenz Government, p. 443
John Markoff, Governmental Bureaucratization: General Processes and an Anomalous Case, p. 474
Joseph R. Strayer, The Development of Bureaucracie (Review Article), p. 504

a. 17, 1975, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 265

Martin T. Katzman, The Brazilian Frontier in Comparative Perspective, p. 266
Carl Stone, Political Determinants of Social Policy Allocations in Latin America, p. 286
Gabriel Ben-Dor, Institutionalization and Political Development: A Conceptual and Theoretical Analysis, p. 309
Walter D. Connor, Education and National Development in the European Socialist States: A Model for the Third World?, p. 326
Patrick J. Harrigan, Secondary Education and the Professions in France During the Second Empire, p. 349
Mona Ozouf, Space and Time in the Festivals of the French Revolution, p. 372

a. 17, 1975, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 137

Howard Newby, The Deferential Dialectic, p. 139
David Lane, Ethnic and Class Stratification in Soviet Kazakhastan, 1917-1939, p. 165
Shahrough Akhavi, Egypt’s Socialism and Marxist Thought: Some Preliminary Observations on Epistemological Theory, p. 190
Richard F. Gombrich, Buddhist Karma and Social Control, p. 212
Christel Lane, Socio-Political Accommodation and Religious Decline: The Case of the Molokan Sect in Soviet Society, p. 221
Edward Hansen, Jane Schneider, Peter Schneider, From Autonomous Development to Dependent Modernization: The Catalan Case Revisited: A Reply to Pi Sunyer, p. 238
Oriol Pi-Sunyer, Of Corporate Groups and Vanishing Development: My Reply to Hansen, Schneider and Schneider, p. 241
L. E. Shiner, Tradition/Modernity: An Ideal Type Gone Astray, p. 245
Harry A. Miskimin, The Quality of Quantitative Work, p. 253

a. 17, 1975, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Andrejs Plakans, Peasant Farmsteads and Households in the Baltic Littoral, 1797, p. 2
Joan W. Scott, Louise A. Tilly, Women’s Work and the Family in Nineteenth-Century Europe, p. 36
Richard A. Joseph, The German Question in French Cameroun, 1919-1939, p. 65
Peter P. Ekeh, Colonialism and the Two Publics in Africa: A Theoretical Statement, p. 91
C. R. Hallpike, Two Types of Reciprocity, p. 113
Paul L. Ward, ‘Councils in Action’ (Review Article), p. 120

a. 16, 1974, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 385

Immanuel Wallerstein, The Rise and Future Demise of the World Capitalist System: Concepts for Comparative Analysis, p. 387

Richard M. Morse, Trends and Patterns of Latin American Urbanization, 1750-1920, p. 416
Howard Spodek, Rulers, Merchants and Other Groups in the City-States of Saurashtra, India, around 1800, p. 448
Fred Jongkind, A Reappraisal of the Role of Regional Associations in Lima, Peru: An Epistemological Perspective, p. 471

Vittorio Lanternari, Nativistic and Socio-Religious Movements: A Reconsideration, p. 483
Margaret Sanford, Revitalization Movements as Indicators of Completed Acculturation, p. 504

Book received, p. 519

a. 16, 1974, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 265

M. A. Qadeer, Do Cities Modernize the Developing Countries?: An Examination of the South Asian Experience, p. 266

Robert R. Kaufman, The Patron-Client Concept and Macro-Politics: Prospects and Problems, p. 284

Kenneth P. Vickery, ‘Herrenvolk’ Democracy and Egalitarianism in South Africa and the U.S. South, p. 309

Stephen Sharot, Minority Situation and Religious Acculturation: A Comparative Analysis of Jewish Communities, p. 329

Scott Cook, ‘Structural Substantivism’: A Critical Review of Marshall Sahlins’ Stone Age Economics (Review Article), p. 355

Books received, p. 380

a. 16, 1974, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 137

Gordon Stewart, Charisma and Integration: An Eighteenth-Century North American Case, p. 138
Arthur Schweitzer, Theory of Political Charisma, p. 150
Joseph Sanders, Beauty and Charisma: A Commentary on A. Schweitzer’s ‘Theory of Political Charisma’, p. 182

A. J. R. Russell-Wood, Local Government in Portuguese America: A Study in Cultural Divergence, p. 187

Kenneth Bock, Comparison of Histories: The Contribution of Henry Maine, p. 232

Books received, p. 263

a. 16, 1974, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

William R. Siddall, No Nook Secure: Transportation and Environmental Quality, p. 2
Donald M. Reid, The Rise of Professions and Professional Organization in Modern Egypt, p. 24
Aram A. Yengoyan, Demographic and Economic Aspects of Poverty in the Rural Philippines, p. 58
E. A. Hammel, Peter Laslett, Comparing Household Structure Over Time and Between Cultures, p. 73

Marion J. Levy Jr., New Uses of Demography, p. 110
Oriol Pi-Sunyer, Elites and Noncorporate Groups in the European Mediterranean: a Reconsideration of the Catalan Case, p. 117

Books Received, p. 132

a. 15, 1973, 4

Editorial review of volume 15, p. 393

Albert Szymanski, Fascism, Industrialism and Socialism: The Case of Italy, p. 395
Harish Khare, Restructuring of Values: Princes in the 1971 Elections, p. 405
B. Marie Perinbam, Social Relations in the Trans-Saharan and Western Sudanese Trade: An Overview, p. 416
D. E. Brown, Social Classification and History, p. 437
Joseph Ben-David, The State of Sociological Theory and the Sociological Community (Review Article), p. 448
Robert Nisbet, The Myth of the Renaissance (Review Article), p. 473
John Demos, Reflections on the History of the Family (Review Essay), p. 493

a. 15, 1973, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 257

A. W. Singham, N. L. Singham, Cultural Domination and Political Subordination: Notes towards a Theory of the Caribbean Political System, p. 258
Hanna Papanek, Purdah: Separate Worlds and Symbolic Shelter, p. 289
Nadia Youssef, Cultural Ideals, Feminine Behavior and Kinship Control, p. 326
Hilda Kuper, Costume and Identity, p. 348
Ruth Katz, The Egalitarian Waltz, p, 368
Henry A. Landsberger, The Problem of Peasant Wars (Review Article), p. 378

a. 15, 1973, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 129

Martin Schiff, Neo-transcendentalism in the New Left Counter-culture: A Vision of the Future Looking Back, p. 130
Sheldon Shapiro, Patterns of Religious Reformations, p. 143
Wolfram Fischer, Rural Industrialization and Population Change, p. 158
John Stuart MacDonald, Leatrice D. Mac-Donald, Transformation of African and Indian Family Traditions in the Southern Caribbean, p. 171
Dean C. Tipps, Modernization Theory and the Study of National Societies: A Critical Perspective, p. 199
Pamela J. Utz, Evolutionism Revisited (Review Article), p. 227
James A. Vann, The Comparative Method and German Urban History (Review Article), p. 240
Myron Weiner, National Integration vs. Nationalism (Review Article), p. 248

a. 15, 1973, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Jack Goody, Strategies of Heirship, p. 3
Ira M. Lapidus, The Early Evolution of Muslim Urban Society, p. 21
Clifton K. Yearley, The ‘Provincial Party’ and the Megalopolises: London, Paris, and New York, 1850-1910, p. 51
Barbara Jane Macklin, N. Ross Crumrine, Three North Mexican Folk Saint Movements, p. 89
William A. Christian Jr., Holy People in Peasant Europe, p. 106
Song Nai Rhee, Jewish Assimilation: The Case of Chinese Jews, p. 115

a. 14, 1972, 4

Editorial review of volume 14, p. 385

Ian Henderson, White Populism in Southern Rhodesia, p. 387
Leo Kuper, Race, Class and Power: Some Comments on Revolutionary Change, p. 400
Godfrey N. Uzoigwe, Precolonial Markets in Bunyoro-Kitara, p. 422
David Barkin, John W. Bennett, Kibbutz and Colony: Collective Economies and the Outside World, p. 456
William H. Alkire, Concepts of Order in Southeast Asia and Micronesia, p. 484
Anton Blok, The Peasant and the Brigand: Social Banditry Reconsidered, p. 494
Eric Hobsbawm, Social Bandits: Reply (to Blok), p. 503
A. E. Campbell, Open Diplomacy (Comment on Birn and Singer), p. 506
Robert M. Spaulding, Japan’s Search for Cultural Identity (Review Article), p. 514

a. 14, 1972, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 249

Rhoads Murphey, City and Countryside as Ideological Issues: India and China, p. 250
Alejandro Portes, Rationality in the Slum: An Essay on Interpretive Sociology, p. 268
Martha E. François, Reformation and Society: An Analysis of Guy Swanson’s Religion and Regime, p. 287
Daniel W. Howe, The Decline of Calvinism: An Approach to its Study, p. 306
Edward Hansen, Peter Schneider, Jane Schneider, Modernization and Development: The Role of Regional Elites and Noncorporate Groups in the European Mediterranean, p. 328
Conrad P. Kottak, Ecological Variables in the Origin and Evolution of African States: The Buganda Example, p. 351

a. 14, 1972, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 129

Richard Ashcraft, Marx and Weber on Liberalism as Bourgeois Ideology, p. 130
Walter P. Zenner, Aqiili Agha: The Strongman in the Ethnic Relations of the Ottoman Galilee, p. 169
David Gutmann, Comment: The Uses of Reminiscence, p. 188
R. H. Dekmejian, M. J. Wyszomirski, Charismatic Leadership in Islam: The Mahdi of the Sudan, p. 193
Eul-Soo Pang, Ron L. Seckinger, The Mandarins of Imperial Brazil, p. 215

a. 14, 1972, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

John A. Armstrong, Old-Regime Governors: Bureaucratic and Patrimonial Attributes, p. 2
T. M. McCaskie, Innovational Eclecticism: The Asante Empire and Europe in the Nineteenth Century, p. 30
Carlo M. Cipolla, The Diffusion of Innovations in Early Modern Europe, p. 46
Marc Galanter, The Aborted Restoration of ‘Indigenous’ Law in India, p. 53
R. S. Khare, Indigenous Culture and Lawyer’s Law in India, p. 71
Beverley J. Pooley, Comment on Khare, p. 96
Charles Morrison, Kinship in Professional Relations: A Study of North Indian District Lawyers, p. 100
S. C. Humphreys, Review Article, p. 126

a. 13, 1971, 4

Editorial review of volume 13, p. 363

John J. Appel, From Shanties to Lace Curtains: The Irish Image in Puck, 1877-1910, p. 365
W. R. Jones, The Image of the Barbarian in Medieval Europe, p. 376
Romila Thapar, The Image of the Barbarian in Early India, p. 408
Sidney W. Mintz, Groups, Group Boundaries and the Perception of ‘Race’ (Review Article), p. 437
Denis Goulet, Marco Walshok, Values Among Underdeveloped Marginals: Illustrative Notes on Spanish Gypsies, p. 451
Rorert LaPorte, Jr., James F. Petras, Jeffrey C. Rinehart, The Concept of Agrarian Reform and Its Role in Development: Some Notes on Social Cause and Effect, p. 473

a. 13, 1971, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 245

Sidney W. Mintz, Men, Women, and Trade, p. 247
G. William Skinner, Chinese Peasants in the Closed Community: An Open and Shut Case, p. 270
John D. Powell, Venezuelan Agrarian Problems in Comparative Perspective, p. 282
Alex Weingrod, Emma Morin, ‘Post-Peasants’: The Character of Contemporary Sardinian Society, p. 301
Frances Hill, Millenarian Machines in South Vietnam, p. 325
Alexander Gerschenkron, The Concept of Continuity in German Anthropology (Review Article), p. 351

a. 13, 1971, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 121

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