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Comparative Studies in Society and History: an International Quaterly

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a. 52, 2010, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 703

Research Articles
Katherine Bowie, Women’s Suffrage in Thailand: A Southeast Asian Historiographical Challenge, p. 708
Suzy Kim, Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the North Korean Revolution, 1945-1950, p. 742
Nancy Foner, Richard Alba, Narrative Dispossession: Tibet and the Gendered Logics of Historical PossibilityCarole McGranahan, p. 768
Immigration and the Legacies of the Past: The Impact of Slavery and the Holocaust on Contemporary Immigrants in the United States and Western Europe, p. 798
Damani J. Partridge, Holocaust Mahnmal (Memorial): Monumental Memory amidst Contemporary Race, p. 820
Katherine E. Hoffman, Berber Law by French Means: Customary Courts in the Moroccan Hinterlands, 1930-1956, p. 851
Tong Lam, Policing the Imperial Nation: Sovereignty, International Law, and the Civilizing Mission in Late Qing China, p. 881
Robert Vitalis, The Noble American Science of Imperial Relations and Its Laws of Race Development, p. 909

Review Articles, p. 939
CSSH Notes, p. 947

a. 52, 2010, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 489

Research Articles
Hussein Ali Agrama, Secularism, Sovereignty, Indeterminacy: Is Egypt a Secular or a Religious State?, p. 495
Nandini Chatterjee, English Law, Brahmo Marriage, and the Problem of Religious Difference: Civil Marriage Laws in Britain and India, p. 524
James McDougall, The Secular State’s Islamic Empire: Muslim Spaces and Subjects of Jurisdiction in Paris and Algiers, 1905-1957, p. 553
Joyce Dalsheim, On Demonized Muslims and Vilified Jews: Between Theory and Politics, p. 581
Khaled Furani, Said and the Religious Other, p. 604
Gregory Starrett, The Varieties of Secular Experience, p. 626
Kabir Tambar, The Aesthetics of Public Visibility: Alevi Semah and the Paradoxes of Pluralism in Turkey, p. 652
John R. Bowen, Secularism: Conceptual Genealogy or Political Dilemma?, p. 680
CSSH Notes, p. 695

a. 52, 2010, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 219

Research Articles
Nicolas Argenti, Things that Don’t Come by the Road: Folktales, Fosterage, and Memories of Slavery in the Cameroon Grassfields, p. 224
Tracey Banivanua-Mar, Cannibalism and Colonialism: Charting Colonies and Frontiers in Nineteenth-Century Fiji, p. 255
Steffen Hertog, The Sociology of the Gulf Rentier Systems: Societies of Intermediaries, p. 282
Christopher Krupa, State by Proxy: Privatized Government in the Andes, p. 319
Morgan Clarke, Neo-Calligraphy: Religious Authority and Media Technology in Contemporary Shiite Islam, p. 351
Rebecca P. Scales, Subversive Sound: Transnational Radio, Arabic Recordings, and the Dangers of Listening in French Colonial Algeria, 1934-1939, p. 384
John Taylor, The Troubled Histories of a Stranger God: Religious Crossing, Sacred Power, and Anglican Colonialism in Vanuatu, p. 418
Hilary M. Carey, Lancelot Threlkeld, Biraban, and the Colonial Bible in Australia, p. 447

CSSH Notes, p. 479

a. 52, 2010, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Research Articles
Christine Folch, Stimulating Consumption: Yerba Mate Myths, Markets, and Meanings from Conquest to Present, p. 6
Caroline Melly, Inside-Out Houses: Urban Belonging and Imagined Futures in Dakar, Senegal, p. 37
Graham M. Jones, Modern Magic and the War on Miracles in French Colonial Culture, p. 66
Birgit Meyer, “There Is a Spirit in that Image”: Mass-Produced Jesus Pictures and Protestant-Pentecostal Animation in Ghana, p. 100
Kevin Lewis O’Neill, I Want More of You: The Politics of Christian Eroticism in Postwar Guatemala, p. 131
Vicente L. Rafael, Welcoming What Comes: Sovereignty and Revolution in the Colonial Philippines, p. 157
Christian W. McMillen, Niels Brimnes, Medical Modernization and Medical Nationalism: Resistance to Mass Tuberculosis Vaccination in Postcolonial India, 1948-1955, p. 180

CSSH Notes, p. 210 Erratum, p. 218

a. 51, 2009, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 685

Archaeology Annex
Stefanie Gäncier, Conquering the Past: Post-War Archaeology and Nationalism in the Borderlands of Chile and Peru, c. 1880-1920, p. 691

Free and Forced Labor
Alessandro Stanziani, The Traveling Panopticon: Labor Institutions and Labor Practies in Russia and Britain in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, p. 715
Dennis Hodgson, Malthus’ Essay on Population and the American Debate over Slavery, p. 742

Convering Worlds
E. Natalie Rothman, Interpreting Dragomans: Boundaries and Crossings in the Early Modern Mediterianean, p. 771
Gary Urton, Sin, Confession, and the Arts of Book and Cord-Keeping: An Intercontinental and Transcoltural Exploration of Accounting and Governmentality, p. 801

Acting School
Alaina Lemon, Sympathy for the Weary State?: Cold War Ohronotopes and Moscow Others, p. 832
Maury Hutcheson, Memory, Mimesis, and Narrative in the K’iché’ Mayan Serpent Dance of Joyabaj, Guatemala, p. 865

Nuclear Exceptionalism
Gabrielle Hecht, Africa and the Nuclear World: Labor, Occupational Health, and the Transnational Production of Uranium, p. 896

CSSH Discussion
Marc Baer, Ussama Makdsi, Andrew Shhyock, Tolerance and Conversion in the Ottoman Empire: A Conversation, p. 927

CSSH Notes, p. 941

a. 51, 2009, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 469

The Ethics Effect
Stefan Henning, History of the Soul: A Chinese Writer, Nietzsche, and Tiananmen 1989, p. 473

The Pious Modern
Ousman Kobo, The Development of Wahhabi Reforms in Ghana and Burkina Faso, 1960-1990: Elctive Affinities between Western-Educated Muslims and Islamic Scholars, p. 502
Roschanack Shaery-Eisenlohr, Territorializing Piety: Genealogy, Transnationalism, and Shi’ite Politics in Modern Labanon, p. 533

The Orientalist Variations
Raf Gelders, Genealogy of Colonial Discourse: Hindu Tradition and the Limits of European Representation, p. 563
Paul Manning, Just Like England: Ora the Liberal Institutions of the Circassians, p. 590
Alexander Morrison, “Applied Orientalism” in British India and Tsarist Turkestan, p. 619

The Privilege-Centered Policy
Venelin I. Ganev, Postcommunist Political Capitalism: A Weberian Interpretation, p. 648

CSSH Discussion, p. 675
CSSH Notes, p. 675

a. 51, 2009, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 231

Good Soldiers/Bad Soldier
Luise White, “Heading: for the Gun”: Skills and Sophistication in the African Guerrilla War, p. 236
Andrew Bickford, Soldiers, Citizens, and the State: East German Army Officers in Post-Unification Germany, p. 260

Labor of Life
Gisli Pálsson, Biosocial Relations of Production, p. 288

Mixture and Maturation in the Colonies
David M. Pomfret, Raising Eurasia: Race, Class, and Age in French and British Colonies, p. 314

Dissecting Religious Violence
Selim Deringil, “The Armenian Question Is Finally Closed”: Mass Cornversions of Armenians in Anatolia during the Harmidian Massacres of 1895-1897, p. 344
Norbert Peabody, Disciplining the Body, Disciplining the Body-Politic: Physical Culture and Social Violence among North Indian Wrestlers, p. 372

State-Socialist Consumerism
Diane P. Koenker, Whose Right to Rest? Contesting the Family Vacation in the Postwar Soviet Union, p. 401
Krisztina Fehérváry, Goods and States: The Political Logic of State-Socialist Material Culture, p. 426

CSSH Discussion, p. 460
CSSH Notes, p. 460

a. 51, 2009, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Aftermath Thematics
Sharad Chari, Katherine Verdery, Thinking between the Posts: Postcolonialisim, Postsocialism and Ethnography after the Cold War, p. 6

Interpreting Conversion
Tijana Krstc, Illuminated by the Ligth of Islam and the Glory of the Ottoman Sultanate: Self-Narratives of Convention to Islam in the Age of Confessionalization, p. 35
Matt Tomlinson, Efficacy. Truth, and Silence : Language Ideologies in Ftjian Christian Conversion, p. 64
Esra Özyürek, Convert Alert: German Muslims and Turkish Christians as Thaets to Security in the New Europe, p. 91

Colonial Consolidation, Limited
Jun Uchida, “A Scramble for Freight”: The Politics of Collaboration along and across the Railway Tracks of Korea under Japanese Rule, p. 117

Political Operators
Christine Philliou, Communities on the Verge: Unraveling the Phanariot Ascendancy in Ottoman Governance, p. 151
Craig Jeffrey, Fixing Futures: Educatcd Unemployment through a North Indian Lens, p. 182

CSSH Discussion
Félipe Fernandez Armesto, History beyond History : New Adventures on the Fronties of Traditional Historiograpby. A review Essay, p. 212

CSSH Notes, p. 220

a. 50, 2008, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 827

Research Articles
James R. Brennan, Lowering the Sultan’s Flag: Sovereignty and Decolonization in Coastal Kenya, p. 831
Ken Maclean, In Search of Kilometer Zero: Digital Archives, Technological Revisionism, and the Sino-Vietnamese Border, p. 862
Judith Schede, A Taste for Law: Rule-Making in Kabylia (Algeria), p. 895
Paul Nugent, Putting the History Back into Ethnicity: Enslavement, Religion, and Cultural Brokerage in the Construction of Mandinka/Jola and Ewe/Agotime Identities in West Africa, c. 1650-1930, p. 920
J. Lorand Matory, The Illusion of Isolation: The GuUah/Geechees and the Politicai Economy of African Culture in the Americas, p. 949
, The Break-Up of the Poor Laws- German Style: Progressivism and the Origins of the Larry FrohmanWelfare State, 1900-1918, p. 981
Sunil S. Amrith, Food and Welfare in India, e. 1900-1950, p. 1010

Review Articles, p. 1036
CSSH Notes, p. 1047

a. 50, 2008, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 577

Research Articles
Johanna Bockman, Michael A. Bernstein, Scientific Community in a Divided World: Economists, Planning, and Research Priority during the Cold War, p. 581
Laura L. Adams, Globalization, Universalism, and Cultural Form, p. 614
Erik Lindberg, The Rise of Hamburg as a Global Marketplace in the Seventeenth Century: A Comparative Politicai Economy Perspective, p. 641
Erica Schoenberger, The Origins of the Market Economy: State Power, Territorial Control, and Modes of War Fighting, p. 663
Victor Lieberman, Protected Rimlands and Exposed Zones: Reconfiguring Premodern Eurasia, p. 692
Katherine E. Hoffman, Purity and Contamination: Language Ideologies in French Colonial Native Policy in Morocco, p. 724
Choi Chatterjee, Transnational Romance, Terror, and Heroism: Russia in American Popular Fiction, 1860-1917, p. 753
Robert Shilliam, What the Haitian Revolution Might Teli Us about Development, Security, and the Politics of Race, p. 778

Review Articles, p. 809
CSSH Notes, p. 819

a. 50, 2008, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 333

Research Articles
Tamir Sorek, Cautious Commemoration: Localism, Communalism, and Nationalism in Palestinian Memorial Monuments in Israel, p. 337
Lara Deeb, Exhibiting the “Just-Lived Past”: Hizbullah’s Nationalist Narratives in Transnational Political Context, p. 369
Susanne E. Freidberg, The Triumph of the Egg, p. 400
Brenda Chalfin, Cars, the Customs Service, and Sumptuary Rule in Neoliberal Ghana, p. 424
Wei-Ping Lin, Conceptualizing Gods through Statues: A Study of Personification and Localization in Taiwan, p. 454
Sean Hanretta, Gender and Agency in the History of a West African Sufi Community: The Followers of Yacouba Sylla, p. 478
Eli Lederhendler, Classless: On the Social Status of Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe in the Late Nineteenth Century, p. 509
Abigail Green, Nationalism and the ‘Jewish International’ : Religious Internationalism in Europe and the Middle East C.1840-C.1880, p. 535

Review Articles, p. 559
CSSH Notes, p. 568

a. 50, 2008, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Research Articles
Raymond Grew, On the Society and History of CSSH, p. 9
Thomas R. Trautmann, Being Editor, p. 21
Alyosha Goldstein, On the Internai Border: Colonial Difference, the Cold War, and the Locations of “Underdevelopment”, p. 26
Subir Sinha, Lineages of the Developmentalist State: Transnationality and Village India, 1900-1965, p. 57
Golfo Alexopoulos, Stalin and the Politics of Kinship: Practices of Collective Punishment, 1920s-1940s, p. 91
Alena Ledeneva, Blat and Guanxi: Informai Practices in Russia and China, p. 118
David Fitzgerald, Colonies of the Little Motherland: Membership, Space, and Time in Mexican Migrant Hometown Associations, p. 145
C. J. Fuller, Haripriya Narasimhan, From Landlords to Software Engineers: Migration and Urbanization among Tamil Brahmans, p. 170
Stephanie Cronin, Importing Modernity: European Military Missions to Qajar Iran, p. 197
Dafna Hirsch, Interpreters of Occident to the Awakening Orient: The Jewish Public Health Nurse in Mandate Palestine, p. 227
Janaki Bakhle, Music as the Sound of the Secular, p. 256
Simon J. Harrison, Skulls and Scientific Collecting in the Victorian Military: Keeping the Enemy Dead in British Frontier Warfare, p. 285
Lynn M. Morgan, The Embryography of Alice B. Toklas, p. 304

CSSH Notes, p. 326

a. 49, 2007, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 747

Painting Power
Sumathi Ramaswamy, Conceit of the Globe in Mughal, p. 751

Visual Practice
Chang-tai Hung, Oil Paintings and Politics: Weaving a Heroic Tale of the Chinese Communist Revolution, p. 783

Rule and Revolt
Dylan J. Riley, Manali Desai, The Passive Revolutionary Route to the Modern World: Italy and India in Comparative Perspective, p. 815
Lane F. Fargher, Richard E. Blanton, Revenue, Voice, and Public Goods in Three Pre-Modern States, p. 848

Against the Benefits of Trade
Thaddeus Sunseri, “Every African a Nationalist”: Scientific Forestry and Forest Nationalism in Colonial Tanzania, p. 883
Matthew P. Romaniello, Throught the Filter of Tobacco: The Limits of Global Trade in the Early Modern World, p. 914

Vernacular Politics
Megan C. Thomas, K is for De Kolonization: Anti Colonial Nationalism and Orthographic Reform, p. 938
Patrick Eisenlohr, Creol Publics: Language, Cultural Citizenship, and the Spread of the Nation in Mauritius, p. 968

CSSH Discussion
John F. Collins, Recent Approaches in English to Brazilian Racial Ideologies: Ambiguity, Research Methods, and Semiotic Ideologies. A reviews Essay, p. 997

CSSH Notes, p. 1010

a. 49, 2007, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 491

Magic, Mediums, Monsters
Margaret J. Wiener, Dangerous Liaisons and other Tales from the Twilight Zone: Sex, Race, and Sorcery in Colonial Java, p. 495
Neil Kodesh, History from the Healer’s Shrine: Genre, Historical Imagination, and Early Ganda History, p. 527
Jorge Flores, Distant Wonders: The Strange and the Marvelous between Mughal India and Habsburg Iberia in the Early Seventeenth Century, p. 553

Slaves and the Written Word
Pier M. Larson, Malagasy at the Mascarenes: Publishing in a Servile Vernacular before the French Revolution, p. 582
Sandra Lauderdale Graham, Writing from the Margins: Brazilian Slaves and Written Culture, p. 611

Subject Lessons
Ian Copland, The Limits of Hegemony: Elite Responses to Nineteenth-Century Imperiai and Missionary Acculturation Strategies in India, p. 637
Sanjay Seth, Changing the Subject: Western Knowledge and the Question of Difference, p. 666

Illegal Identities
Wilson Chacko Jacob, Eventful Transformations: Al-Futuwwa between History and the Everyday, p. 689
Pamela Ballinger, Borders of the Nation, Borders of Citizenship: Italian Repatriation and the Redefinition of National Identity after World War II, p. 713

CSSH Discussion
CSSH Notes, p. 742

a. 49, 2007, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 239

Smita Lahiri, Rhetorical Indios: Didactic Propaganda and Their Publics in the Spanish Philippines, p. 243
Laleh Khalili, “Standing with My Brother”: Hizbullah, Palestinians, and the Limits of Solidarity, p. 276

Political Moralities/Moral Polities
Judith Scheele, Recycling Baraka: Knowledge, Polities, an Religion Contemporary Algeria, p. 304
Linda T. Darling, Social Cohesion (‘Asabiyya) and Justice in the Late Medieval Middle East, p. 329
Alan Strathern, Transcendentalist Intransigence: Why Rulers Rejected Monotheism in Early Modern Southeast Asia and Beyond, p. 358

Sovereignties and Subordinations
Radhika V. Mongia, Historicizing State Sovereignty: Inequaiity and the Form of Equivalence, p. 384
Radhika Singha, Finding Labor from India for the War in Iraq: The Jail Porter and Labor Corps, 1916-1920, p. 412
Victor M. Uribe-Uran, “Iglesia me Llamo”: Church Asylum and the Law in Spain and Colonial Spanish America, p. 446

CSSH Discussion
Keith Hart, Marcel Maussi: In Pursuit of the Whole. A Review Essay, p. 473

CSSH Notes, p. 486

a. 49, 2007, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Govern by Number
Mara Loveman, “Blinded Like a State”: The Revolt against Civil Registration in Nineteenth-Century Brazil, p. 5
Fran Markowitz, Census and Sensibilities in Sarajevo, p. 40

Dialogics of Empire
Julian Go, The Provinciality of American’Empire: ‘Liberal Exceptionalism’ and U.S. Colonial Rule, 1898-1912, p. 74
Daniel P. S. Goh, States of Ethnography: Colonialism, Resistance, and Cultural Transcription in Malaya and The Philippines, 1890s-1930s, p. 109

Interwar Globalism
Margherita Zanasi, Exporting Developraent: The League of Nations and Republican China, p. 143
Alison Bashford, Nation, Empire. Globe: The Spaces of Population Debate in the Interwar Years, p. 170

Cocaine Nationalism
Paul Gootenberg, A Forgotten Case of “Scientific Excellence on the Periphery”: The Nationalist Cocaine Science of Alfredo Bignom, 1884- 1887, p. 202

CSSH Discussion, p. 203
CSSH Notes, p. 233

a. 48, 2006, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 759

Vexed Affinities
Liliana Riga, Ethnonationalism, Assimilation, and the Social Worlds of the Jewish Bolsheviks in Fin de siècle Tsarist Russia, p. 762
H. Glenn Penny, Elusive Authenticity : The Quest for the Authentic Indian in German Public Culture, p. 798
Body Borders Joy Parr, A Working Knowledge of the Insensible? Radiation Protection in Nuclear Generating Stations, 1962-1992, p. 820
Stephan Palmie, Thinking with Ngangas: Reflections on Embodiment and the Limits of “Objectively Necessary Appearances”, p. 852
Moralizing State Formations Steven Pierce, Looking Like a State. Colonialism and the Discourse of Corruption in Northern Nigeria, p. 887
Duoglas Rogers, How to Be a Khoziain in a Trasforming State: State Formation and the Ethics of Governance in Post-Soviet Russia, p. 915
CSSH Discussion
Vanessa L. Fong, Globalization, the Chinese State, and Chinese Subjectivities. A Review Essay, p. 946

CSSH Notes, p. 954

a. 48, 2006, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 499

Civilizing Food
Goody Jack, Gordon Childe, The Urban Revolution, and the Haute Cuisine: An Anthropo-archaelogical View of Modern History, p. 503

Ethnologies of Science
Geismar Haidy, Malakula: A Photographic Collection, p. 520
Jacobs Nancy J., The Intimate Politics of Ornitology in Colonial Africa, p. 564

Wealth of Nations
Neiburg Federico, Inflation: Economists and Economic Cultures in Brazil and Argentina, p. 604
Johnson Lyman L., Franl Zephyr, Cities and Wealth in the South Atlantic: Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro before 1860, p. 634

Making Sovereignty
de Costa Ravi, Identity, Authority, and the Moral Worlds of Indigenous Petitions, p. 669
Cattelino Jessica, Florida Seminole Housing and the Social Meanings of Sovereignty, p. 699

Family Romance
Mir Farina, Genre and Devotion in Punjabi Popular Marratives: Rethnking Cultural and Religious Syncretism, p. 727

a. 48, 2006, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 239

Fighting Words
Lincoln Bruce, An Early Moment in the Discourse of ‘Terrorism’: Reflections on a Tale from Marco Polo, p. 242
Delaney Carol, Columbus’ Ultimate Foal: Jerusalem, p. 260
Knobler Adam, Holy Wars, Empires, and the Portability of the Past: The Modern Uses of Medieval Crusades, p. 293

Relations of Kinship
Barnes Robert H., Maurice Godelier and the Metamorphosis of Kinship, A Review Essay, p. 326
Parkes Peter, Celtic Fosterage: Adoptive Kinship and Clientage in Northwest Europe, p. 359
Vaz da Silva Francisco, Sexual Horns: The Anatomy and Metaphysics of Cuckoldry in European Folklore, p. 396

Violen Knowledge
Zimmerman Andrew, “What Do You Really Want in German East Africa, Herr Professor?” Counterinsurgency and the Science Effect in Colonial Tanzania, p. 419
Bailkin Jordanna, The Boot and the Spleen: When Was Murder Possible in British India?, p. 462

CSSH Discussion, p. 494

a. 48, 2006, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Voices in the Wilderness
Adler Judith, Cultivating Wilderness: Environmentalism and Legacies of Early Christian Ascenticism, p. 4

Disciplining and Punishing
Ogilvie Sheilangh, “So that Every Subject Knows How to Behave”: Social Disciplining in Early Modern Bohemia, p. 38
Pardo F. Osvaldo, How to Punish Indians: Law and Cultural Change in Early Colonial Mexico, p. 79

Making a Difference
Böröcz József, Goodness Is Elsewhere: The Rule of European Difference, p. 110
Sarkar Mahua, Difference in Memory, p. 139

Seeing States
Covey R. Alan, Chronology, Succession, and Sovereignty: The Politics of Inka Historiography and Its Modern Interpretation, p. 169
Roy Srirupa, Seeing a State: National Commemorations and the Public Sphere in India and Turkey, p. 200

CSSH Discussion, p. 233

a. 47, 2005, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 673

Andrew Sartori, The Resonance of “Culture”: Framing a Problem in Global concept-History, p. 676

Lauren Benton, Legal Spaces of Empire: Piracy and the Origins of Ocean Regionalism, p. 700
Robert Blecher, Citizens without Sovereignty: Transfer and Ethnic Cleasing in Israel, p. 725

David N. Gellner, The Emergence of Conversion in a Hindu-Buddhist Polytropy: The Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, c. 1600-1995, p. 755
Matthew Engelke, The Early Days of Johane Masowe: Self-Doubt, Uncertainty, and Religious Trasformation, p. 781

Michael S. Dodson, Translating Science, Traslating Empire: The Power of Language in Colonial North India, p. 809
Cyrus Schayegh, Serial Murder in Tehran: Crime, Science, and the Formation of Modern State and Society in Interwar Iran, p. 836

Ilana Feldman, Everyday Government in Extraordinary Times: Persistence and Authority in Gaza’s Civil Service, 1917-1967, p. 863

CSSH Discussion, p. 892

a. 47, 2005, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 439

Erik Mueggler, “The Lapponicum Sea”: Matter, Sense, and Affect in the Botanical Exploration of Southwest China and Tibet, p. 442

Greg Johnson, Narrative Remains: Articulating Indian Identities in the Repatriation Context, p. 480
Hong Kal, Modeling the West, Returning to Asia: Shifting Politics of Representation in Japanese Colonial Expositions in Korea, p. 507
Ronald Niezen, Digital Identity: The Construction of Virtual Selfhood in The Indigenous Peoples’ Movement, p. 532

Bruce A. Magnusson, John F. Clark, Understanding Democratic Survival and Democratic Failure in Africa: Insights from Divergent Democratic Experiments in Benin and Congo (Brazzaville), p. 552

Melanie J. Newton, The King v. Robert James, a Slave, for Rape: Inequality, Gender, and British Slave Amelioration 1823-1834, p. 583
Rachel Sturman, Property and Attachments: Defining Autonomy and the Claims of Family in Nineteenth-Century Western India, p. 611

Paul D. McLean, Patronage, Citizenship, and the Stalled Emergence of the Modern State in Renaissance Florence, p. 638

CSSH Discussion, p. 665

a. 47, 2005, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 231

Daphne Berdahl, The Spirit of Capitalism and the Boundaries of Citizenship in Post-Wall Germany, p. 235
David Newbury, Returning Refugees: Four Historical Patterns of “Coming Home” to Rwanda, p. 252

David Chappell, “Africanization” in the Pacific: Blaming Others for Disorder in the Periphery?, p. 286
Brian Owensby, Toward a History of Brazil’s “Cordial Racism”: Race Beyond Liberalism, p. 318
Ivan Davidson Kalmar, Benjamin Disraeli, Romantic Orientalist, p. 348

Anthony Oberschall, Michael Seidman, Food Coercion in Revolution and Civil War: Who Wins and How They Do It, p. 372
Enrico Dal Lago, States of Rebellion: Civil War, Rural Unrest, and the Agrariana Question in the American South and the Italian Mezzogiorno, 1861-1865, p. 403

CSSH Discussion, p. 433

a. 47, 2005, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Gonzalo Lamana, Beyond Exotization and Likeness: Alterity and the Production o Sense in a Colonial Encounter, p. 4
Charlene Makley, “Speaking Bitterness”: Autobiography, History, and Mnemonic Politics on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier, p. 40
Don K. Rowney, Narrating the Russian Revolution: Institutionalism and Continuity across Regime Change, p. 79

Eddy U, Leninist Reforms, Workplace Cleavages, and Teachers in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, p. 106

Brian Silverstein, Islamist Critique in Modern Turkey: Hermeneutics, Tradition, Genealogy, p. 134
Vickie Langohr, Colonail Education Systems and the Spread of Local Religious Movements: The Cases of British Egypt and Punjab, p. 161

Michael Scott, Hybridity, Vacuity, and Blockage: Visions of Chaos from Anthropological Theory, Island Melanesia, and Central Africa, p. 190

CSSH Discussion, p. 217
CSSH Notes, p. 225

a. 46, 2004, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 653

Ulbe Bosma, Citizens of Empire: Some Comparative Observations on the Evolution of Creole Nationalism in Colonial Indonesia, p. 656
Marc Baer, The Double Bind of Race and Religion: The Conversion of the Dönme to Turkish Secular Nationalism, p. 682

M. C. Jedrej, The Southern Funj of the Sudan as a Frontier Society, 1820-1980, p. 709
Milen V. Petrov, Everyday Forms of Compliance: Subaltern Commentaries on Ottoman Reform, 1864-1868, p. 730
Sharad Chari, Provincializing Capital: The Work of an Agrarian Past in South Indian Industry, p. 760

Horng-Luen Wang, National Culture and Its Discontents: The Politics of Heritage and Language in Taiwan, 1949-2003, p. 786

Natasha Eaton, Between Mimesis and Alterity: Art, Gift, and Diplomacy in Colonial India, 1770-1800, p. 816

CSSH Discussion, p. 845

a. 46, 2004, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 425

John H. D’Arms, The Culinary Reality of Roman Upper-Class Convivia: Integrating Texts and Images, p. 428
Stuart J. Borsch, Environment and Population: The Collapse of Large Irrigation Systems Reconsidered, p. 451
Lauren Morris MacLean, Empire of the Young: The Legacies of State Agricultural Policy on Local Capitalism and Social Support Networks in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, p. 469

Joseph S. Alter, Indian Clubs and Colonialism: Hindu Masculinity and Muscular Christianity, p. 497

Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz, Angela Stach, Vrushali Patil, Timothy Patrick Moran, Measuring National Income: A Critical Assessment, p. 535

Peter Parkes, Fosterage, Kinship, and Legend: When Milk Was Thicker than Blood?, p. 587
Margaret L. Brown, Reclaiming Lost Ancestors and Acknowledging Slave Descent: Insights from Madagascar, p. 616

CSSH Discussion, p. 646

a. 46, 2004, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 207

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