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Comparative Studies in Society and History: an International Quaterly

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a. 2/4, 1960

Edward Shils, Political Development in the New States (II), p. 379
David L. Hicks, Sienese Society in the Renaissance, p. 412
Marvin B. Becker, Some Aspects of Oligarchical, Dictatorial and Popular Signorie in Florence, 1282-1382, p. 421
Hans Baron, The Social Background of Political Liberty in the Early Italian Renaissance, p. 440
Gordon Griffiths, The Revolutionary Character of the Revolt of the Netherlands, p. 452
George Nadel, The Logic of the Anatomy of Revolution, with reference to the Netherlands Revolt, p. 473
John T. Krause, On the Possibility of Increasing Fertility in the Underdeveloped Nations, p. 485

Letters to the Editor, p. 488
Notice, p. 496
Books received, p. 497

a. 2/3, 1960

Edward Shils, Political Development in the New States (I), p. 265
George O. Totten, Buddhism and Socialism in Japan and Burma, p. 293
Morris David Morris, The Recruitment of an Industrial Labor Force in India, with British and American Comparisons, p. 305
Gaston V. Rimlinger, The Legitimation of Protest: a Comparative Study in Labor History, p. 329
Ernst Werner, Popular Ideologies in late mediaeval Europe: Taborite Chiliasm and its Antecedents, p. 344

L’Etranger (Recueils de la Société Jean Bodin), reviewed by M. Rheinstein, p. 364
PierFr. Bandettini, The Employment of Women in Italy 1881-1951, p. 369
Richard A. Easterlin, Implications of the Demographic History of Developed Countries for Present-Day Under-developed Nations, p. 374

a. 2/2, 1960

J. A. Barnes, Indigenous Politics and Colonial Administration with special reference to Australia, p. 133
John S. Galbraith, The “Turbolent Frontier” as a Factor in British Expansion, p. 150
Charles Gibson, The Aztec Aristocracy in Colonial Mexico, p. 169
Leslie H. Palmier, The Javenese Nobility under the Dutch, p. 197
Clifford Geerts, The Javanese Kijaji: the Changing Role of a Cultural Broker, p. 228
Leonard Binder, The Islamic Tradition and Politics: the Kijaji and the Alim (A Comment on Clifford Geertz’s The Javanese Kijaji), p. 250

Harry J. Benda, The Crescent and the Rising Sun. Indonesian Islam under the Japanese Occupation 1942-1945; C. A. O. van Nieuwenhuijze, Aspects of Islam in Past-Colonial Indonesia. Five Essays(Amry Vandenbosch), p. 257

a. 2/1, 1959

Francis X. Sutton, Representation and the Nature of Political Systems, p. 1
L. A. Fallers, Despotism, Status Culture and Social Mobility in an African Kingdom, p. 11
C. C. Wrigley, The Christian Revolution in Buganda, p. 33
Carl N. Degler, Slavery and the Genesis of American Race Prejudice, p. 49
Hyman Kublin, The Evolution of Japanese Colonialism, p. 67
H. Schiffrin, Pow-Key Sohn, Henry George on Two Continents: A Comparative Study in the Diffusion of Ideas, p. 85
Hayden V. White, Ibn Khaldûn in World Philosophy of History, p. 110
Sylvia L. Thrupp, Hicrarchy, Illusion and Social Mobility, p. 126

Committee for the Study of Mankind, p. 129

Books received, p. 130

a. 1/4, 1959

Justus M. van Der Kroef, Javanese Messianic Expectations: Their Origin and Cultural Context, p. 299
Margaret Mead, Independent Religious Movements, p. 324
Ping-Ti Ho, Aspects of Social Mobility in China, 1368-1911, p. 330
Brian Tierney, The Decretists and the “Deserving Poor”, p. 360
Brian Rodgers, Comment, p. 374
Robert H. Bremner, Modern Attitudes toward Charity and Relief, p. 377

The State and Religion:
I. Comments, by James H. Nichols, p. 383
II. Comments, by J. van Buitenen, p. 385
III. Reply to Critics, by Rushton Coulborn, p. 387

Reviews, p. 394
Short Notices, p. 400

a. 1/3, 1959

Dietrich Gerhard, The Frontier in Comparative View, p. 205
A. L. Kroeber, Comments on the Grays’ Four Hundred Year Cycle in Human Ability, p. 230
Traian Stoianovich, The Pattern of Serbian Intellectual Evolution, 1830-1880, p. 242
Sidney Mintz, Labor and Sugar in Puerto Rico and in Jamaica, 1800-1850, p. 273
Elsa V. Goveia, Comment, p. 281

Silvio Zavala, International Collaboration in the History of America, p. 284
Everett C. Hughes, Social Science in Prague, p. 288

Reviews, p. 291

a. 1/2, 1959

Sigmund Neumann, The Comparative Study of Politics, p. 105
L. P. Mair, Independent Religious Movements in Three Continents, p. 113
Herbert Moller, The Social Causation of the Courtly Love Complex, p. 137
John T. Krause, Some Implications of Recent Research in Demographic History, p. 164
John Leddy Phelan, Free versus Complusory Labor: Mexico and the Philippines 1540-1648, p. 189

Helmuth Plessner, ed., Untersuchungen zur Lage der deutschen Hochschullehrer (Everett C. Hughes), p. 202

a. 1/1, 1958

Sylvia L. Thrupp, Editorial, p. 1
Edward Shils, The Intellectuals and the Powers: Some Perspectives for Comparative Analysis, p. 5
E. A. Kracke, Jr., The Changing Role of the Chinese Intellectual: an Introductory Note, p. 23
Earl Swisher, Chinese Intellectuals under Western Impact, 1838-1900, p. 26
Joseph R. Strayer, The State and Religion: Greece and Rome, the West, Islam, p. 38
Rushton Coulborn, The State and Religion: Iran, India and China, p. 44
S. N. Eisenstadt, Internal Contradictions in Bureaucratic Polities, p. 58
Lawrence Krader, Feudalism and the Tatar Polity of the Middle Ages, p. 76

Jacques Bousquet, An Enquiry into the Organization of Historical Research, p. 100
Everett C. Hughes, Sociology in Moscow, p. 102