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a. 32, 1990, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 627

Gary B. Miles, Roman and Modern Imperialism: A Reassessment, p. 629
Peter P. Ekeh, Social Anthropology and Two Contrasting Uses of Tribalism in Africa, p. 660
Minion K. C. Morrison, Intragroup Conflict in African American Leadership: The Case of Tchula, Mississippi, p. 701
Daniel H. Levine, Popular Groups, Popular Culture, and Popular Religion, p. 718
Hellen F. Siu, Tradition, Culture, History, and Political Economy in the Chrysanthemum Festivals of South China, p. 765
Stephanie Lawson, The Myth of Cultural Homogeneity and Its Implications for Chiefly Power and Politics in Fiji, p. 795
Robert A. Rosenstone, Revisioning History in Film: Contemporary Filmmakers and the Construction of the Past. A Review Article, p. 822
D. L. LeMahieu, The History of British and American Sport. A Review Article, p. 838

CSSH notes, p. 845

a. 32, 1990, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 411

John Markoff, Peasants Protest: The Claims of Lord, Church, and State in the Cahiers de doléance of 1789, p. 413
Michael W. Foley, Organizing, Ideology, and Moral Suasion: Political Discourse in a Mexican town, p. 455
Todd A. Diacon, Peasants, Prophets, and Power of a Millenarian Vision in Twentieth-Century Brazil, p. 488
Stevan Harrell, Ethnicity, Local Interests, and the State: Yi Communities in Southwest China, p. 515
Liah Greenfeld, The Formation of the Russian National Identity: The Role of Status Insecurity and Ressentiment, p. 549
Hitomi Tonomura, Women and Inheritance in Japan’s Early Warrior Society, p. 592

CSSH notes, p. 624

a. 32, 1990, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 199

Timothy Wickham-Crowley, Terror and Guerilla Warfare in Latin America, 1956-1970, p. 201
William A. Douglas, Joseba Zulaika, On the Interpretation of Terrorist Violence: ETA and the Basque Political Process, p. 238
Nathan Brown, Brigands and State Building: The Invention of Banditry in Modern Egypt, p. 258
Vicente Rafael, Patronage and Pomography: Ideology and Spectatorship in the Early Marcos Years, p. 282
Cheryl English Martin, Popular Speech and Social Order in Northern Mexico, 1650-1830, p. 305
Peter McDonough, Metamorphoses of the Jesuits: Sexual Identity, Gender Roles, and Hierarchy in Catholicism, p. 325
John R. Eidson, German Club Life as a Local Cultural System, p. 357
Gyan Prakash, Writing Post-Orientalist Histories of the Third World: Perspectives from Indian Historiography, p. 383

CSSH notes, p. 409

a. 32, 1990, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Kathllen Biddick, People and Things: Power in Early English Development, p. 3
Elinor G. K. Melville, Environmental and Social Change in the Valle del Metzquital, Mexico, 1521-1600, p. 24
Arthur Steinberg, Jonathan Wylie, Counterfeiting Nature: Artistic Innovation and Cultural Crisis in Renaissance Venice, p. 54
Richard Ellis, Aaron Wildavsky, A Cultural Analysis of the Role of Abolitionists in the Coming of the Civil War, p. 89
Uli Linke, Folklore, Anthropology, and the Government of Social Life, p. 117
Nicholas Thomas, Sanitation and Seeing: The Creation of State Power in Early Colonial Fiji, p. 149
Eugene Cooper, Anthropology and History in Recent Studies of China. A Review Article, p. 171
Fran Markowitz, Plaiting the Strands of Jewish Identity. A Review Article, p. 181
Charles E. McClelland, From Compulsory Schooling to Free University in Central and West European Education. A Review Article, p. 190

CSSH notes, p. 196

a. 31, 1989, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 619

G. W. Trompf, Macrohistory and Acculturation: Between Myth and History in Modern Melanesian Adjustments and Ancient Gnosticism, p. 621
David B. Edwards, Mad Mullahs and Englishmen: Discourse in the Colonial Encounter, p. 649
John R. Bowen, Narrative Form and Political Incorporation: Changing Uses of History in Aceh, Indonesia, p. 671
Linda J. Seligmann, To Be In Between: The Cholas as Market Women, p. 694
William W. Culver, Cornel J. Reinhart, Capitalist Dreams: Chile’s Response to Nineteenth-Century World Copper Competition, p. 722
Luis Llambi, Emergence of Capitalized Family Farms in Latin America, p. 745
Jack R. Censer, Recent Approaches to the Eighteenth-Century Press. A Review Article, p. 775
Laura Engelstein, Print Culture and the Transformation of Imperial Russia: Three New Views. A Review Article, p. 784

CSSH notes, p. 791

a. 31, 1989, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 407

Teodor Shanin, Ethnicity in the Soviet Union: Analytical Perceptions and Political Strategies, p. 409
Julian Bromley, Viktor Kozlov, The Theory of Ethnos and Ethnic Process in Soviet Social Sciences, p. 425
Lynn Hollen Lees, Paul M. Hohenberg, Urban Decline and Regional Economics: Brabant, Castile, and Lombardy, 1550-1750, p. 439
Beverly Heckart, The Cities of Avignon and Worms as Expressions of the European Community, p. 462
William Cohen, Symbols of Power: Statues in Nineteenth-Century Provincial France, p. 491
Lloyd Bonfield, The Nature of Customary Law in the Manor Courts of Medieval England, p. 514
David S. Powers, Orientalism, Colonialism, and Legal History: The Attack on Muslim Family Endowments in Algeria and India, p. 535
Daniel Walker Howe, Why the Scottish Enlightenment Was Useful to the Framers of the American Constitution, p. 572
Stuart Woolf, Statistics and the Modern State, p. 588
Aaron Fogleman, The Peopling of Early America: Two Studies by Bernard Bailyn. A Review Article, p. 605

CSSH notes, p. 615

a. 31, 1989, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 193

Carol A. Breckenridge, The Aesthetics and Politics of Colonial Collecting: India at World Fairs, p. 195
Timothy Mitchell, The World as Exhibition, p. 217
Ewa Morawska, Labor Migrations of Poles in the Atlantic World Economy, 1880-1914, p. 237
Ellen Jordan, The Exclusion of Women from Industry in Nineteenth-Century Britain, p. 273
David D. Laitin, Linguistic Revival: Politics and Culture in Catalonia, p. 297
Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh, Economic Changes and Surges in Micro-Nationalist Voting in Seotland and the Basque Region of Spain Editorial, p. 318
David Peal, The Politics of Populism: Germany and the American South in the 1890s, p. 340
David Hunt, The Measure of Popular Culture. A Review Article, p. 363
Maxwell Owusu, Rebellion, Revolution, and Tradition: Reinterpreting Coups in Ghana, p. 372

CSSH notes, p. 398

a. 31, 1989, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Peter Baldwin, The Scandinavian Origins of the Social Interpretation of the Welfare State, p. 3
Mayfair Mei-Hui Yang, The Gift Economy and State Power in China, p. 25
Jeffry A. Frieden, The Economics of Intervention: American Overseas Investments and Relations with Underdeveloped Areas, 1890-1950, p. 55
David A. Lake, Export, Die, or Subsidize: The International Political Economy of American Agriculture, 1875-1940, p. 81
Juan R. I. Cole, Of Crowds and Empires: Afro-Asian Riots and European Expansion, 1857-1882, p. 106
Ann Laura Stoler, Rethinking Colonial Categories: European Communities in Sumatra and the Boundaries of Rule, p. 134
Alfred Meyer, The Origins of Stalinism. A Review Article, p. 162
Ronald Grigor Suny, Rehabilitating Tsarism: The Impenial Russian State and Its Historians. A Review Article, p. 168
Keith Tribe, The Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe Project: From History of Ideas to Conceptual History. A Review Article, p. 180
Roger W. Bowen, Japanology and Ideology. A Review Article, p. 191

CSSH notes, p. 191

a. 30, 1988, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 593

Michael G. Kenny, Mutesa’s Crime: Hubris and the Control of African Kings, p. 595
Michael Korovkin, Guy Lanoue, On the Substantiality of Form: Interpreting Symbolic Expression in the Paradigm of Social Organization, p. 613
Brian Stoddart, Sport, Cultural Imperialism, and Colonial Response in the British Empire, p. 649
P. Steven Sangren, History and the Rhetoric of Legitimacy: The Ma Tsu Cult of Taiwan, p. 674
Jim Handy, National Policy, Agrarian Reform, and the Corporate Community Duning the Guatemalan Revolution, 1944-1954, p. 698
J. A. C. Mackie, W. J. O’Malley, Productivity Decline in the Java Sugar Industry from an Olsonian Perspective, p. 725
Peter McPhee, Recent Writing on Rural Society and Politics in France, 1789-1900. A Review Article, p. 750
Ian Roxborough, Modernization Theory Revisited. A Review Article, p. 753
Stephen Wilson, Infanticide, Child Abandonment, and Female Honour in Nineteenth-Century Corsica, p. 762
David E. Goodman, Michael R. Redclift, Problems in Analysing the Agrarian Transition in Europe, p. 784
Kenneth R. Hoover, Desmond S. King, New Right Ideology: A Debate, p. 792
Christopher H. Johnson, Back to Politics: Some Recent Books in North American Labor History. A Review Article, p. 804

CSSH notes, p. 820

a. 30, 1988, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 401

John R. Shepherd, Rethinking Tenancy: Explaining Spatial and Temporal Varation in Late Imperial and Republican China, p. 403
Mariko Asano-Tamanoi, Farmers, Industries, and the State: The Culture of Contract Farming in Spain and Japan, p. 432
Jane H. Adams, The Decoupling of Farm and Household: Differential Consequences of Capitalist Development on Southern Illinois and Third World Family Farms, p. 453
Susan Baggett Barham, Conceptualisations of Women with in Australian Egalitarian Thought, p. 483
Joy Parr, Disaggregating the Sexual Division of Labour: A Transatlantic Case Study, p. 511
Janet Thomas, Women and Capitalism: Oppression or Emancipation. A Review Article, p. 534
C. W. R. Gispen, German Engineers and American Social Theory: Historical Perspectives on Professionalization, p. 550
Philippa Levine, Metamorphosis and the Muse. A Review Article, p. 575
Robert Holton, The Social Organisation of Knowledge and Social Policy. A Review Article, p. 580

CSSH notes, p. 588

a. 30, 1988, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 197

Janet Ewald, Speaking, Writing, and Authority: Explorations in and from the Kingdom of Taqali, p. 199
C. J. Fuller, Hinduism and Scriptural Authority in Modern Indian Law, p. 225
Horace Dewey, Russia’s Debt to the Mongols in Suretyship and Collective Responsibility, p. 249
Robert I. Burns, Sj, The Missionary Syndrome: Crusader and Pacific Northwest Religious Expansionism, p. 271
Robert H. Jackson, Erick D. Langer, Colonial and Republican Missions Compared: The Cases of Alta California and Southeastern Bolivia, p. 286
Thomas Kselman, Funeral Conflicts in Nineteenth-Century France, p. 312
Carl Strikwerda, The Divided Class: Catholics vs. Socialists in Belgium, 1880-1914, p. 333
John K. Thornton, The Art of War in Angola, 1575-1680, p. 360
Frank Perlin, Disarticulation of the World: Writing India’s Economic History. A Review Article, p. 379
Kristine Bruland, “The Coming of Industrial Order.” A Review Article, p. 388

CSSH notes, p. 394

a. 30, 1988, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Arjun Appadurai, How to Make a National Cuisine: Cook-books in Contemporary India, p. 3
John Borneman, Race, Ethnicity, Species, Breed: totemism and Horse-Breed Classification in America, p. 25
Aidan Southall, The Segmentary State in Africa and Asia, p. 52
Irene Silverblatt, Imperial Dilemmas, the Politics of Kinship, and Inca Reconstructions of History, p. 83
Jack A. Goldstone, East and West in the Seventeenth Century: Political Crises in Stuart England, Ottoman Turkey, and Ming China, p. 103
Wayne P. Te Brake, Violence in the Dutch Patriot Revolution, p. 143
Stuart Clark, Popular Culture and Politics in the English Revolution. A Review Article, p. 164
Ida Altman, Emigrants and Society: An Approach to the Back-ground of Colonial Spanish America, p. 170

CSSH notes, p. 191

a. 29, 1987, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 641

Edmund Burke III, Paul Lubeck, Explaining Social Movements in Two Oil-Exporting States: Divergent Outcomes in Nigeria and Iran, p. 643
Hans-Dieter Evers, The Bureaucratization of Southeast Asia, p. 666
Richard L. Sklar, Developmental Democracy, p. 686
Martha T. Roth, Age at Marriage and the Household: A Study of Neo-Babylonian and Neo-Assyrian Forms, p. 715
Herbert Moller, The Accelerated Development of Youth: Beard Growth as a Biological Marker, p. 748
Aryei Fishman, Religion and Communal Life in an Evolutionary-Functional Perspective: The Orthodox Kibbutzim, p. 763
Barrington Moore, Jr., Austerity and Unintended Riches, p. 787
Mervat Hatem, Class and Patriarchy as Competing Paradigms for the Study of Middle Eastern Women, p. 811

CSSH notes, p. 819

a. 29, 1987, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 415

James C. Scott, Resistance without Protest and without Organization: Peasant Opposition to the Islamic Zakat and the Christian Tithe, p. 417
Marjorie Becker, Black and White and Color: Cardinismo and the Search for a Campesino Ideology, p. 453
A. Douglas Kincaid, Peasants into Rebels: Community and Class in Rural El Salvador, p. 466
John D. Rogers, The 1866 Grain Riots in Sri Lanka, p. 495
Michael Saltman, Feudal Relationships and the Law: A Comparative Enquiry, p. 514
Henry J. Rutz, Capitalizing on Culture: Moral Ironies in Urban Fiji, p. 533
Lawrence Rosen, Alternative Courts and the Concept of Community. A Review Article, p. 558
Nancy M. Farriss, Remembering the Future, Anticipating the Past: History, Time, and Cosmology among the Maya of Yucatan, p. 566
Talal Asad, Is There a History of Peoples without Europe? A Review Article, p. 594
Andrzej Walicki, Hegel’s Historical Context: A Review Article, p. 608
Craig Caihoun, History and Sociology in Britain. A Review Article, p. 615
Susan Magarey, That Hoary Old Chestnut, Free Will and Determinism: Culture vs. Structure, or History vs. Theory in Britain. A Review Article, p. 626

CSSH notes, p. 640

a. 29, 1987, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 209

Mary Fulbrook, The State and the Transformation of Political Legitimacy in East and West Germany since 1945, p. 211
Kenneth R. Hoover, The Rise of Conservative Capitalism: Ideological Tensions within the Reagan and Thatcher Governments, p. 245
Minion K. C. Morrison, Afro-Americans and Africa: Grass Roots Afro-American Opinion and Attitudes toward Africa, p. 269
Steve Bruce, David Taylor, Roy Wallis, Ethnicity and Evangelicalism: Ian Paisley and Protestant Politics in Ulster, p. 293
Charles townshend, The Necessity of Political Violence: A Review Article, p. 314
Vicente L. Rafael, Confession, Conversion, and Reciprocity in Early Tagalog Colonial Society, p. 320
Jane M. Rausch, Frontiers in Crisis: The Breakdown of the Missions in Far Northern Mexico and New Grenada, 1821-1849, p. 340
James Davison Hunter, Religious Elites in Advanced Industrial Society, p. 360
Gordon Marshall, Which Way for the Sociology of Religion? A Review Article, p. 375
Ernest Gellner, Buddha and Marx. A Review Article, p. 381
Shula Marks, White Supremacy. A Review Article, p. 385
Robert Gray, The Industrialisation of South Africa. A Review Article, p. 398
William Freund, Western Approaches to African History. A Review Article, p. 403
Linda Colley, The Multiple Elites of Eighteenth-Century Scotland. A Review Article, p. 408

CSSH notes, p. 414

a. 29, 1987, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Gerald Sider, When Parrots Learn to Talk, and Why They Can’t: Domination, Deception, and Self Deception in Indian-White Relations, p. 3
G. Carter Bentley, Ethnicity and Practice, p. 24
Nancy Scheperhughes, The Best of Two Worlds, the Worst of Two Worlds Reflections on Culture and Field Work among the Rural Irish and Pueblo Indians, p. 56
Hans Medick, “Missionaries in the Row Boat”? Ethnological Ways of Knowing as a Challenge to Social History, p. 76
Eve Rosenhaft, History, Anthropology, and the Study of Everyday Life. A Review Article, p. 99
Victor Azarya, Naomi Chazan, Disengagement from the State in Africa: Reflections on the Experience of Ghana and Guinea, p. 106
Prasenjit Duara, State Involution: A Study of Local Finances in North China, 1911-1935, p. 132
Victor B. Lieberman, Reinterpeting Burmese History, p. 162
L. J. Jordanova, The Interpretation of Nature. A Review Article, p. 195
Michael Ruse, The Applications of Biology. A Review Article, p. 201

CSSH notes, p. 205

a. 28, 1986, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 599

David Lehmann, Two Paths of Agrarian Capitalism, or a Critique of Chayanovian Marxism, p. 601
Timothy Keegan, The Dynamics of Rural Accumulation in South Africa: Comparative and Historical Perspectives, p. 628
Jane L. Collins, The Household and Relations of Production in Southern Peru, p. 651
N. E. Anderson, I. S. Otto, Cattle Ranching in the Venezuelan Llanos and the Florida Flatwoods: A Problem in Comparative History, p. 672
Peter McPhee, The Making of Peasantries. A Review Essay, p. 684
Sharon H. Nolte, Women’s Rights and Society’s Needs: Japan’s 1931 Suffrage Bill, p. 690
Phyllis Mack, The History of Women in Early Modern Britain. A Review Essay, p. 715
Maxine Molyneux, Women in Contemporary China: Change and Continuity. A Review Article, p. 723
Howard Johnson, “A Modified Form of Slavery”: The Credit and Truck Systems in the Bahamas in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, p. 729
David Konstan, Slavery and Class in the Ancient World. A Review Essay, p. 754
Peter Kolchin, Some Recent Works on Slavery outside the United States: An American Perspective. A Review Article, p. 766
Janet Coleman, The Civic Culture of Contracts and Credit. A Review Article, p. 778
Rudy Koshar, Political Gangsters and Nazism: Some Comments on Richard Hamilton’s Theory of Fascism. A Review Essay, p. 785

CSSH notes, p. 794

a. 28, 1986, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 383

Eric N Young, Millennium on the Northern Marches: The Mad Messiah of Durango and Popular Rebellion in Mexico, 1800-1815, p. 385
Paul Greenough, The Death of an Uncrowned King-C. R. Das and Political Crisis in Twentieth-Century Bengal, p. 414
Majid Hayat Siddiqi, History and Society in a Popular Rebellion: Mewat. 1920-1933, p. 442
Tom Garvin, The Anatomy of a Nationalist Revolution: Ireland: 1858-1928, p. 468
Susan Eckstein, The Impact of the Cuban Revolution: A Comparative Perspective, p. 502
John M. Gates, Toward a History of Revolution, p. 535
David Law, Revolutions Compared: Russia and China. A Review Article, p. 545
Joel Beinin, Class and Politics in Middle Eastern Societies. A Review Article, p. 552
Frank E. Brown, Continuity and Change in the Urban House: Developments in Domestic Space Organisation in Seventeenth-Century London, p. 558
Gale Stokes, How Is Nationalism Related to Capitalism? A Review Article, p. 591

a. 28, 1986, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 189

Douglas R. Holmes, Jean Quataert, An Approach to Modern Labor: Worker Peasantries in Historic Saxony and the Friuli Region over Three Centuries, p. 191
Frances Rothstein, The New Proletarians: Third World Reality and First World Categories, p. 217
Louise A. Tilly, Rural England. Poverty, and the Institution of Service. A Review Article, p. 239
Robert Scribner, Peasant Politics in Early Modern Europe. A Review Article, p. 248
Anthony J. La Vopa, Vocations, Careers, and Talent: Lutheran Pietism and Sponsored Mobility in Eighteenth-Century Germany, p. 255
J. A. Perkins, Dualism in German Agrarian Historiography, p. 287
Nicholas B. Dirks, From Little King to Landlord: Property, Law, and the Gift under the Madras Permanent Settlement, p. 307
Charles Lindholm, Kinship Structure and Political Authority: The Middle East and Central Asia, p. 334
Arjun Appadurai, Theory in Anthropology: Center and Periphery, p. 356
Ulf Hannerz, Theory in Anthropology: Small Is Beautiful? The Problem of Complex Cultures, p. 362
Aram A. Yengoyan, Theory in Anthropology: On the Demise et the Concept of Culture, p. 368

CSSH notes, p. 375

a. 28, 1986, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Leonard Binder, The Natural History of Development Theory, p. 3
George A. Huaco, Ideology and General Theory: The Case of Sociological Functionalism, p. 34
Nicos Mouzelis, On the Rise of Postwar Military Dictatorships: Argentina, Chile, Greece, p. 55
Carter Vaughn Findley, Economic Bases of Revolution and Repression in the Late Ottoman Empire, p. 81
Robert Wuthnow, Processes of Early State Development. A Review Article, p. 107
Charles Tilly, The Replay of Politics. A Review Article, p. 114
Sven-Eric Liedman, Institutions and Ideas: Mandarins and Non-Mandarins in the German Academic Intelligentsia, p. 119
Fritz K. Ringer, Differences and Cross-National Similarities among Mandarins, p. 145
Sven-Eric Liedman, Reply, p. 165
Philip Benedict, Late Medieval and Early Modern Urban History à l’Anglaise. A Review Article, p. 169

CSSH notes, p. 181

a. 27, 1985, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 577

Donald Reid, Industrial Paternalism: Discourse and Practice in Nineteenth-Century French Mining and Metallurgy, p. 579
Isaac Cohen, American Management and British Labor: Lancashire Immigrant Spinners in Industrial New England, p. 608
David F. Crew, Work, Politics, and the Division of Labor. A Review Article, p. 651
Barry D. Adam, Structural Foundations of the Gay World, p. 658
Mary Ann Clawson, Fraternal Orders and Class Formation in the Nineteenth-Century United States, p. 672
Lawrence J. Taylor, The Priest and the Agent: Social Drama and Class Consciousness in the West of Ireland, p. 696
Richard Holt, Social History and Bourgeois Culture in Nineteenth-Century France. A Review Article, p. 713
Frederic L. Pryor, The Invention of the Plow, p. 727
Jonathan Prude, Trouble with Economic History. A Review Article, p. 744
Michael Roberts, Ethnicity in Riposte at a Cricket Match: The Past for the Present, p. 401
Jenny Wormald, The Search for Scottish History. A Review Article, p. 767

CSSH notes, p. 775

a. 27, 1985, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 383

Siamak Movahedi, Cultural Preconceptions of Time: Can We Use Operational Time to Meddle in God’s Time?, p. 385
Michael Sonenscher, Manufacture in Comparative Perspective: Six Studies. A Review Article, p. 755
Catherine M. Cameron, Fighting with Words: American Composers’ Commentary on Their Work, p. 430
Jane H. Hill, Is a Sociolinguistics Possible? A Review Article, p. 461
Joyce Wolf Shepard, Art and Life: Art and Death. A Review Article, p. 472
Aram A. Yengoyan, Of Islands and Legacies in Dutch Colonial Literature. A Review Article, p. 479
Joel T. Rosenthal, Kings, Courts, and the Manipulation of Late Medieval Culture and Literature. A Review Article, p. 486
Barbara K. Larson, The Rural Marketing System of Egypt over the Last Three Hundred Years, p. 494
P. Steven Sangren, Social Space and the Periodization of Economic History. A Case from Taiwan, p. 531
Paul H. Kratoska, Lim Teck Ghee, Ethnic Division of Labor. A Debate, p. 562

CSSH notes, p. 565

a. 27, 1985, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 207

André Du toit, Puritans in Africa? Afrikaner “Calvinism” and Kuyperian Neo-Calvinism in Late Nineteenth-Century South Africa, p. 209
Bruce Lincoln, Revolutionary Exhumations in Spain, July 1936, p. 241
Gerald M. Berg, The Sacred Musket. Tactics, Technology, and Power in Eighteenth-Century Madagascar, p. 261
Kaspar Von Greyerz, Sanctity, Deviance, and the People of Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe. A Review Article, p. 280
Michael Lambek, Ecstasy and Agony in Sri Lanka. A Review Article, p. 291
Bryan S. Turner, State, Religion, and Minority Status. A Review Article, p. 304
Jerrold D. Green, Islam, Religiopolitics, and Social Change. A Review Article, p. 312
Marilyn Gerriets, Money in Early Christian Ireland According to the Irish Laws, p. 323
Dharma Kumar, Private Property in Asia? The Case of Medieval South India, p. 340
Robert Rosenstone, Genres, History, and Hollywood. A Review Article, p. 367

CSSH notes, p. 376

a. 27, 1985, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Paul Thompson, Women in the Fishing: The Roots of Power between the Sexes, p. 3
Leslie Page Moch, Louise A. Tilly, Joining the Urban World: Occupation, Family, and Migration in Three French Cities, p. 33
Jeffrey Haydu, Factory Politics in Britain and the United States: Engineers and Machinists, 1914-1919, p. 57
Metin Heper, The State and Public Bureaucracies: A Comparative and Historical Perspective, p. 86
Richard Kraus, Reeve D. Vanneman, Bureaucrats versus the State in Capitalist and Socialist Regimes, p. 111
Jonathan I. Israel, Revolution in Early Modern Europe. A Review Article, p. 123
Mary Fulbrook, The Emergence of Modernity: Patterns and People in Sociocultural History. A Review Article, p. 130
S. N. Eisenstadt, Comment on John Kautsky’s The Politics of Aristocratic Empires. A Review Article, p. 135
Mary Elizabeth Perry, Deviant Insiders: Legalized Prostitutes and a Consciousness of Women in Early Modern Seville, p. 138
Cynthia Herrup, Crime, Law, and Society. A Review Article, p. 159
Bernard Wong, On Assimilation of the Asians in the Americas. A Reply, p. 171
William S. Simmons, Anthropology, History, and the North American Indian. A Review Article, p. 174
Donald M. Bahr, Two Issues in the Writing of American Indian History. A Review Article, p. 183
Richard I. Ford, Studying Material Culture. A Review Article, p. 193
Regina Schulte, Village Life in Europe. A Review Article, p. 195

a. 26, 1984, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 569

Richard B. Du Boff, The Telegraph in Nineteenth-Century America: Technology and Monopoly, p. 571
Thomas C. Smith, The Right to Benevolence: Dignity and Japanese Workers, 1890-1920, p. 587
Susan Mann, Brokers as Entrepreneurs in Presocialist China, p. 614
Richard Ashcraft, Marx and Political Theory, p. 637
Robert Kelley, Comparing the Incomparable: Politics and Ideas in the United States and the Soviet Union, p. 672
Nikki R. Keddie, Material Culture and Geography: toward a Holistic Comparative History of the Middle East, p. 709

CSSH notes, p. 736

a. 26, 1984, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 377

John M. Ingham, Human Sacrifice at Tenochtitlan, p. 380
Steven Kemper, The Buddhist Monkhood, the Law, and the State in Colonial Sri Lanka, p. 402
Leonard Mars, What Was Onan’s Crime?, p. 429
Piotr Michalowski, Moses among the Anthropologists, A Note, p. 440
Charles J. Halperin, The Ideology of Silence: Prejudice and Pragmatism on the Medieval Religious Frontier, p. 442
Michael Taussig, Culture of Terror-Space of Death. Roger Casement’s Putumayo Report and the Explanation of torture, p. 467
David A. Gerber, The Pathos of Exile: Old Lutheran Refugees in the United States and South Australia, p. 498
Gail P. Kelley, The Presentation of Indigenous Society in the Schools of French West Africa and Indochina, 1918 to 1938, p. 523
Robert J. Hind, The Internal Colonial Concept, p. 543

a. 26, 1984, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 191

Carol A. Smith, Local History in Global Context: Social and Economic Transitions in Western Guatemala, p. 193
Richard Roberts, Women’s Work and Women’s Property: Household Social Relations in the Maraka Textile Industry of the Nineteenth Century, p. 229
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