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a. 42, 2000, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 681

Keith Hart, Vishnu Padayachee, Indian Business in South Africa after Apartheid: New and Old Trajectories, p. 683
Warwick Anderson, The Possession of Kuru: Medical Science and Biocolonial Exchange, p. 713
Michael L. Fleisher, Kuria Cattle Raiding: Capitalist Transformation, Commoditization, and Crime Formation Among an East African Agro-Pastoral People, p. 745
Chang-Tai Hung, Repainting China: New Year Prints (Nianhua) and Peasant Resistance in the Early Years of the People’s Republic, p. 770
Mary M. Steedly, Modernity and the Memory Artist: The Work of Imagination in Highland Sumatra, 1947-1995, p. 811
József Böröcz, The Fox and the Raven: The European Union and Hungary Renegotiate the Margins of “Europe”, p. 847
Andrew Morris, “to Make the Four Hundred Million Move”: The Late Qing Dynasty Origins of Modern Chinese Sport and Physical Culture, p. 876

a. 42, 2000, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 495

Paul W. Werth, From “Pagan” Muslims to “Baptized” Communists: Religious Conversion and Ethnic Particularity in Russia’s Eastern Provinces, p. 497
Irene Silverblatt, New Christians and New World Fears in Seventeenth-Century Peru, p. 524
Selim Deringil, “There Is No Compulsion in Religion”: On Conversion and Apostasy in the Late Ottoman Empire:1839-1856, p. 547
Aline Helg, Black Men, Racial Stereotyping, and Violence in the U.S. South and Cuba at the Turn of the Century, p. 576
Tammy M. Proctor, “A Separate Path”: Scouting and Guiding in Interwar South Africa, p. 605
Antoinette Burton, Tongues Untied: Lord Salisbury’s “Black Man” and the Boundaries of Imperial Democracy, p. 632
Simon Harrison, From Prestige Goods to Legacies: Property and the Objectification of Culture in Melanesia, p. 662

a. 42, 2000, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 239

Tomoko Masuzawa, Troubles with Materiality: The Ghost of Fetishism in the Nineteenth Century, p. 242
Nancy Caciola, Mystics, Demoniacs, and the Physiology of Spirit Possession in Medieval Europe, p. 268
Peter H. Hansen, Confetti of Empire: The Conquest of Everest in Nepal, India, Britain, and New Zealand, p. 307
Julian Go, Chains of Empire, Projects of State: Political Education and U.S. Colonial Rule in Puerto Rico and the Philippines, p. 333
Salwa Ismail, The Popular Movement Dimensions of Contemporary Militant Islamism: Socio-Spatial Determinants in the Cairo Urban Setting, p. 363
Peter P. Houtzager, Marcus J. Kurtz, The Institutional Roots of Popular Mobilization: State Transformation and Rural Politics in Brazil and Chile, 1960-1995, p. 394
Victor M. Uribe-Uran, The Birth of a Public Sphere in Latin America during the Age of Revolution, p. 425
Erik Olin Wright, Metatheoretical Foundations of Charles Tilly’s Durable Inequality, p. 458
Barbara Laslett, The Poverty of (Monocausal) Theory: Tilly’s Durable Inequality, p. 475
Aldon Morris, Building Blocks of Social Inequality: A Critique of Durable Inequality, p. 482
Charles Tilly, Errors, Durable and Otherwise, p. 487

a. 42, 2000, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Ann Stoler, Karen Strassler, Castings for the Colonial: Memory Work in “New Order” Java, p. 4
Philip Carl Salzman, Hierarchical Image and Reality: The Construction of a Tribal Chiefship, p. 49
Douglas R. Howland, Society Reified: Herbert Spencer and Political Theory in Early Meiji Japan, p. 67
Ido Oren, Uncritical Portrayals of Fascist Italy and of Iberic-Latin Dictatorships in American Political Science, p. 87
Ronald Niezen, Recognizing Indigenism: Canadian Unity and the International Movement of Indigenous Peoples, p. 119
Tania Murray Li, Constituting Tribal Space: Indigenous Identity and Resource Politics in Indonesia, p. 149
Ussama Makdisi, Corrupting the Sublime Sultanate: The Revolt of Tanyus Shahin in Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Lebanon, p. 180
James M. Acheson, Jack Knight, Distribution Fights, Coordination Garnes, and Lobster Management, p. 209

a. 41, 1999, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 605

Gyanendra Pandey, Can a muslim be an indian?, p. 608
David N. Lorenzen, Luho invented hinduism?, p. 630
John Markoff, Where and when was democracy invented?, p. 660
Teresa P. R. Caldeira, James Holston, Democracy and violence in Brazil, p. 691
Michele Penner Angrist, The expression of political dissent in the middle east: turkish democratization and authoritarian continuity in Tunisia, p. 730
Dorothy L. Hodgson, Engendered encounters: men of the church and the “church of women” in Maasailand, Tanzania, 1950-1993, p. 758
Gi-Wook Shin, Agrarianism: a critique of colonial modernity in Korea, p. 784
Eric Hirsch, Colonial units and ritual units: historical transformations of persons and horizons in highland papua, p. 805

a. 41, 1999, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 417

Michael G. Kenny, A place for memory: the interface between individual and collective history, p. 420
Susan J. Terrio, Crucible of the millennium?: the clovis affair in contemporary France, p. 438
Erik Mueggler, Spectral subversions: rival tactics of time and agency in southwest China, p. 458
Janet Hart, Tales from the walled city: ae sthetics of political prison culture in post-war greece, p. 482
Jane L. Collins, Greta R. Krippner, Permanent labor contracrs in agriculture: flexibility and subordination in a new esport crop, p. 510
Harry Sanabria, Consolidating states, restructuting economies, and confronting workers and peasants: the antinomies of Bolivian neoliberalism, p. 535
Lauren Benton, Colonial law and cultural difference: jurisdictional politics and the formation of the colonial state, p. 563
Alexandra Minna Stern, Secrets under the skin: new historical perspectives on disease, deviation, and citizenship. A review article, p. 589

CSSH notes, p. 597

a. 41, 1999, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 213

Gillian Feeley-Harnik, “Communities of blood”: the natural history of kinship in nineteenth-century America, p. 215
Said Amir Arjomand, The law agency, and policy in medieval islamic society: development of the institutions of learning from the tenth to the fifteenth century, p. 263
Muhammad Qasid Zaman, Religious education and the rhetoric of reform: the madrasa in British India and Pakistan, p. 294
Michael Torigian, The occupation of the factories: Paris 1936, Flint 1937, p. 324
Elizabeth J. Perry, From Paris to the Paris of the east and back: worreeers as citizens in modern Shanghai, p. 348
Michael Biggs, Putting the state on the map: cartography, territory, and european state formation, p. 374

CSSH notes, p. 406

a. 41, 1999, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Jutta Sperling, The paradox of perfection: reproducing the body politic in late renaissance Venice, p. 3
Mark C. Elliott, Manchu widows and ethnicity in qing China, p. 33
J. Lorand Matory, The English professors of Brazil: on the diasporic proots of the Yorùbá nation, p. 72
Benigno Trigo, Anemia and vampires: figures to golern the colony, Puerto Rico, 1880 to 1904, p. 104
Mamoun Fandy, Cyber resistance: saudi opposition between globalization an localization, p. 124
Beverly Y. Nagel, “Unleashing the Fury”: the cultural discourse of rural violence and land rights in Paraguay, p. 148
Craig Charney, Civil society, political violence, and democratic transitions: business and the peace process in south Africa, 1990 to 1994, p. 182

CSSH notes, p. 207

a. 40, 1998, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 585

Daniel Verdier, Democratization and Trade Liberalization in Industrial Capitalist Countries, 1830s to 1930s, p. 587
Manu Goswami, From Swadeshi to Swaraj: Nation, Economy, Territory in Coloniail South Asia, p. 609
Oliver Zimmer, In Search of Natural Identity: Alpine Landscape and the Reconstruction of the Swiss Nation, p. 637
Eric Kaufmann, “Naturalizing the Nation”: The Rise of Naturalistic Nationalism in the United States and Canada, p. 666
Nikki R. Keddie, The New Religious Politics: Where, When, and Why Do “Fundamentalisms” Appear?, p. 696
Galen Amstutz, Shin Buddhism and Protestant Analogies with Christianity in the West, p. 724
Lynne A. Haney, Engendering the Welfare State. A Review Article, p. 748

a. 40, 1998, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 413

David Gilmartin, A Magnificent Gift: Muslim Nationalism and the Election in Colonial Punjab, p. 415
James Pasto, Islam’s “Strange Secret Sharer”: Orientalism, Judaism, and the Jewish Question, p. 437
Jakob Borut, Oded Heilbronner, Leaving the Walls or Anomalous Activity: The Catholic and Jewish Rural Bourgeoisie in Germany, p. 475
Lisa Wedeen, Acting “as If”: Symbolic Politics and Social Control in Syria, p. 503
James H. Smith, Njama’s Supper: The Embodiment and Deployment of Literary Commodities by Mau Mau Insurgents, p. 524

CSSH notes, p. 581

a. 40, 1998, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 191

Heinpeter Znoj, Hot Money and War Debts: Transactional Regimes in Southwestern Sumatra, p. 193
Alexander H. Joffee, Disembedded Capitals in Western Asian Perspective, p. 213
Christopher G. Locke, Ahmadi-Esfahani Fredoun, The Origins of the International Debt Crisis, p. 223
Ellen Furlough, Making Mass Vacations: tourism and Consumer Culture in France, 1930s to 1970s, p. 247
Ken Iain MacDonald, Push and Shove: Spatial History and the Construction of a Portering Economy in Northern Pakistan, p. 287
G. Ugo Nwokeji, The Slave Emancipation Problematic: Igbo Society and the Colonial Equation, p. 318
Marc Edelman, A Central American Genocide: Rubber, Slavery, Nationalism, and the Destruction of the Guatusos-Malekus, p. 356
Jeremy Adelman, Spanish-American Leviathan? State Formation in Nineteenth-Century Spanish America. A Review Article, p. 391

CSSH notes, p. 409

a. 40, 1998, 1

Dedicated to RAYMOND GREW in recognition of his long and distinguished editorship of this journal

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Beshar Doumani, Endowing Family: Waqf, Property Devolution, and Gender in Greater Syria, 1800 to 1860, p. 3
David Guillet, Rethinking Legal Pluralism: Local Law and State Law in the Evolution of Water Property Rights in Northwestern Spain, p. 42
Keith Breckenridge, “We Must Speak for Ourselves”: The Rise and Fall of a Public Sphere on the South African Gold Mines, 1920 to 1931, p. 71
David Cleary, “Lost Altogether to the Civilised World”: Race and the Cabanagem in Northern Brazil, 1750 to 1850, p. 109
Asef Bayat, Revolution without Movement, Movement without Revolution: Comparing Islamic Activism in Iran and Egypt, p. 136
George Steinmetz, Critical Realism and Historical Sociology. A Review Article, p. 170

CSSH notes, p. 187

a. 39, 1997, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 601

Kenneth M. George, Some Things That Have Happened to The Sun After September 1965: Politics and the Interpretation of an Indonesian Painting, p. 603
Ann E. Moyer, Art Music and European High Culture. A Review Article, p. 635
Sabine MacCormack, Sin, Citizenship, and the Salvation of Souls: The Impact of Christian Priorities on Late-Roman and Post-Roman Society, p. 644
Webb Keane, From Fetishism to Sincerity: On Agency, the Speaking Subject, and Their Historicity in the Context of Religious Conversion, p. 674
David Graeber, Manners, Deference, and Private Property in Early Modern Europe, p. 694
Stephen Mennell, Johan Goudsblom, Civilizing Processes-Myth or Reality? A Comment on Duerr’s Critique of Elias, p. 729
David G. Horn, Reading Theory: toward a Comparative Cultural Studies. A Review Article, p. 734
Erin O’Connor, “Fractions of Men”: Engendering Amputation in Victorian Culture, p. 742
Michael Schoenfeldt, Subversion or Collusion?: Revising Jacobean England. A Review Article, p. 778
Aram Yengoyan, Universalism and Utopianism. A Review Article, p. 785

CSSH notes, p. 799

a. 39, 1997, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 411

Steven Velychenko, Empire Loyalism and Minority Nationalism in Great Britain and Imperial Russia, 1707 to 1914: Institutions. Law, and Nationhood in Scotland and Ukraine, p. 413
Afsaneh Najmabadi, The Erotic Vatan [Homeland] as Beloved and Mother: to Love, to Possess, and to Protect, p. 442
J. Peter Brosius, Prior Transcripts, Divergent Paths: Resistance and Acquiescence to Logging in Sarawak. East Malavsia, p. 468
Herbert Braun, Protests of Engagement: Dignity, False love and Self-Love in Mexico during 1968, p. 511
Jane Adams, Quiescence despite Privation: Explaining the Absence of a Farm Laborers’ Movement in Southern Illinois, p. 550
Chester Dunning, Does Jack Goldstone’s Model of the Early Modern State Crises Apply to Russia?, p. 572
Dorothy Stein, Population as Politics. A Review Article, p. 593

a. 39, 1997, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 213

Christiane Klapisch-Zuber, Nobies or Pariahs? The Exclusion of Florentine Magnates from the Thirteenth to the Fifteenth Centuries [Annales-CSSH Minorities Project], p. 211
Serge Gruzinski, Nathan Watchel, Cultural Interbreedings: Constituting the Majority as a Minority [Annales-CSSH Minorities Project], p. 227
Lucette Valensi, Inter-Communal Relations and Changes in Religious Affiliation in the Middle East (Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries) [Annales-CSSH Minorities Project], p. 247
Stanley H. Brandes, Sugar. Colonialism, and Death: On the Origins of Mexico’s Day of the Dead, p. 266
Peter Arnade, City, State, and Public Ritual in the Late Medieval Burgundian Netherlands, p. 296
Maia Green, Witchcraft Suppression Practices and Movements: Public Politics and the Logic of Purification, p. 315
Lily M. Hoffman, Professional Autonomy Reconsidered: The Case of Czech Medicine under State Socialism, p. 342
David DeVries, National Construction of Occupational Identity: Jewish Clerks in British-Ruled Palestine, p. 373
Jacqueline Stevens, Ideology and Social Structure. A Review Article, p. 397

a. 39, 1997, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Rudolf Mrázek, “Let Us Become Radio Mechanics”: Technology and National Identity in Late-Colonial Netherlands East Indies, p. 3
Chang-Tai Hung, Two Images of Socialism: Woodcuts in Chinese Communist Politics, p. 34
C.R.D. Halisi, From Liberation to Citizenship: Identity and Innovation in Black South African Political Thought, p. 61
Diane E. Davis, Viviane Brachet-Márquez, Rethinking Democracy: Mexico in Historical Perspective, p. 86
Maxwell Owusu, Domesticating Democracy: Culture, Civil Society, and Constitutionalism in Africa, p. 120
Waltraud Ernst, Idioms of Madness and Colonial Boundaries: The Case of the European and “Native” Mentally III in Early Nineteenth-Century British India, p. 153
Nicholas B. Dirks, The Policing of Tradition: Colonialism and Anthropology in Southern India, p. 182

a. 38, 1996, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 601

Marshall Poe, The Consequences of the Military Revolution in Muscovy: A Comparative Perspective, p. 603
Michael Geyer, Charles Bright, Global Violence and Nationalizing Wars in Eurasia and America: The Geopolitics of War in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, p. 619
Michael Donovan, Capturing the Land: Kipsigis Narratives of Progress, p. 658
Robert Brightman, The Sexual Division of Foraging Labor: Biology, Taboo, and Gender Politics, p. 687
Kevin McIntyre, Geography as Destiny: Cities, Villages, and Khmer Rouge Orientalism, p. 730
Melford E. Spiro, Postmodernist Anthropology, Subjectivity, and Science: A Modernist Critique, p. 759
Daniel Lord Smail, Factions and Vengeance in Renaissance Italy. A Review Article, p. 781

a. 38, 1996, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 409

Nancy L. Green, Women and Immigrants in the Sweatshop: Categories of Labor Segmentation Revisited, p. 411
Jeane Delaney, Making Sense of Modernity: Changing Attitudes toward the Immigrant and the Gaucho in Turn of-the-Century Argentina, p. 434
Karen Barkey, In Different Times: Scheduling and Social Control in the Ottoman Empire, 1550 to 1650, p. 460
S. George Vincentnathan, Caste Politics, Violence, and the Panchayat in a South Indian Community, p. 484
Nancy Lee Peluso, Fruit Trees and Family Trees in an Anthropogenic Forest: Ethics of Access, Property Zones, and Environmental Change in Indonesia, p. 510
Jane Fair Bestor, Bastardy and Legitimacy in the Estense Succession: The Formation of an Italian Regional State, p. 549
Sidney Tarrow, The People’s Two Rhythms: Charles Tiliy and the Study of Contentious Politics. A Review Article, p. 586

a. 38, 1996, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 193

C. A. Gregory, Cowries and Conquest: towards a Subaiternate Quality Theory of Money, p. 195
Rob Van Ginkel, The Abundant Sea and Her Fates: Texelian Oystermen and the Marine Commons, 1700 to 1932, p. 218
Deborah S. Bernstein, Expanding the Split Labor Market Theory: Between and Within Sectors of the Split Labor Market of Mandatory Palestine, p. 243
Michael Khodarkovsky, “Not by Word Alone”: Missionary Policies and Religious Conversion in Rusia, 1550 to 1780s, p. 267
Susan Juster, Life on the Margins: Sectarians in Britian and America. A Review Article, p. 294
Nancy Caciola, Through a Glass, Darkly: Recent Work on Sanctity and Society. A Review Article, p. 301
Colin Creighton, The Rise of the Male Breadwinner Family: A Reappraisal, p. 310
Lenard Berlanstein, Breeches and Breaches: Cross-Dress Theater and the Culture of Gender Ambiguity in Modern France, p. 338
Lloyd Kramer, The Critical Insights of Synthetic Intellectual History. A Review Article, p. 370
Peter Pels, The Vision of Anthropology. A Review Article, p. 376
Thomas Willette, Image and the Art of History. A Review Article, p. 380
Craig Calhoun, What Do We See in the Discourse of Vision. A Review Article, p. 383
Martin Jay, Disciplinary Prisms: Responding to My Critics, p. 388

CSSH notes, p. 395

a. 38, 1996, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Donald S. Lopez, Jr., “Lamaism” and the Disappearance of Tibet, p. 3
Susan Greenhalgh, The Social Construction of Population Science: An Intellectual. Institutional, and Political History of Twentieth-Century Demography, p. 26
James D. Faubion, Kinship Is Dead. Long Live Kinship. A Review Article, p. 67
Michael Braddick, The Early Modern English State and the Question of “Differentiation”, 1550 to 1700, p. 92
William A. Munro, Power, Peasants, and Political Development: Reconsidering State Construction in Africa, p. 112
Lyn Spillman, “Neither the Same Nation Nor Different Nations”: Constitutional Conventions in the United States and Australia, p. 149
Peter Hughes, Last Post: Alternatives to Postmodernism. A Review Article, p. 182

CSSH notes, p. 189

a. 37, 1995, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 623

Katherine Verdery, Faith, Hope, and Caritas in the Land of the Pyramids: Romania, 1990 to 1994, p. 625
Robert Roy Reed, From Utopian Hopes to Practical Politics: A National Revolution in a Rural Village, p. 670
Cynthia Talbot, Inscribing the Other, Inscribing the Self: Hindu-Muslim Identities in Precolonial India, p. 692
Carol A. Smith, Race-Class-Gender Ideology in Guatemala: Modern and Anti-Modern Forms, p. 723
Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Of Imârat and Tijârat: Asian Merchants and State Power in the Western Indian Ocean, 1400 to 1750, p. 750
Muriel Nazzari, Widows as Obstacles to Business: British Objections to Brazilian Marriage and Inheritance Laws, p. 781
Misagh Parsa, Entrepreneurs and Democratization: Iran and the Philippines, p. 803

a. 37, 1995, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 413

Ørnulf Gulbrandsen, “The King is King by the Grace of the People”: Control and Exercise of Power in Subject-Ruler Relations, p. 415
David Streckfuss, The Paradox of Monarchs in the Age of Nations: Lèse-Majesté as Political Crime in Thailand, p. 445
Jonathan Grant, The Socialist Construction of Philately in the Early Soviet Era, p. 476
Frank N. Pieke, Bureaucracy, Friends, and Money: The Growth of Capital Socialism in China, p. 494
Jeffrey D. Needell, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires: Public Spaces and Public Consciousness in Fin-de-Siècle Latin America, p. 519
Anthony King, Writing Colonial Space. A Review Article, p. 541
Edward L. Schieffelin, Early Contact as Drama and Manipulation in the Southern Highlands of New Guinea: Pacification as Structure of the Conjuncture, p. 555
J. D. Y. Peel, For Who Hath Despised the Day of Small Things? Missionary Narratives and Historical Anthropology, p. 581
Rafe Blaufarb, The French Revolution: The Birth of European Popular Democracy?, p. 608

CSSH notes, p. 619

a. 37, 1995, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 211

Christian Joppke, Intellectuals, Nationalism, and the Exit from Communism: The Case of East Germany, p. 213
David Allan, Manners and Mustard: Ideas of Political Decline in Sixteenth-Century Scotland, p. 242
Uri Ben-Eliezer, A Nation-in-Arms: State, Nation, and Militarism in Israel’s First Years, p. 264
David E. F. Henley, Ethnogeographic Integration and Exclusion in Anticolonial Nationalism: Comparative Notes on Indonesia and Indochina, p. 286
Andrew J. Shryock, Popular Genealogical Nationalism: History Writing and Identity among Jordan’s Balga Tribes, p. 325
Jonathan Spencer, The Past in the Present in Sri Lanka. A Review Article, p. 358
Michael Taussig, The Sun Gives without Receiving, p. 368
Guari Visawanathan, Blasphemy and Heresy: The Modernist Challenge. A Review Article, p. 399

a. 37, 1995, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

K. Sivaramakrishnan, Colonialism and Forestry in India: Imagining the Past in Present Politics, p. 3
Joseph Masco, “It Is a Strict Law That Bids Us to Dance”: Cosmologies, Colonialism, Death, and Ritual Authority in the Kwakwaka’wakw Potlatch, 1849 to 1922, p. 41
Melbourne Tapper, Interrogating Bodies: Medico-Racial Knowledge/Politics and the Study of a Disease, p. 76
Niels Herold, Madness and Dreams in the Age of Shakespeare. A Review Article, p. 94
Adela Pinch, Emotion and History. A Review Article, p. 100
Andrew B. Kipnis, Within and Against Peasantness: Backwardness and Filiality in Rural China, p. 110
Donald Sutton, (Dis) embodying Revolution: The Ritual and Culture of Cannibalism in Wuxuan, Guangxi (May to July 1968), p. 136
Sherry B. Ortner, Resistance: Some Theoretical Problems in Anthropological History and Historical Anthropology, p. 173
Sheldon Rothblatt, Understanding Professional Behavior in Differing Historical Concepts. A Review Article, p. 194
Marc Manganaro, What’s Wrong with This Picture: Reflections on Reading National Geographic. A Review Article, p. 205

a. 36, 1994, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 619

Thomas H. Baklr, First Movers and the Growth of Small Industry in Northeastern Italy, p. 621
Colin P. Simmons, Christos Kalantaridis, Flexible Specialization in the Southern European Periphery: The Growth of Garment Manufacturing in Peonia County, Greece, p. 649

Maria Lucia G. Pallares-Burke, A Spectator in the Tropics: A Case Study in the Production and Reproduction of Culture, p. 676
Thomas W. Gallant, Turning the Horns: Cultural Metaphors, Material Conditions. and the Peasant Language of Resistance in Ionian Islands (Greece) during the Nineteenth Century, p. 702
Candace Slater, “All That Glitters”: Contemporary Amazonian Gold Miners’ Tales, p. 720

Bob Scribner, Practical Utopias: Pre-Modern Communism and the Reformation, p. 743
Sohrab Behdad, A Disputed Utopia: Islamic Economics in Revolutionary Iran, p. 775

CSSH notes, p. 814

a. 36, 1994, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 415

Christopher Adamson, God’s Continent Divided: Politics and Religion in Upper Canada and the Northern and Western United States, 1775 to 1841, p. 417
Patricia Crone, Zoroastrian Communism, p. 447
Nikki R. Keddie, The Revolt of Islam, 1700 to 1993: Comparative Considerations and Relations to Imperialism, p. 463

Lauren Derby, Haitians, Magic, and Money: Raza and Society in the Haitian-Dominican Borderlands, 1900 to 1937, p. 488
Hermann Giliomee, “Survival in Justice”: An Afrikaner Debate over Apartheid, p. 527

Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Nationalism, Mauritian Style: Cultural Unity and Ethnic Diversity, p. 549
Pearl T. Robinson, The National Conference Phenomenon in Francophone Africa, p. 575

CSSH notes, p. 611

a. 36, 1994, 2

Editorial Foreword, p. 219

Edgar V. Winans, The Head of the King: Museums and the Path to Resistance, p. 221
David Jenkins, Object Lessons and Ethnographic Displays: Museum Exhibitions and the Making of American Anthropology, p. 242

Reginald Byron, The Maritime Household in Northern Europe, p. 271
Josef W. Konvitz, The Crises of Atlantic Port Cities, 1880 to 1920, p. 293

Julia Adams, Trading States, Trading Places: The Role of Patrimonialism in Early Modern Dutch Development, p. 319
William G. Rosenberg, The Problem of Market Relations and the State in Revolutionary Russia, p. 356

Anthony Cutler, Medieval Commentary in Modern Interpretation. A Review Article, p. 397
Dorothy Stein, Contemporary Attempts to Define Anti-Semitism. A Review Article, p. 402

CSSH notes, p. 409

a. 36, 1994, 1

Editorial Foreword, p. 1

Deborah Winslow, Status and Context: Sri Lankan Potter Women Reconsidered after Field Work in India, p. 3
Victoria Bernal, Gender, Culture, and Capitalism: Women and the Remaking of Islamic “Tradition” in a Sudanese Village, p. 36

Goran Hyden, Donald C. Williams, A Community Model of African Politics: Illustrations from Nigeria and Tanzania, p. 68
Jesus Cruz, Notability and Revolution: Social Origins of the Political Elite in Liberal Spain, 1800 to 1853, p. 97

Chung-Tai Hung, The Fuming Image: Cartoons and Public Opinion in Late Republican China, 1945 to 1949, p. 122
Jack Goody, Cesare Poppi, Flowers and Bones: Approaches to the Dead in Anglo-American and Italian Cemeteries, p. 146

CSSH Discussion
George Steinmetz, Regulation Theory, Post-Marxism, and the New Social Movements, p. 176

CSSH notes, p. 213

a. 35, 1993, 4

Editorial Foreword, p. 663

David Lelyveld, Colonial Knowledge and the Fate of Hindustani, p. 665
Sumathi Ramaswamy, Engendering Language: The Poetics of Tamil Identity, p. 683

Bruce Mazlish, A Triptych: Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams, Rider Haggard’s She, and Bulwer-Lytton’s The Coming Race, p. 726
Luise White, Vampire Priests of Central Africa: African Debates about Labor and Religion in Colonial Northern Zambia, p. 746

Paul Sant Cassia, Banditry, Myth, and Terror in Cyprus and Other Mediterranean Societies, p. 773
Helen Fein, Revolutionary and Antirevolutionary Genocides: A Comparison of State Murders in Democratic Kampuchea, 1975 to 1979, and in Indonesia, 1965 to 1966, p. 796

Daniel H. Kaiser, Peyton Engel, Time- and Age- Awareness in Early Modern Russia, p. 824
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Cissie Fairchilds, Consumption in Early Modern Europe. A Review Article, p. 850
James A. Winn, An Old Historian Looks at the New Historicism. A Review Article, p. 859

CSSH notes, p. 871

a. 35, 1993, 3

Editorial Foreword, p. 459

Anatoly M. Khazanov, Muhammad and Jenghiz Khan Compared: The Religious Factor in World Empire Building, p. 461
Peter Gose, Segmentary, State Formation and the Ritual Control of Water Under the Incas, p. 480
Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo, The Inter-Atlantic Paradigm: The Failure of Spanish Medieval Colonization of the Canary and Caribbean Islands, p. 515
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