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a. 76, 2023, 4

Tetsuji Okazaki, Designing wartime economic controls: Productivity and firm dynamics in the Japanese cotton spinning industry, 1937–9, p. 999–1022
Sara Horrell, Household consumption patterns and the consumer price index, England, 1260–1869, p. 1023–1050
Antonio Tena-Junguito, Maria Isabel Restrepo-Estrada, Power politics and the expansion of US exports, 1879–1938, p. 1051–1073
Clemens Jobst, Kilian Rieder, Supervision without regulation: Discount limits at the Austro–Hungarian Bank, 1909–13, p. 1074–1109
Cecilia Lara, Svante Prado, From boom to gloom: Brazilian labour productivity in manufacturing relative to the United States, 1912–2019, p. 1110–1140
Stephen Broadberry, Jagjit S. Chadha, Jason Lennard, Ryland Thomas, Dating business cycles in the United Kingdom, 1700–2010, p. 1141–1162
Alexander J. Field, The decline of US manufacturing productivity between 1941 and 1948, p. 1163–1190
Tom Nicholas, Status and mortality: Is there a Whitehall effect in the United States?, p. 1191–1230
Yuzuru Kumon, Mohamed Saleh, The Middle-Eastern marriage pattern? Malthusian dynamics in nineteenth-century Egypt, p. 1231–1258
Rodolfo G. Campos, Iliana Reggio, Jacopo Timini, Autarky in Franco’s Spain: The costs of a closed economy, p. 1259–1280
Gabriel Brea-Martinez, Martin Dribe, Maria Stanfors, The price of poverty: The association between childhood poverty and adult income and education in Sweden, 1947–2015, p. 1281–1304
Güne? A?ik, Ula? Karakoç, ?evket Pamuk, Regional inequalities and the West–East divide in Turkey since 1913, p. 1305–1332
Kersti Lust, Martin Klesment, Hannaliis Jaadla, Social inequalities in famine mortality in the manorial system of the tsarist Russian province of Livland in the mid-1840s, p. 1333–1356

Book Reviews, p. 1357

a. 76, 2023, 3

Solomos Solomou, Ryland Thomas, Updated estimates of UK GDP from the income side, 1841–1920, p. 701–727
Michail Raftakis, Urban mortality in Greece: Hermoupolis (1859–1940), p. 728–758
Rosa Congost, Ricard Garcia-Orallo, Enric Saguer, Seeing credit and property rights from below: The experience of Catalan smallholders in the eighteenth century, p. 759–782
Timur Natkhov, Natalia Vasilenok, Ethnic-specific infant care practices and infant mortality in late Imperial Russia, p. 783–806
Karol Jan Borowiecki, Michal Dzielinski, Alexander Tepper, The great margin call: The role of leverage in the 1929 Wall Street crash, p. 807–826
Brian D. Varian, British exports and foreign tariffs: Insights from the Board of Trade’s foreign tariff compilation for 1902, p. 827–843
Jason Lennard, Finn Meinecke, Solomos Solomou, Measuring inflation expectations in interwar Britain, p. 844–870
Leonor Freire Costa, Susana Münch Miranda, Reputational recovery under political instability: Public debt in Portugal, 1641–83, p. 871–891
Oscar Gelderblom, Joost Jonker, Ruben Peeters, Amaury De Vicq, Exploring modern bank penetration: Evidence from early twentieth-century Netherlands, p. 892–916
Cédric Chambru, Paul Maneuvrier-Hervieu, The evolution of wages in early modern Normandy (1600–1850), p. 917–940
Ewout Frankema, Marlous Van Waijenburg, What about the race between education and technology in the Global South? Comparing skill premiums in colonial Africa and Asia, p. 941–978

Book Reviews, p. 979

a. 76, 2023, 2

Harold James, Inflation and globalisation: The Tawney Lecture 2022 , p. 391–412

John D. Turner, Introduction to the symposium on banking and currency , p. 413–414
Alan De Bromhead, David Jordan, Francis Kennedy, Jack Seddon, Sterling’s farewell symphony: The end of the Sterling Area revisited , p. 415–444
Wilfried Kisling, ‘Los von London’: A comparative, empirical analysis of German and British global foreign banking and trade development, 1881–1913 , p. 445–476
Asa Malmstrom Rognes, Catherine R. Schenk, One country, two currencies: The adoption of the Hong Kong currency board, 1983 , p. 477–497

Emiliano Travieso, Soils, scale, or elites? Biological innovation in Uruguayan cattle farming, 1880–1913 , p. 498–524
Johan Fourie, Frank Garmon Jr, The settlers’ fortunes: Comparing tax censuses in the Cape Colony and early American republic , p. 525–550
Henning Bovenkerk Christine Fertig, Consumer revolution in north-western Germany: Material culture, global goods, and proto-industry in rural households in the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries , p. 551–574
Alexander Wakelam, Assessing female accountability in the long eighteenth century through debt imprisonment , p. 575–598
Ravshonbek Otojanov, Roger Fouquet, Brigitte Granville, Factor prices and induced technical change in the industrial revolution , p. 599–623
Toke S. Aidt, Romola J. Davenport, Felix Gray, New perspectives on the contribution of sanitary investments to mortality decline in English cities, 1845–1909 , p. 624–660
Janette Rutterford, Dimitris P. Sotiropoulos, Carry Van Lieshout, Individual investors and social ownership structures in the UK before the 1930s: Joint holdings and trustee investment , p. 661–692

Book Reviews, p. 693

a. 76, 2023, 1

Ali Kabiri, Harold James, John Landon-Lane, David Tuckett, Rickard Nyman, The role of sentiment in the US economy: 1920 to 1934, p. 3-30
Mattia C. Bertazzini, The effect of settler farming on indigenous agriculture: Evidence from Italian Libya, p. 31-59
J. R.Ward, Demographic trends in late-slavery Jamaica, 1817–32, p. 60-86
Èric Gómez-I-Aznar, Ad maiorem Dei gloriam: Numeracy levels in the Guarani Jesuit missions, p. 87-117
Charles Udale, Evaluating early modern lockdowns: Household quarantine in Bristol, 1565–1604, p. 118-144
Jakob Molinder, Christopher Pihl, Women’s work and wages in the sixteenth century and Sweden’s position in the ‘little divergence’, p. 145-168
Martin Ivanov, Michael Kopsidis, Industrialisation in a small grain economy during the First Globalisation: Bulgaria c. 1870–1910, p. 169-198
BOŠKO Mijatovic, Milan Zavadjil, Serbia on the path to modern economic growth, p. 199-220
Wouter Ryckbosch, Wout Saelens, Fuelling the urban economy: A comparative study of energy in the Low Countries, 1600–1850, p. 221-256
Jeanne Cilliers, Erik Green, Robert Ross, Did it pay to be a pioneer? Wealth accumulation in a newly settled frontier society, p. 257-282
Seán Kenny, Jason Lennard, Kevin Hjortshøj O’rourke, An annual index of Irish industrial production, 1800–1913, p. 283-304
Patrick K. O’brien, Nuno Palma, Not an ordinary bank but a great engine of state: The Bank of England and the British economy, 1694–1844, p. 305-329

Book Reviews, p. 330
Review of Periodical Literature, p. 377
Corrigendum, p. 388

a. 75, 2022, 4

Giovanni Federico, Introduction to the symposium on demographic shocks, p. 995-996
Amanda Guimbeau, Nidhiya Menon, And Aldo Musacchio, Short- and medium-run health and literacy impacts of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic in Brazil, p. 997-1025
Richard Franke, Poverty, pollution, and mortality: The 1918 influenza pandemic in a developing German economy, p. 1026-1053
Kota Ogasawara, Persistence of natural disasters on children’s health: Evidence from the Great Kant? Earthquake of 1923, p. 1054-1082

Marc Flandreau, Geoffroy Legentilhomme, Cyberpunk Victoria: The credibility of computers and the first digital revolution, 1848-83, p. 1083-1119
D’maris Coffman, Judy Z. Stephenson, Nathan Sussman, Financing the rebuilding of the City of London after the Great Fire of 1666, p. 1120-1150
Richard Rodger, Property and inequality: Housing dynamics in a nineteenth-century city, p. 1151-1181
Matt Raven, Wool smuggling from England’s eastern seaboard, c. 1337-45: An illicit economy in the late middle ages, p. 1182-1213
Brian D. Varian, Imperial preference before the Ottawa Agreements: Evidence from New Zealand’s Preferential and Reciprocal Trade Act of 1903, p. 1214-1241
Stéphane Becuwe, Bertrand Blancheton, Samuel Maveyraud, New evidence on wine in French international trade (1848-1913): Import discrimination as export quality promotion, p. 1242-1269
Cheng Yang, A new estimate of Chinese male occupational structure during 1734-1898 by sector, sub-sector pattern, and region, p. 1270-1313
Guido Alfani, Hector García Montero, Wealth inequality in pre-industrial England: A long-term view (late thirteenth to sixteenth centuries), p. 1314-1348
David Chilosi, Carlo Ciccarelli, Evolving gaps: Occupational structure in southern and northern Italy, 1400-1861, p. 1349-1378

Book reviews, p. 1379
Corrigendum, p. 1392

a. 75, 2022, 3

Bas Van Bavel, Wealth inequality in pre-industrial Europe: What role did associational organizations have?, p.643-666

Neil Cummins, The hidden wealth of English dynasties, 1892-2016, p. 667-702
Matthias Blum, Karl-Peter Krauss, Dmytro Myeshkov, Human capital transfer of German-speaking migrants in eastern Europe, 1780s-1820s, p. 703-738
Nadia Matringe, Early inventory management practices in the foreign exchange market: Insights from sixteenth-century Lyon, p. 739-778
Elena Korchmina, Peer pressure: The puzzle of aristocrats’ tax compliance in early nineteenth-century Moscow, p. 779-800
Marina Chuchko, Business representation in an autocratic regime: Tariff policy and exchange committees in late Tsarist Russia, p. 801-829
Leslie Hannah, Robert Bennett, Large-scale Victorian manufacturers: Reconstructing the lost 1881 UK employer census, p. 830-856
Yu Hao, Yuanzhe Li, John V. C. Nye, Wiring China: The impact of telegraph construction on grain market integration in late imperial China, 1870-1911, p. 857-880
Mingjie Xu, Analysing the actions of the rebels in the English Revolt of 1381: The case of Cambridgeshire, p. 881-902
Eoin Mclaughlin, Rowena Pecchenino, Fringe banking and financialization: Pawnbroking in pre-famine and famine Ireland, p. 903-931
Liam Brunt, Edmund Cannon, English farmers’ wheat storage and sales in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, p. 932-959
Joerg Baten, Giacomo Benati, Sarah Ferber, Rethinking age heaping again for understanding its possibilities and limitations, p. 960-971
Brian A’hearn, Alexia Delfino, Alessandro Nuvolari, Age heaping and its discontents: A response to baten, benati, and ferber, p. 972-980

Book reviews, p. 981

a. 75, 2022, 2

Mary A. O’sullivan, History as heresy: Unlearning the lessons of economic orthodoxy, p. 297-335

Cormac Ó Gráda And Kevin Hjortshøj O’rourke, The Irish economy during the century after partitio, p. 336-370

Tirthankar Roy, Introduction to the symposium on economic history and India, p. 371-373
Klas Rönnbäck, Dimitrios Theodoridis, Cotton cultivation under colonial rule in India in the nineteenth century from a comparative perspective, p. 374-395
Maanik Nath, Credit risk in colonial India, p. 396-420
Neha Hui, Uma S. Kambhampati, Between unfreedoms: The role of caste in decisions to repatriate among indentured workers, p. 421-446
Alka Raman, Indian cotton textiles and British industrialization: Evidence of comparative learning in the British cotton industry in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, p. 447-474

Martin Dribe, Omar Karlsson, Inequality in early life: Social class differences in childhood mortality in southern Sweden, 1815-1967, p. 475-502
Miikka Voutilainen, Income inequality and famine mortality: Evidence from the Finnish famine of the 1860s, p. 503-529
Sara Horrell, Jane Humphries, Jacob Weisdorf, Beyond the male breadwinner: Life-cycle living standards of intact and disrupted English working families, 1260-1850, p. 530-560
Federico Tadei, Colonizer identity and trade in Africa: Were the British more favourable to free trade?, p. 561-578
Sabine Schneider, The politics of last resort lending and the Overend & Gurney crisis of 1866, p. 579-600
Carolyn Sissoko, Becoming a central bank: The development of the Bank of England’s private sector lending policies during the Restriction, p. 601-632

Book Reviews, p. 633

a. 75, 2022, 1

Lawrence H. White, The private mint in economics: evidence from the American gold rushes, p. 3-21
Peter Maw, Peter Solar, Aidan Kane, John S. Lyons, After the great inventions: technological change in UK cotton spinning, 1780-1835, p. 22-55
Ian Webster, Making the municipal capital market in nineteenth-century England, p. 56-79
Ian Gazeley, Andrew Newell, Kevin Reynolds, Hector Rufrancos, How hungry were the poor in late 1930s Britain?, p. 80-110
Brian A’hearn, Alexia Delfino, Alessandro Nuvolari, Rethinking age heaping: a cautionary tale from nineteenth-century Italy, p. 111-137
Paul Slack, Perceptions of plague in eighteenth-century Europe, p. 138-156
Erik Bengtsson, Mats Olsson, Patrick Svensson, Mercantilist inequality: wealth and poverty in Stockholm, 1650-1750?, p. 157-180
Ola Honningdal Grytten, Revising growth history: new estimates of GDP for Norway, 1816-2019, p. 181-202
Lars Fredrik Andersson, Liselotte Eriksson, Paul Nystedt, Workplace accidents and workers’ solidarity: mutual health insurance in early twentieth-century Sweden, p. 203-234

Review of periodical literature for 2020, p. 235-287
Book Reviews, p. 288

a. 74, 2021, 4

John D. Turner, Introduction to the symposium on money, p. 871-872
Jim Bolton, Francesco Guidi-Bruscoli, ‘Your flexible friend’: the bill of exchange in theory and practice in the fifteenth century, p. 873
Olivier Accominotti, Delio Lucena-Piquero, Stefano Ugolini, The origination and distribution of money market instruments: sterling bills of exchange during the first globalization, p. 892
James L. Butkiewicz, Scott Ohlmacher, Ending Bretton Woods: evidence from the Nixon tapes, p. 922

Leandro Prados De La Escosura, Augmented human development in the age of globalization, p. 946
Tetsuji Okazaki, Disentangling the effects of technological and organizational changes during the rise of the factory: the case of the Japanese weaving industry, 1905-14, p. 976
Peter Anderson, Unions and compensating wage differentials for workplace accident risk: the English and Welsh railway industry, 1902-12, p. 1006
Mattia Fochesato, Plagues, wars, political change, and fiscal capacity: late medieval and Renaissance Siena, 1337-1556, p. 1031
Juan Flores Zendejas, Contesting the preferred creditor status of the League of Nations, 1931-3, p. 1062
Simon Szreter, Graham Mooney, Scarlet fever and nineteenth-century mortality trends: a reply to Romola Davenport, p. 1087
Romola J. Davenport, Nineteenth-century mortality trends: a reply to Szreter and Mooney, p. 1096

Book Reviews, p. 1111

a. 74, 2021, 3

Giovanni Federico, Introduction to the symposium on inequality, p. 581
Ingrid Bleynat, Amílcar E. Challú, Paul Segal, Inequality, living standards, and growth: two centuries of economic development in Mexico, p. 584
Alexandra De Pleijt, Jan Luiten Van Zanden, Two worlds of female labour: gender wage inequality in western Europe, 1300-1800, p. 611
Peter Scott, The anatomy of Britain’s interwar super-rich: reconstructing the 1928/9 ‘millionaire’ population, p. 639
Daniel Diaz Vidal, Historical social stratification and mobility in Costa Rica, 1840-2006, p. 666

Mario García-Zúñiga, Ernesto López Losa, Skills and human capital in eighteenth-century Spain: wages and working lives in the construction of the Royal Palace of Madrid (1737-1805), p. 691
Javier D. Donna, José-Antonio Espín-Sánchez, Water theft as social insurance: south-eastern Spain, 1851-1948, p. 721
Gabriele Cappelli, Gloria Quiroga Valle, Female teachers and the rise of primary education in Italy and Spain, 1861-1921: evidence from a new dataset, p. 754
Nuala Zahedieh, Eric Williams, William Forbes: copper, colonial markets, and commercial capitalism, p. 784
Lars Karlsson, Peter Hedberg, War and trade in the peaceful century: the impact of interstate wars on bilateral trade flows during the first wave of globalization, 1830-1913, p. 809
Grant Fleming, Zhangxin (Frank) Liu, David Merrett, Simon Ville, Underpricing in a developing capital market: Australian equity issuances, 1920-39, p. 831

Book Reviews, p. 856

a. 74, 2021, 2

Nicholas Crafts, Understanding productivity growth in the industrial revolution, p. 309

Patrick Wallis, Symposium, p. 339
Pei Gao, Eric B. Schneider, The growth pattern of British children, 1850-1975, p. 341
Simon Szreter, Kevin Siena, The pox in Boswell’s London: an estimate of the extent of syphilis infection in the metropolis in the 1770s, p. 372
Gregori Galofré-Vilà, Bernard Harris, Growth before birth: the relationship between placental weights and infant and maternal health in early twentieth-century Barcelona, p. 400

Bo?ko Mijatovic, Branko Milanovic, The real urban wage in an agricultural economy without landless farmers: Serbia, 1862-1910, p. 424
Mauro Rota, Jacob Weisdorf, Italy and the little divergence in wages and prices: evidence from stable employment in rural areas, p. 449
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Leticia Arroyo Abad, Noel Maurer, Blanca Sánchez-Alonso, Paesani versus paisanos: the relative failure of Spanish immigrants in Buenos Aires during the age of mass migration, p. 546

Book Reviews, p. 568

a. 74, 2021, 1

Giovanni Federico, Introduction, p. 3
Gürer Karagedikli, Ali Coskun Tunçer, House prices in the Ottoman Empire: evidence from eighteenth-century Edirne, p. 6
Amos Nadan, Reconsidering peasant communes in the Levant, c. 1850s-1940s, p. 34
Laura Panza, Ulas Karakoç, Overcoming the Egyptian cotton crisis in the interwar period: the role of irrigation, drainage, new seeds, and access to credit, p. 60

Dan Bogart, Oliver Dunn, Eduard J. Alvarez-Palau, Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Speedier delivery: coastal shipping times and speeds during the Age of Sail, p. 87
Stefania Galli, Klas Rönnbäck, Land distribution and inequality in a black settler colony: the case of Sierra Leone, 1792-1831, p. 115
Thanyaporn Chankrajang, Jessica Vechbanyongratana, Land, ladies, and the law: a case study on women’s land rights and welfare in Southeast Asia in the nineteenth century, p. 138
Kyoji Fukao, Saumik Paul, Baumol, Engel, and beyond: accounting for a century of structural transformation in Japan, 1885-1985, p. 164
Michal Kopczynski, Mateusz Rodak, The Polish interbella puzzle: the biological standard of living in the Second Polish Republic, 1918-39 ?, p. 181
Sibylle Lehmann-Hasemeyer, Fabian Wahl, The German bank-growth nexus revisited: savings banks and economic growth in Prussia, p. 204
Patrice Baubeau, Eric Monnet, Angelo Riva, Stefano Ungaro, Flight-to-safety and the credit crunch: a new history of the banking crises in France during the Great Depression, p. 223

Review of periodical literature, p. 251
Book Reviews, p. 295