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a. 12 n. s., 1959/60, 3

K. Berrill, International Trade and the Rate of Economic Growth, p. 351
J. Z. Titow, Evidence of Weather in the Account Rolls of the Bishopric of Winchester, 1209-1350, p. 360
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Reviews, p. 463

a. 12 n. s., 1959/60, 2

M. Malowist, The Economic and Social Development of the Baltic Countries from the Fifteenth to the Seventeenth Centuries, p. 177
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Reviews, p. 292

a. 12 n. s., 1959/60, 1

W. W. Rostow, The Stages of Economic Growth, p. 1
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Reviews, p. 126

a. 11 n. s., 1958/59, 3

R. Koebner, Adam Smith and the Industrial Revolution, p. 381
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A. E. Musson, E. Robinson, The Early Growth of Steam Power, p. 418
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Reviews, p. 515

a. 11 n. s., 1958/59, 2

S. Pollard, Investment, Consumption and the Industrial Revolution, p. 215
J. P. Cooper, The Fortune of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, p. 227
R. B. Sheridan, The Commercial and Financial Organization of the British Slave Trade, 1750-1807, p. 249
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Reviews, p. 322

a. 11 n. s., 1958/59, 1

K. H. Connell, The Land Legislation and Irish Social Life, p. 1
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A. Simpson, Thomas Cullum, Draper, 1587-1664, p. 19
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Reviews, p. 154

a. 10 n. s., 1957/58, 3

W. K. Hancock, Trek, p. 331
H. E. Hallam, Some Thirteenth-Century Censuses, p. 340
H. J. Habakkuk, The Market for Monastic Property, 1539-1603, p. 362
J. R. Kellett, The Breakdown of Guild and Corporation Control over the Handicraft and Retail Trade in London, p. 381
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Reviews, p. 480

a. 10 n. s., 1957/58, 2

Charles Wilson, ‘Mercantilism’: Some Vicissitudes of an Idea, p. 181
G. C. Homans, The Frisians in East Anglia, p. 189
D. L. Farmer, Some Grain Price Movements in Thirteenth-Century England, p. 207
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Reviews, p. 294

a. 10 n. s., 1957/58, 1

David Herlihy, Treasure Hoards in the Italian Economy, 960-1139, p. 1
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Reviews, p. 142

a. 9 n. s., 1956/57, 3

G. Tullock, Paper Money – A Cycle in Cathay, p. 393
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Reviews, p. 499

a. 9 n. s., 1956/57, 2

A. H. M. Jones, Slavery in the Ancient World, p. 185
Ho Ping-Ti, Early-ripening Rice in Chinese History, p. 200
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Reviews, p. 364

a. 9 n. s., 1956/57, 1

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Reviews, p. 134

a. 8 n. s., 1955/56, 3

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Reviews, p. 439

a. 8 n. s., 1955/56, 2

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Reviews, p. 240

a. 8 n. s., 1955/56, 1

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Reviews, p. 99

a. 7 n. s., 1954/55, 3

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Reviews, p. 382

a. 7 n. s., 1954/55, 2

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Reviews, p. 251

a. 7 n. s., 1954/55, 1

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Reviews, p. 101

a. 6 n. s., 1953/54, 3

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Reviews, p. 316

a. 6 n. s., 1953/54, 2

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Reviews, p. 204

a. 6 n. s., 1953/54, 1

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Reviews, p. 84

a. 5 n. s., 1952/53, 3

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Reviews, p. 412

a. 5 n. s., 1952/53, 2

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Reviews, p. 277

a. 5 n. s., 1952/53, 1

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Reviews, p. 128

a. 4 n. s., 1951/52, 3

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Reviews, p. 383

a. 4 n. s., 1951/52, 2

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Reviews, p. 256

a. 4 n. s., 1951/52, 1

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Reviews, p. 117

a. 3 n. s., 1950/51, 3

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Reviews, p. 396

a. 3 n. s., 1950/51, 2

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Reviews, p. 240

a. 3 n. s., 1950/51, 1

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Reviews, p. 133