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Past & Present: a journal of historical studies

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n. 32, Nov. 1965

Social Mobility: Conference Report, p. 3
K. Hopkins, Elite Mobility in the Roman Empire: Conference Paper, p. 12
N. Blewett, The Franchise in the United Kingdom 1995-1918, p. 27
T. ranger, African Attempts to Control Education in East and Central Africa, 1900-1939, p. 57

J.Z. Titow, Medieval England and the Open-Field System, p. 86
G.R,. Elton, A Revolution in Tudor History?, p. 103
Ch. Hill, Science, Religion and Society in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century, p. 110

G.E. Aylmer, The Crisis of the Aristocracy 1558-1641, p. 113

n. 31, July 1965

R.H. Hilton, Freedom and Villeinage in England, p. 3
V.G. Kiernan, State and Nations in Western Europe, p. 20
J. Hart, Nineteenth-Century Social Reform: a Tory Interpretation of History, p. 39
M.I. Pereira de Queiroz, Messiahs in Brazil, p. 62

G.L. Harris, p. 87
P. Williams, p. 94
Ch. Hill, William Harvey (No Parliamentarian, No Heretic) and the Idea of Monarchy, p. 97
H.F. Kearney, Puritanism and Science: Problems of Definition, p. 104
Th. K. Rabb, Religion and the Rise of Modern Science, p. 111

n. 30, Apr. 1965

S. Pollard, Economic History. A Science of Society?, p. 3
M. Aston, John Wycliffe’s Reformation Reputation, p. 23
W.T. MacCaffrey, England: the Crown and the New Aristocracy, 1540-1600, p. 52
P. Nettl, The German Social Democratic Party 1890-1914 as a Political Model, p. 65
Work and Keisure in Industrial Society: Conference report, p. 96

G. Whitteridge, William Harvey: A Royalist and no Parliamentarian, p. 104
A.J.P. Taylor, War Origins Again, p. 110

n. 29, Dec. 1964

J. Thirsk, The Common Fields, p. 3
G.R. Elton, The Tudor Revolution: a Reply, p. 26
K. Thomas, Work and Laisure in Pre-Industrial Society: Conference Paper, p. 50
Discussion, p. 63
T.W. Mason, Some Origins of the Second World War, p. 67
Ch. Hill, Debate: Puritanism, Capitalism and the Scientific Revolution, p. 88

J. Morris, The Later Roman Empire, p. 98
A.Domínguez Ortiz, The Revolt of Catalonia against Philip IV, p. 105
Notes and Comments, p. 111

n. 28, July, 1964

R. Browning, Byzantine Scholarship, p. 3
E. Miller, The English Economy in the Thirteenth Century: Implications of Recent Research, p. 21
L. Stone, The Educational Revolution in England: 1560-1640, p. 41
H.F. Kearney, Puritanism, Capitalism and the Scientific Revolution, p. 81
J. Steinberg, The Kaiser’s Navy and German Society, p. 102

M. Blaug, Economic, Theory and Economic History in Great Britain, 1650-1776, p. 111
T. Ranger, The Last Word on Rhodes?, p. 116

n. 27, Apr. 1964

A.H.M. Jones, The Hellenistic Age, p. 3

A.N. Sherwin-White, An Amendment, p. 23
G.E.M. de Ste. Croix, A Rejoinder, p. 28

M.M. Postan, The Costs of the Hundred Years’ War, p. 34
P. Thompson, Liberals, Radicals and Labour in London 1880-1900, p. 73
History, Sociology and Social Anthopology: Conference Report, p. 102

D.H. Aldcroft, The “Revolt of the Field”, p. 109
J.P.D. Dunbabin, Comment, p. 110
R. Daniels, American Labour and Chinese Immigration, p. 113
I. Black, Comment, p. 114

J. Thirsk, The Family, p. 116
A.G. Dickens, The Radical Reformation, p. 123
K.D. Tönnesson, The Revolutionary Armies 1793-4, p. 126
H. Pelling, Religion and the Nineteenth-Century Bristish Working Class, p. 128

Notes and Comments, p. 134

n. 26, Nov. 1963

Notes and Comments, p. 3
G.E.M. de Ste. Croix, Why Were the Early Christians Persecuted?, p. 6
J.O. Prestiwch, Anglo-Norman Feudalism and the Problem of Continuity, p. 39
J. Simon, The Social Origins of Cambridge Students, 1603-1640, p. 58
J.P.D. Dunbabin, The “Revolt of the Field”: the Agricultural Labourers’ Movement in the 1870s, p. 68
R.H. Hilton, Review Article: Medieval London, p. 98
H. Lowmianski, Review Article: The Russian Peasantry, p. 102
J.P. Cooper, Communication: A Revolution in Tudor History?, p. 110
S. Andreski, Ph. Abrams, Communication: The Military Participation Ratio, p. 113

n. 25, July 1963

P. Williams, Dr. Elton’s Interpretation of the Age, p. 3
G.L. Harriss, Medieval Government and Statecraft, p. 8
P. Williams, The Tudor State, p. 39

I. Black, American Labour and Chinese Immigration, p. 59
L.F. Marks, Review Article: Fourteenth-Century Democracy in Florence, p. 77
P. Thompson, Review Article: Fabian Socialism, p. 86
Reviews, p. 90
J.F.H. New, Communication: The Meaning of Harrington’s Agrarian, p. 95
Notes and Comments, p. 95

n. 24, Apr. 1963

K. Thomas, History and Anthropology, p. 3
W.T. MacCaffrey, Elizabethan Politics: The First Decade, 1558-1568, p. 25
Ph. Abrams, The Failure of Social Reforme: 1918-1920, p. 43
Colonialism and Nationalism in Africa and Europe: Conference Report, p. 65
J.F.H. New, Harrington, a Realist?, p. 75
C.B. Macpherson, Harrington as Realist: a Rejoinder, p. 82
Ch. Hill, Review Article: Possessive Individualism, p. 86
R.H. Hilton, p. H. Sawyer, Review Article: Technical Determinism: The Stirrup and the Plough, p. 90
L. Stone, Communication, p. 101
Reviews, p. 102

n. 23, Nov. 1962

P.S. Lewis, The Failure of the French Medieval Estates, p. 3
M.H. Curtis, The Alienated Intellectuals of Early Stuart England, p. 25
P. Marshall, Radicals, Conservatives and the American Revolution, p. 44
K.H. Connell, The Potato in Ireland, p. 57
E. Miller, Review Article: The Bachground of Magna Carta, p. 72
Notes and Comments, p. 84

n. 22, July 1962

WAR AND SOCIETY 1300-1600: Conference Report and Conference Papers
K.B. McFarlane, England and the Hundred Years War, p. 3
Jogn Hale, War and Public Opinion in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, p. 18

Michael Roberts, Queen Christina and the General Crisis of the Seventeenth Century, p. 36
K.D. Tönnesson, The Babouvists: from Utopian to Practical Socialism, p. 60
K.G. Davies, Review Article: The Mess of the Middle Class, p. 77
M.G. Brock, Review: C.W. New, The Life of Henry Brougham to 1830, p. 84
W.G.G. Forrest, T.C.W. Stinton, Communications: The First Sicilian Slave War, p. 87
P. Green, Comment, p. 92
Notes and Comments, p. 93

n. 21, Apr. 1962

M.I. Finley, Athenian Demagogues, p. 3
E. Perroy, Social Mobility Among the French Noblesse in the Later Middle Ages, p. 25
John Bossy, The Character of Elizabethan Catholicism, p. 39
R.P. Dore, Talent and the Social Order in Tokugawa Japan, p. 60
L. Stone, R.H. Tawney, p. 73
P.R. Thompson, Review: Margaret Cole, The Story of Fabian Socialism, p. 78

n. 20, Nov. 1961

Notes and Comments, p. 3
T.H. Aston, Robin Hood: Communication, p. 7
Peter Green, The First Sicilian Slave War, p. 10
Beryl Smalley, The King’s Two Bodies: Review Article, p. 30
Gordon Leff, Heresy and the Decline of the Medieval Church, p. 36
John Elliott, The Decline of Spain, p. 52
G.R. Elton, Stuart Government: Review Article, p. 76
Rachel O’Higgins, The Irish Influence in the Chartist Movement, p. 83

n. 19, apr. 1961

Editorial notes, p. 3
Maurice Keen, Robin Hood. Peasant or Gentleman?, p. 7
C. Holt, Robin Hood: Some Comments: Communication, p. 166
Cities, Courts and Artists: Conference Report, p. 19
Terence Ranger, Strafford In Ireland: A Revaluation, p. 26
Georges Lefebvre, Urban Society in the Orléanais in the Late Eighteenth Century, p. 46
Asa Briggs, Cholera And Society in the Nineteenth Century, p. 76