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Past & Present: a journal of historical studies

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copertina della rivista

n. 89, Nov. 1980

R.H. Britnell, Minor Landlords in England and Medieval Capitalism, p. 3
S.Y. Edgerton Jr., Icons of Justice, p. 23
A. Ariaza, Mousnier and Barber: The Tehoretical Underpinning of the “Society of Orders” in Early Modern Europe, p. 39
W. Weber, Learned and General Musical Taste in Eighteenth-Century France, p. 58
E.J. Hobsbawm, J. Wallach Scott, Political Shoemakers, p. 86
D. Crummey, Abyssinian Feudalism, p. 115

A. Reeve, The Meaning and Definition of “Property” in Seventeenth-Century England, p. 139
G.E. Aylmer, Note, p. 143

L. Mulligan, J.K. Graham, J. Richards, The Religion of Gerard Winstanley, p. 144
Ch. Hill, A Rejoinder, p. 147

n. 88, Aug. 1980

R. MacMullen, Roman Elite Motivation: Three Questions, p. 3
P. Partner, Papal Financial Policy in the Renaissance and Counter-Reformation, p. 17
Ch. Thompson, Maximilian Petty and the Putney Debate on the Franchise, p. 63
I.B. Watson, Fortifications and the “Idea” of Force in Early English East India Company Relations with India, p. 70
D. Abraham, Conflicts within German Industry and the Collapse of the Weimar Republic, p. 88

A. Cameron, Late Antiquity. The Total View, p. 129

H.H. Lamb, M.J. Ingram, Climate and History, p. 136

Ch. Hill, Household and Kinship, p. 142

n. 87, May 1980

Ph. Abrams, History, Sociology, Historical Sociology, p. 3

M. Elvin, Introduction, p. 17
W.J. Peterson, “Chinese Scientific Philosophy” and Some Chinese Attitudes towards Knowledge abour the Realm of Heaven-and-Earth, p. 20
U.J. Libbrecht, Joseph Needham’s Work in the Area of Chinese Mathematics, p. 30
Ch. Cullen, Joseph Needham on Chinese Astronomy, p. 39

J. Wormald, Bloodfeud, Kindred and Government in Early Modern Scotland, p. 54
S. Clark, Inversion, Misrule and the Meaning of Witchcraft, p. 98
Ch. Clay, “The Greed of Whig Bishops”? Church Landlords and their Lessees 1660-1760, p. 128
D. Smith, Tonypandy 1910: Definitions of Community, p. 158

n. 86, Feb. 1980

E.J. Hobsbawm, The Revival of Narrative, p. 3
T.H. Aston, G.D. Duncan, T.A.R. Evans, The Medieval Alumni of the University of Cambridge, p. 9
G.E. Aylmer, The Meaning and Definition of “Property” in Seventeenth-Century England, p. 87
B. Reay, Quaker Opposition to Tithes 1652-1660, p. 98
J. Rosselli, The Self-Image of Effeteness: Physical Education and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century Bengal, p. 121
O. Anderson, Did Suicide Increase with Industrialization in Victorian England?, p. 149
J.A. Moisés, V. Stolcke, Urban Transport and Popular Violence: The Case of Brazil, p. 174

n. 85, Nov. 1980

L. Stone, The Revival of Narrative: Reflection on a New Ols History, p. 3
D. Underdown, The Chalk and the Cheese: Contrasts among the English Clubmen, p. 25

A. Klíma, Agrarian Class Structure and Economic Development in Pre-Industrial Bohemia, p. 49
D.B. Bien, The Army in the French Enlightenment: Reform, Reaction ans Revolution, p. 68
M. Craton, Proto-Peasant Revolts? The Late Slave Rebellions in the British West Indies 1816-1832, p. 99

S. Heller Mendelson, The Weightiest Business: Marriage in an Upper-Gentry Family in Seventeenth-Century England, p. 126
M. Slater, A Rejoinder, p. 136

Zvi Razi, The Toronto School’s Reconstitution of Medieval Peasant Society: A Critical View, p. 141

n. 84, Aug. 1979

A. Cameron, Images of Authority: Elites and Iocns in Late Sixth-Century Bizantium, p. 3
D. MacCulloch, Kett’s Rebellion in Context, p. 36
Ch. Jago, The “Crisis” of the “Aristocracy” in Seventeenth-Century Castile, p. 60
B. Dyster, Argentine and Australian Development Compared, p. 91
D. Arnold, Lootuing, Grain Riots and Government Policy in South India 1918, p. 111

R. Floud, p. Thane, The Incidence of Civil Marriage in Victorian England and Wales, p. 146
O. Anderson, A Rejoinder, p. 155

n. 83, May 1979

H.J. Cohn, Anticlericalism in the German Peasant’s War 1525, p. 3
H.G. Koenigsberger, Republics and Courts in Italian and European Culture in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, p. 32
P. Clark, Migration in England during the Late Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries, p. 57
P. Richards, The State and Early Industrial Capitalism: The Case of the Handloom Weavers, p. 91
F. Ison, Soviet Russia and the Mongolian Revolution of 1921, p. 116
J. Barber, The Establishment of Intellectual Ortodoxy in the U.S.S.R. 1928-1934, p. 141

n. 82, Feb. 1979

E. Searle, Seigneurial Control of Women’s Marriage: The Antecedents and Function of Merchet in England, p. 3
M. Myska, Pre-Industrial Iron-Making in the Czech Lands: The Labour Foprce and Production Relations circa 1350-circa 1840, p. 44
J. Alsop, Gerrard Winstanley’s Later Life, p. 73
J.N. Hood, Revival and Mutation of Old Rivalries in Revolutionary France, p. 82
L. Lewin, The Oligarchical Limitations of Social Banditry in Brazil: The Case of the “Good” Thief Antonio Silvino, p. 116
R. McKibbin, Working-Class Gambling in Britain 1880-1939, p. 147

n. 81, Nov. 1978

W. Davies, Land and Power in Early Medieval Wales, p. 3
H. Kamen, The Decline of Spain: A Historical Myth?, p. 24
M. Kishlansky, The Case of the Army Truly Stated: The Creation of the New Model Army, p. 51
M.R. Beames, Rural Conflict in Pre-Famine Ireland: Peasant Assassinations in Tipperary 1837-1847, p. 75
H. Bonilla, The War of the Pacific and the National and Colonial Problem in Peru, p. 92
G. Lewis, The Peasantry, Rural Change and Conservative Agrarianism: Lower Austria at the Turn of the Century, p. 119

n. 80, Aug. 1978

R.H. Hilton, A Crisis of Feudalism, p. 3
J.P. Cooper, In Search of Agrarian Capitalism, p. 20

D.W. Miller, Presbyterianism and “Modernization” in Ulster, p. 66
Ch. van Onselen, “The Regiment of the Hills”: South ASfrica’s Lumpenproletarian Army, p. 91
J.C. McClelland, Proletarizing the Student Body: The Soviet Experience during the New Economic Policy, p. 122

n. 79, May 1978

J. Day, The Great Bullion Famine of the Fifteenth Century, p. 3

E. Le Roy Ladurie, A Reply to Professor Brenner, p. 55
G. Bois, Against the Neo-Malthusian Ortodoxy, p. 60

N. Rogers, Popular Protest in Early Hanoverian London, p. 70
J.H. Smith, Agricultural Workers and the French Wine-Growers’ Revolt of 1907, p. 101
A. Sharlin, Natural Decrease in Early Modern Cities: A Reconsideration, p. 126

n. 78, Feb. 1978

C.I. Hammer Jr., Patterns of Homicide in a Medieval University Town: Fourteenth-Century Oxford, p. 3

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D. Fitzpatrick, The Geography of Irish Nationalism 1910-1921, p. 113

n. 77, Nov. 1977

T.F. Ruiz, The Transformation of the Castilian Municipalities: The Case of Burgos 1248-1350, p. 3
R. Machin, The Great Rebuilding: A Reassessment, p. 33
G.B. Nash, Up from the Bottom in Franklin’s Philadelphia, p. 57
A. Booth, Food Riots in the North-West of England 1790-1801, p. 84
J.D.Y. Peel, Conversion and Tradition in Two African Societies: Ijebu and Buganda, p. 108
R.H. Hilton, Censorship in India, p. 142

n. 76, Aug. 1977

R. Frame, Power and Society in the Lordship of Ireland 1272-1377, p. 3
J.I. Israel, A Conflict of Empires: Spain and the Netherlands 1618-1648, p. 34
Th.R. Knox, Thomas Spence: The Trumpet of Jubilee, p. 75
W.D. Rubinstein, Wealth, Elites and the Class Structure of Modern Britain, p. 99

B. Capp, English Youth Groups and The Pinder of Wakefield, p. 127

n. 75, May 1977

Ch. Hill, John Morris, p. 3
J. Martindale, The French Aristocracy in the Early Middle Ages: A Reappraisal, p. 5
M. Elliott, The “Despard Conspiracy” Reconsidered, p. 46
K.Th. Hoppen, Landlords, Society and Electoral Politics in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Ireland, p. 62
H. Temperley, Capitalism, Slavery and Ideology, p. 94

J. Bossy, Holiness and Society, p. 119

n. 74, Feb. 1977

T.H. Aston, Oxford’s Medieval Alumni, p. 3
J.H. Elliott, Self-Perception and Decline in Early Seventeenth-Century Spain, p. 41
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D.N. Dhanagare, Agrarian Conflict, Religion and Politics: The Moplah rebellions in Malabar in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, p. 112

n. 73, Nov. 1976

R. Morris, The Powerful and the Poor in Tenth-Century Byzantium: Law and Reality, p. 3
C. Ginzburg, High and Low: The Theme of Forbidden Knowledge in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, p. 28
J.S. Taylor, The Impact od Pauper Settlement 1691-1834, p. 42
R. Colls, “Oh Happy English Children!”: Coal, Class and Education in the North-East, p. 75
P. Winn, British Informal Empire in Uruguay in the Nineteenth Century, p. 100
Notes and Comments, p. 127

n. 72, Aug. 1976

R.E. Lerner, Medieval Prophecy and Religious Dissent, p. 3
M. Slater, The Weightiest Business: Marriage in an Upper-Gentry Family in Seventeenth-Century England, p. 25
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n. 71, May 1976

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n. 70, Feb. 1976

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